Microsoft Bing Ads Beginner Tutorial – How to Use Microsoft Bing Ads

Written by onlineacademy

August 10, 2022

Microsoft Bing Ads Beginner Tutorial

In this training for beginners, we’ll go through a Beginner Tutorial for Getting Started with Microsoft Bing Ads. This PPC ad network contains millions of searchers that are not on Microsoft Bing Ads network includes ads on,,,, and more search partners. 

To learn how to get started with running ads on Microsoft Bing Ads – watch the tutorial video below. 




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Video Transcript:

okay in this video we wanted to go through how microsoft bing ads work uh or another way set how bing ads works that’s the it used to be called bing ads now it’s called microsoft ads same network it has duckduckgo a lot of different search engines that aren’t google so if you want to learn more how to get on other search engines besides google and get out of google ads which is still a good option but expanding to microsoft bing ads network can be very beneficial there are millions and millions of searches that are on their network and not google they have different features it’s a different setup it’s it’s similar to google ads but their platform’s a little bit different and they have a lot of features things you can do inside of microsoft ads that you cannot do inside of google ads so it’s a great network to jump onto this is going to be an intro a beginner uh intro to microsoft ads so if you want to learn that get a quick intro you’re not familiar with it at all we’ll go ahead and go over the basics now

okay in this next training we’ll be going through an intro to microsoft ads uh formerly bing ads that’s how most people know it so we’ll go through how microsoft search ads work a quick intro to that and then the differences between google search ads and microsoft search ads that how the two different networks work

okay so we’ll do a quick intro to microsoft ads or bing ads as a lot of people know it and just explain more about how they work so first part uh just i mean when you go to you know they usually have a background nature or something like that sometimes news articles down at the bottom and then the search bar here in the middle just like google has and then we’ll just use an example here if you search ac repair company houston and pop up the different results looks very similar to google yeah so this training video is actually going to be a sample from our actual training program so you can get a better idea of what’s in here uh what we offer some of these are more beginner lessons and they’ll go into more advanced so if you need more advanced training we do have a link below in the description that will give you access to discounts and different things like that from our advanced training and all of our different programs that’s going to be a link down in the description below i have your search up here it has maps images different things like that and then the first couple of results on uh really any network those are going to be the ads so you have the ad headline here houston ac repair services you click on that and go to their website here’s another ad down here hvac services another ad and then under the ads you have the organic results if you’re doing seo so it looks pretty much the same as google when you type in your search you get the these are the paid ads right here and then inside the microsoft ads or a bing ads account you have it it’s the same as google you’re going to enter in the keywords you want your ads to show for so it’ll also pop up different suggestions based on their monthly search volume inside their network so you can put in a couple of keywords get some more ideas and microsoft bing ads will tell you estimates on how many searches they get on their network how much volumes coming in what their suggested cost per click is which is usually lower than google so it you’ll notice the dashboard looks very similar to google ads

a couple of things to remember about microsoft ads the bing ads network so these ads show they actually show on and and they also have some small search partners like google does but it’s mainly going to show on these other three search engines which are pretty much next in line to google in the us also their network typically has an older demographic of users on it see bing yahoo and aol are the default browser browsers on many computers uh search toolbars they partner with a lot of people and you just type in this toolbar that’s actually bing or yahoo or aol that’s the default on law devices and not everyone changes it or they don’t know how to change their search engine to instead so actually a lot of people when they get their their pc they just type in a search and they don’t realize they’re not on google they’re on bing or same thing like on an android phone some versions of it so that’s that’s why you usually get an older demographic or a less tech savvy demographic so that’s just just the demographics on it also the cost per click is usually a lot cheaper on their network which typically means lower cost per lead there’s there’s just less competition is what it is not everyone expands their ads beyond google uh or even facebook so a lot of people forget about microsoft ads which gets bing yahoo and aol still a pretty big chunk of online users and online searches people just don’t know how to use it or it’s overlooked completely so there’s some good spots you can get in if google and facebook are really saturated in your area chances are your competitors are not running ads on bing it’s easy to use the interface they keep updating it it looks pretty much the same as google ads so once you learn google ads inside and out and you’ve gone through the training we have on google ads when you jump over to microsoft ads dashboard you’ll notice it looks pretty much the same so all of your training will crisscross all the optimizing will carry over nearly all of your strategies and tactics will be the same as far as keywords ad groups all the advanced things we taught on google you can apply on their network as well as far as finding keywords that convert moving them to their own ad group adding in different keywords splitting up ad groups doing test campaigns that have broader terms i mean really nearly all of that from google can be applied to microsoft ads network uh we’ll point out the specific ones you shouldn’t do like for example broad match on uh microsoft ads network it’s too broad it matches to a lot of strange searches that have nothing to do with it google broad match is still somewhat usable for advanced users and we have a training on that that’s one huge issue with bing ads you don’t want to do broad match but other than that most everything you learn from mastering google ads will transfer right over to microsoft ads network

so next we’ll talk about some differences from google ads they update their features from time to time but these ones have been the same over the years so one huge thing you’ll get a lot more data on your keywords with impressions but no clicks with google this rarely shows up if ever typically when you go to a search terms report to see what people are actually typing for your keywords you’ll only see clicks and google even updates it to where you don’t even see all of the clicks so bing excuse me microsoft ads network is still good at bringing in all the data they even have data for keywords that are search terms and keywords that got impressions but no clicks this is very useful for putting in negative keyword so you that you don’t get a click later or you can do heavy keyword and search term research inside microsoft ads and then put all those keywords into google preemptively to prevent any clicks so it’s kind of a way of of getting more data on their network so you can jump over to google and fill in the gaps also one huge thing that microsoft ad still has you’re able to view all of your search partners performance data whereas google it just says search partners it doesn’t break it down it just says here’s clicks cost per click conversions cost per conversion things like that it just says search partners as a whole whereas microsoft ads it shows you every single search partner so it’ll pull up a hundred different sites and you can um you know you can block one of them you can increase the bid for a different one there’s a detailed breakdown of who the search partners are and you could block them one by one so you don’t have to block the entire search partner network so it’s not an all or nothing like google also uh with this you can even take campaigns and one advanced strategy is to do one campaign that targets the search the search engines only so you can say i want to target bing yahoo and aol only and then you could do another campaign that only targets these search partners and not the major search engines so if you have a higher budget that’s an advanced strategy to split them into two whereas on google you either target google search and search partners or just google search there’s not a way to do a campaign that search partners only so that’s a unique option search partners are typically even cheaper than the than bing yahoo and aol so that’s a good strategy to split it up there’s a lot more data and you can get more granular with targeting the search partners

so those are the major major things with microsoft ads or bing ads as most people call it definitely worth using it’s really easy once you’re done in google and you’re up and running you can just import there’s literally an import button and you just import it double check it set up your conversion tracking and set it live so it’s pretty easy to take what you have in google and put it over into microsoft ads and get a lot cheaper clicks and a lot cheaper leads so definitely worth doing and expanding to all right everyone thanks so much for watching our ppc ads training video if you want more videos go ahead and hit the subscribe button like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video


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