Staying Ahead of PPC Ad Updates – Anu Adegbola Interview – PPC Live UK Founder

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September 12, 2023

Anu Adegbola Interview - PPC Live UK Founder

Great new interview posted on our channel with Anu Adegbola founder of PPC Live UK

We discuss new updates in the PPC advertising world:

-Staying ahead of PPC ad platform updates, keeping accounts profitable

-Is the new technology even right for your business or your client

-What Ed Leake and Kirk Williams said once about the foundation of PPC advertising staying the same, even with new tech. I think they said it, or maybe it was someone else, doesn’t matter

-Adding PPC management software to the mix

-Other stuff

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Timestamped summary
In the ever-changing landscape of PPC advertising, it is crucial to have a strategic approach, continuously test and gather data, and adapt to new opportunities and technologies to stay ahead of the game.
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    00:00 Focus on understanding business and client data, prioritize getting the right customers and conversions, and stay on track with goals and KPIs despite rapid changes in Google ads. Collapse
    • PPC professionals need to focus on understanding their business and client data, ensuring they are getting the right customers and conversions, despite the rapid changes in Google ads.
    • Focus on what is working and don’t get distracted by new tools, as the foundation of PPC hasn’t changed and the key is to stay on track with your goals and KPIs.
    • Don’t fix it if it’s not broken, even with new tools.
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    03:26 Staying ahead of PPC ad updates requires regular monitoring, strategic thinking, and prioritizing testing and learning to make decisions based on significant performance. Collapse
    • The foundation remains the same, but there are constant updates in PPC advertising that require regular monitoring and potential adjustments for clients.
    • The speaker discusses the value of strategic thinking in the face of new PPC tools and automation, emphasizing the shift towards AI and automation in managing large inventories and the benefits of using templates for data pulling.
    • Data reports can be easily generated using templates, and it is important for PPC managers to know how to properly test and learn in order to stay ahead of PPC ad updates.
    • Anu Adegbola discusses the importance of testing plans, data analysis, and making decisions based on significant performance in PPC advertising.
    • Focus on what works for the growth of your client, not just blindly following Google’s recommendations, and prioritize testing and learning in PPC advertising.
    • Plan your PPC ad strategy in advance, considering factors like volume, budget, and statistical significance, to avoid reactive decision-making and ensure clear expectations with clients or higher-ups.
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    11:47 Staying ahead of PPC ad updates is crucial for PPC managers to analyze data, communicate with decision makers, and work with trustworthy people to base test plans on accurate performance data. Collapse
    • Anu Adegbola discusses the importance of staying ahead of PPC ad updates by analyzing impressions, clicks, conversions, and CPA to make adjustments and bridge the gap between technical PPC professionals and decision makers.
    • It’s important for PPC managers to have a plan in place based on client data and to communicate the importance of past activity in order to do paid search the right way.
    • Be cautious of using a paycheck manager who may manipulate data, and ensure you work with trustworthy people to base your test plan on accurate performance data.
    • Google does not refund money spent on paid search clicks, so if you lose money, it’s unfair but not Google’s fault.
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    15:57 Allocate budget and plan to test new PPC advertising updates, adapt to changes, and adjust client goals to ensure success. Collapse
    • Historical data is important for testing plans, and it’s crucial to have a proper plan in place for testing new features and not just test something because it’s new.
    • Allocate a budget and plan to test new technology and updates in PPC advertising, ensuring that there is enough budget for both existing successful strategies and new opportunities.
    • Similar audiences and double layering with display have been replaced by new features, so it’s important to stay updated and find a balance between learning and using the new ones.
    • Test new things, adapt to changes, and remember that Dynamic search ads may eventually be integrated into performance metrics.
    • Google’s dynamic search ads may not work well, so it’s important to bring in measures from past experiences and apply them to performance max to ensure the right information is being conveyed.
    • Understanding and adjusting client goals is key when implementing new PPC ad updates, such as Performance Max, and knowing how to structure campaigns to best serve their interests.
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    21:59 Layering third-party bidding automation on Google’s tools is effective, test different bidding tools, use data from Google, Spyfu, and Semrush, and focus on multiple platforms and marketing strategies. Collapse
    • Layering third-party bidding automation on top of Google’s tools can help manage your account effectively.
    • Google is working in their best interest, but it’s worth testing different bidding tools to see what works best for you.
    • Use the data from various tools like Google, Spyfu, and Semrush to determine which one gives you the results you need for your PPC ads.
    • The importance of being on multiple platforms and working with content, email, and SEO has shifted in marketing.
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    26:14 PPC strategies need constant adjustment to find new opportunities for efficiency and lower costs, and working closely with other marketing departments to analyze trends is crucial for success. Collapse
    • The focus should be on whether PPC is the right channel for growth and delivering results for the website, rather than just spending the budget.
    • The speaker discusses the benefits of working closely with other marketing departments to analyze trends and challenges across different channels.
    • PPC strategies need to be constantly adjusted to redirect focus and find new opportunities for better efficiency and lower costs.
    • Training and building branding organically before starting paid media leads to more efficient PPC performance.
    • sells cycling gear and offers additional services like coaching and training programs to create a lifetime value for customers.
    • The speaker discusses the impact of multi-channel advertising on Google searches and the resulting increase in organic brand visibility and customer engagement.
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    32:07 Understanding the customer journey and integrating strategies is crucial for successful PPC ad campaigns, encouraging micro conversions and offering various options on landing pages. Collapse
    • Understanding the integrated strategy and customer journey is crucial in attributing the success of PPC ad channels, as research and human behavior play a significant role in driving sales.
    • Understanding the journey of consumer interaction with media and the influence of repetition in advertising is crucial for successful PPC ad campaigns.
    • Encourage micro conversions through email and video views, and offer various options on landing pages, but don’t force free offers on those who are ready to buy.
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    35:33 It’s important to adapt to new technology and be selective about marketing channels, considering where your customers are and aligning your brand’s tone and messaging before investing in advertising on platforms like TikTok or Twitter. Collapse
    • The speaker discusses the importance of being on multiple platforms, adapting to new technology, and determining if platforms like Tick Tock and Snapchat are a good fit for advertising.
    • Setting a test budget and being selective about marketing channels is important, as luxury brands differentiate themselves not just by what they do, but also by what they don’t do.
    • Consider the channels where your customers are and whether your brand’s tone and messaging align with those channels before investing in advertising on platforms like TikTok or Twitter.
    • The speaker discusses the evolution of social media platforms from Myspace to Facebook and the shift in user demographics, emphasizing the importance of following trends in different networks.
    • The foundation and basics of marketing stay the same, even as technology changes, so it’s important to keep track of what never changes and stick to the basics.
    • Anu Adegbola discusses upcoming events and webinars for PPC Live UK, and encourages viewers to join and subscribe for more training videos.

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