How our Real Estate investor training is different.

Anyone can teach you to setup ads. Only a few people can teach you well.

The difference

Created by Falcon Digital Marketing Agency

Created by Falcon Digital Marketing Agency, not one person that ran ads for themselves one Time.

Our advertising agency has been running PPC ad campaigns, including Google ads and Facebook ads, for over 12 years. We test and re-test what is working, and then that data is put back into the online advertising academy courses. We continuously update the course to give you the latest strategies that are currently performing well for online lead generation for real estate investors. 1 person that ran their own ads 1 time does not make sense as a proven method that can scale, this model doesn’t make any sense for a course. How can it scale if it hasn’t been tested with many campaigns and many users over time?

Developed by Award Winning Ad Agency: Falcon Digital Marketing

Our team has managed over $60,000,000 in ad spend for over 12 years – we know what works in the online advertising space!  

Our training course is specifically designed for Real Estate Investors needing to get more motivated seller leads through online marketing.

No matter what level you are – beginner to expert – we can teach you how to build and scale your internet lead generation to get more deals and grow your business. All of the training modules go step-by-step through everything you need to know to run PPC ads online as a Real Estate Investor.


What People Are Saying 

Sell My House NWA

Steven S.

Able to get my PPC ads up very quickly, and I immediately saw a huge lift.

Family Tree Property Solutions

Peter K.

Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing and helped drive sales to our company.

Right Path Real Estate

Andy H.

Great to work with. They go out of their way to understand the message you are trying to communicate, and work with you

North Texas Cash For Homes

Tiger B.

Awesome at what they do! We’ve been using them for 6 months now with no complaints and plan to continue to use it for a long time.


Our Process

Our methods for success. 

Our agency continuously tests the best strategies that work for investors and put the most up-to-date, top performing lead generations strategies into our course.

The Academy Difference

Our course is 100% dedicated to marketing training for real estate investors, not just PART of the course.

Other Courses

Our Course

Learn from anywhere, anytime

Learn from Anywhere, Track Your Progress

Online e-Learning Platform

Our advanced online e-learning platform gives you instant access to all of our training videos – you can watch from anywhere.

The program takes you through advanced video training, downloadable ad templates and other critical resources for success online. It even tracks where you left off so you don’t lose your place. You don’t lose access, so you can watch the videos as many times as you want.

In addition, we include a search function to quickly jump to specific lessons depending on what you are needing to setup – from Facebook to Google to tracking. Whether you are just getting started or an advanced user, the search functionality is very useful to get the info you need fast.


Only the best content

Content is condensed to cover everything you need to know, nothing you don’t

As a Real Estate Investor, you need to know how to get more motivated seller leads fast – you don’t have to know every single thing inside every ad platform. We skip all of the other fluff to get your ad campaigns getting you leads faster. We teach principles and strategies of each advertising platforms, how to optimize, and full over-the-shoulder walkthrough for each setup. It is setup as an abridged marketing training course for real estate investors. It’s approximately 50 short videos broken down per topic – Facebook Ads, Google Search Ads, Banner Ads, Remarketing Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads Network, Google Analytics, Lead Tracking, and Call Tracking. Most lessons are around 10-30 minutes so you can get your ads up and running quickly without having to waste time with fluff. No 3-hour videos explaining Quality Score.

We only focus on running online ads for Real Estate Investors wanting to get more Motivated Seller Leads

skip time-wasting lessons

If it isn’t related to getting more motivated seller leads for real estate investors – it is skipped. This is not an online marketing course for people that want to work at an ad agency and need to know everything each platform can do. This is focused on advanced online marketing for real estate investors. There are many generic internet advertising courses out there, but you need one specific for your real estate niche. Running an online lead generation ad campaign is very different than other campaigns, like an ecommerce ad campaign, this is why it requires very specific training.

Benefits of Our Online Marketing Course

Our marketing course for real estate investors can help you scale your business and take things to the next level! If you are tired of outdated marketing strategies that don’t work anymore, learn how our course can help you work less and get more leads faster!

Learn Faster

Our goal is to teach you, and get your ads up and running as fast as possible.

No Bandit Signs

Avoid illegal, outdated, ineffective bandit signs to get leads

Accelerated programs

We offer accelerated program to get your ads up and running fast.

No cold calling

We’ll teach you to get leads to call you, not waste time on exhausting cold calling

Waste less time

Avoid burnout on outdated and ineffective methods.

Leads come to you

Inbound marketing for real estate investors means leads come to you!

Your Choices for Real Estate Investing Marketing Training Are Limited

Learning the wrong way, on YouTube

Other  Real Estate training programs
only have a small section for marketing

Our program = training & content 100% dedicated to marketing for Real Estate Investors