How Our Training Course is Different.

Anyone can teach you to setup PPC ads. Only a few people can teach you how to run profitable PPC ads.

Based in the U.S. Accessible Worldwide


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Who Made this Course?

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Chris Cabaniss, Co-Founder of Falcon Digital Marketing Ad Agency

Chris has been in the online advertising space since 2009 and is the co-founder of Falcon Digital Marketing Ad Agency. Chris has managed PPC ad accounts for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike in many different industries for years. In addition, he has trained other ad agencies, in-house marketing teams, PPC professionals, and many business owners in expert PPC ad management strategies. Chris actively manages PPC accounts and puts all of the most up-to-date methods we use for our clients back into the training.

Monica Cabaniss, Co-Founder of Falcon Digital Marketing Ad Agency

Monica has been in online marketing since 2010 and is the co-founder and CEO of Falcon Digital Marketing Ad Agency. Monica has worked with nationwide franchises and enterprise-level eCommerce PPC ad accounts with global presence, as well as small to mid size local businesses in a range of industries over the years. Monica still plays an active role on managing PPC ad accounts and operations at Falcon Digital Marketing and putting real-world experience and proven strategies back into our training programs.

The difference

Created by Falcon Digital Marketing Agency

Created by Falcon Digital Marketing Agency, not one person that ran ads for themselves one time.

Our advertising agency has been running PPC ad campaigns, including Google ads and Google display ads, for over 14 years. We test and re-test what is working, and then that data is put back into the online advertising academy courses. We continuously update the training courses to give you the latest strategies that are currently performing well for the best ROI.

1 person that ran their own ads 1 time does not make sense as a proven method that can scale, this model doesn’t make any sense for an online course. How can it scale if it hasn’t been tested with many campaigns and many users over time?

Our PPC Ads Training Program is based in the United States, but accessible online from anywhere at anytime.

Developed by Award Winning Ad Agency: Falcon Digital Marketing

Our team has managed over $60,000,000 in ad spend for over 14 years – we know what works in the online advertising space!  

Our U.S. based PPC training course is specifically designed for getting the best ROI from your Google ads, not just getting more clicks or a higher Quality Score.

No matter what level you are – beginner to expert – we can teach you how to build and scale your internet advertising and grow your business. All of the training modules go step-by-step through everything you need to know to run PPC ads online to get a better return on investment.


Our Process

Our methods for success. 

Our agency continuously tests the best strategies that work for Google ads and put the most up-to-date, top performing PPC strategies into our course.

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The Online Advertising Academy Difference

Our course is 100% dedicated to marketing training with actionable lessons for better ROI

What People Are

Saying About Us

online advertising academy review 15

Spencer Williams

American Airlines

I would highly recommend them to any business looking to bring in the best qualified leads. They have many years of experience, and know exactly what they are doing.

online advertising academy review 14

Shawn Kemp

"They are second to none.The two best words to describe this company are HONEST and RESULTS!"

online advertising academy review 5 jeremy robertson christian brother automotive

Jeremy Robertson

Christian Brother Automotive

They were able to identify holes in my marketing to make us more efficient and make better use of my marketing dollars. I was very impressed!

online advertising academy review 4

John Buckley

National Legal Research Group

Greatly improved our PPC and other digital advertising. I would certainly recommend them.

online advertising academy review 4

Kelly Jenkins

Whole Health

Best results our company had experienced in four years!
online advertising academy review 3

Angie Goertz

Issuer Direct

An excellent resource for digital marketing - extremely knowledgeable in Pay-per-click advertisement - always quick to respond and has been an excellent resource.

online advertising academy review 6

Tim Wheeler

Revelation Machinery

They took the time to understand our business and our goals and had great recommendations to better our account.

online advertising academy review 7

Ben Strahm

Avnet Law

Great job helping us grow our practice. We continue to get great results and a lot of new leads. We highly recommend them!

online advertising academy review 16

Jennie Purser

Auctane Marketing

They really know their stuff when it comes to putting together advanced online marketing plans that get great results. I would definitely recommend them!

online advertising academy review 1

Jane Durand

Kaplan Metis

They are experts with deep experience. They have made dramatic improvements in our CPA and conversion rates!
online advertising academy review 10 todd brown

Todd Brown

Pedal Industries

Within no time, we had our campaign up and running and optimized for results. Thank you!

online advertising academy review 11

Jon Gipson

Efficient Power Tech

Helped us design and implement a plan that generated true results and improvement in all areas!

online advertising academy review 12

Tami Lust

iWilla Remedy

We highly recommend them. Not only are they a pleasure to work with but we have been really happy with our marketing results.

online advertising academy review 13

Yasmine Sedky


They have been a great asset to the growth of my clients in PPC. They have a wide variety of expertise and experience!

online advertising academy review 2

Peter Kavanagh

Family Tree Property Solutions

Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing and helped drive sales to our company.
online advertising academy review 9

Rachel Parker

Resonance Content

They are my "go-to" for all things PPC! I'm often at a loss when it comes to the more technical aspects of online marketing, and I can always rely on their team to help fill the gaps.

online advertising academy review 8

Maddie Banta

Hardwood Digital Design

I refer all of my clients to them. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to improve their conversions.

online advertising academy review 17

Nick Disney

MD Realty

I have worked with them for over a year and they really understand online marketing and what it takes to maximize your return on investment!

online advertising academy review 18

Lee Smith

US Mortgage Corporation

They were very knowledgeable and produced great results for my team. I would highly recommend them.

online advertising academy review 19

Jocelyn Bélanger


They provided us with excellent service!

online advertising academy review 20

Ted LePage

MCL Investigations

Our experience dealing with them has been smooth and extremely informative. They helped us to understand the process and the tools needed to get our company marketed, thanks Chris!
online advertising academy review 21

Andy Helms

Put On The Day Apparel

Great to work with. They go out of their way to understand the message you are trying to communicate, and work with you to get your message out.

online advertising academy review 22

Darryl Pikoos

Papercuts 24-7

Great Company, Great Service, Great Value, Great RESULTS!

Learn from anywhere, anytime

Learn from Anywhere, Track Your Progress

Online e-Learning Platform

Our advanced online e-learning platform gives you instant access to all of our training videos – you can watch from anywhere.

The program takes you through advanced video training, downloadable ad templates and other critical resources for success online. It even tracks where you left off so you don’t lose your place. You don’t lose access, so you can watch the videos as many times as you want. The Google ads training course is based in the U.S. but can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

In addition, we include a search function to quickly jump to specific lessons depending on what you are needing to setup. Whether you are just getting started or an advanced user, the search functionality is very useful to get the info you need fast.


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Only the best content

Content is condensed to cover everything you need to know, nothing you don’t

When you are running PPC ads, you need to know how to get more results fast – you don’t have to know every single thing inside every ad platform. We skip all of the other fluff to get your ad campaigns getting you real results fast – more leads, more calls, more customers, more clients, more sales!

We teach principles and strategies of each advertising platforms, how to optimize, and full over-the-shoulder walkthrough for each setup. It is setup as an abridged marketing training course.

It’s approximately 70 short videos broken down per topic – Google Search Ads, Google Displaly Banner Ads, Remarketing Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads Network, Google Analytics, and PPC Tools and Software.

Most lessons are around 10-30 minutes so you can get your ads up and running quickly without having to waste time with fluff. No 3-hour videos explaining Quality Score.

We only focus on running online ads for getting a better ROI.

If it isn’t related to getting a better ROI (from leads, clients, sales, etc.) –we don’t spend much time on it. This is not an online marketing course that teaches, but doesn’t have any real-life application for businesses. This is focused on advanced online marketing for ROI.

There are many generic internet advertising courses out there, but you need one specific for getting more leads, clients, appointments, sales, and other metrics that turn into profits, not just clicks.

Running an ROI-focused ad campaign is very different than other campaign setups focused on Optimization Score, Quality Score, and other metrics that don’t produce profits.

Benefits of Our Online Marketing Course

Our marketing course can help you scale your business and take things to the next level! If you are tired of outdated marketing strategies that don’t work anymore, learn how our course can help you work less and get more business faster!

Marketing Agencies

Keep your team up to date on the best strategies, or expand your services with professional Google Ads Management training.

In-House Marketing Teams

Keep Google Ads management in-house by learning expert PPC ad agency strategies, without the agency price.

For Business Owners

Fast & easy way to learn DIY Google Ads strategies that actually grow your business.

Learn Faster

Our goal is to teach you, and get your ads up and running as fast as possible.

Detailed Walkthroughs

Step-by-step walkthroughs to setup up actual Google ad campaigns.

Accelerated programs

We offer accelerated program to get your ads up and running fast.

No Outdated Methods

We’ll teach you to get people to contact you, not waste time on out of date methods like exhausting cold calling.

Waste less time

Avoid burnout on outdated and ineffective methods.

ROI Focused

Learn to build and optimize campaigns for ROI, not just clicks.

Your Choices for Online Marketing Training Are Limited

Some YouTube Lessons Are Good, Many Are Outdated and Ineffective

Other  PPC training programs only
have a small section for ROI training
Our program = training & content 100% dedicated to running PPC ads for ROI