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Best PPC Ads Training Course

We can teach anyone of any level of experience to master advertising using our best PPC Ads Training course.

If you need to scale up your business, profits, and sales from PPC advertising, our training can help! The training is setup with step-by-step guides for PPC, followed by walthroughs and tutorials inside actual PPC advertising accounts. This way you know exactly how to setup PPC ads that work.

All of the training is delivered through our online learning platform. All you have to do is login to watch the training videos, track progress, download resources, and go through the tutorials. Re-watch as much as you want, and skip around if you are an advanced Pay Per Click ad user. This is the best PPC ads training course out there!

We can teach beginners, experts, small business owners, marketing professionals, ad agencies, and more! Our training works for any size budget and industry.



Created by Falcon Digital Marketing Ad Agency

This training was created by an award winning ad agency. We have run over $60,000,000 in ad spend for more than 12 years – we know exactly what works best for Pay-Per-Click advertising.

This PPC ad training is unique because it is focused on scaling ads for profit. We skip the fluff that focuses too much on just getting clicks, increasing Quality Score, or improving Optimization Score. ROI is the most important metric for Pay-Per-Click ads – this is what our training is built around.

Whether you have are a beginner, or are an expert, our Pay-Per-Click advertising training can help! We have a wide range of PPC training videos from start to finish for running PPC ads. If you have a large budget or very small budget – we have training that can help any industry.

Online Advertising Academy for PPC Ads Training

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the program risk free – if you are not satisfied with our training for any reason we will give you a full refund.

Beginner to Expert Level PPC Ads Training

Expand to the Microsoft Bing Ads Network

Expert Search Campaign Optimization Strategies

Strategies for Expanding Top Performers and Scaling with High ROI

Strategies for Rapidly Scaling ROI and Expanding Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords

Advanced Remarketing Ads Training

Display Ad Strategies for ROI & Removing Low Quality Website Clicks

How to Use Google Analytics to Track ROI from Goals, Leads, ROI, and Sales

Display Content Targeting: Placements, Contextual, Topics

Advanced Content/Audience Combo Targeting Strategies

Best PPC Tools & Software Training

Downloadable Resources, Guides, Checklists, and Templates

Get Lifetime Access to Over 70 Video Lessons – Rewatch As Much As You Want – Skip to Any Lesson Instantly

Expert PPC Ads Strategies for ROI, Not Just Clicks


Intro to Google Ads

How to get started with PPC advertising, PPC ad formats and writing ads, targeting, setup, and top strategies for better ROI. We focus on metrics that grow profit, not budget-wasting strategies that just get clicks.

Google Banner Ad Remarketing

How to setup advanced marketing to target the right audience and follow-up with potential customers. We give a full tutorial on setting up PPC remarketing campaigns from beginning to end. Get more than the basics and learn expert PPC remarketing strategies.

Full Setup Walkthroughs

How to setup PPC ads to get more profit and scale. We give you full walkthroughs for setting up PPC advertising campaigns inside the actual dashboard. Perfect for any level – beginners to experts.

PPC Keyword Strategies

Learn expert PPC keyword strategies. Learn how to find the best keywords to target through keyword research, expanding best performing keywords, setting up ad groups, optimizing, and more!

Negative Keywords

Learn how to block keywords that waste money from irrelevant searches. Download our pre-made templates for common negative keyword lists to improve ROI fast and only get clicks for the best keywords for your business and industry.

Competitor Keyword Spying

Learn how to find your competitors’ best keywords with PPC keyword spy tools. This helps you stay one step ahead of your competition and find the best keywords to target for your PPC advertising.

Best Ads Strategies to Use

We teach you the best way to create high performing ads and do a/b testing for PPC ads. Learn the best ways to write ad copy that gets more profit and pre-qualifies your target audience for more sales.

PPC Ad Templates

We offer our top performing PPC ad templates, guides, and resources for you to download and run quickly. We have tested the best ways to setup PPC ads, campaigns, ad groups, keywords and more – use our resources to jump-start your Pay per click ads

Ongoing Optimization

We teach how to setup and keep your Google ad campaigns going for long-term performance. You’ll learn how to scale your top performing ads, ad groups, keywords, campaigns, and setup new advanced campaigns to get more business fast – for any industry or level of experience.

PPC Display Banner Ads

You will learn advacned PPC Display Ads for targeting the best audiences, website placements, topics, custom audiences, and contextual targeting. Go beyond only targeting search engines and remarketing to scale your PPC ad profits fast.

Google Analytics & Tracking

We teach you the best way to implement Google Analytics to track your website traffic, leads, sales, and ROI effectively to make sure your PPC ads are as profitable as possible and not wasting money.

Top PPC Tools and Software

How to use the best PPC tools and software that agencies use to rapidly scale profits. Includes Landing Page Builders, PPC Call Tracking, A/B Testing PPC Ad Software, and more! Learn the best PPC software and tools fast!

What People Are

Saying About Us

online advertising academy reviews 1

Kaplan Metis

Jane Durand

They are experts with deep experience. They have made dramatic improvements in our CPA and conversion rates!

Family Tree Property Solutions

Peter Kavanagh

Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing and helped drive sales to our company.
online advertising academy reviews 2

Whole Health

Kelly Jenkins

Best results our company had experienced in four years!
online advertising academy reviews 3

National Legal Research Group

John Buckley

Greatly improved our PPC and other digital advertising. I would certainly recommend them.

online advertising academy reviews 4

Christian Brothers Automotive

Jeremy Robertson

They were able to identify holes in my marketing to make us more efficient and make better use of my marketing dollars. I was very impressed!
online advertising academy reviews 5

Issuer Direct

Brian Balbirnie

An excellent resource for digital marketing - extremely knowledgeable in Pay-per-click advertisement - always quick to respond and has been an excellent resource.
online advertising academy reviews 6

Revelation Machinery

Tim Wheeler

They took the time to understand our business and our goals and had great recommendations to better our account.
online advertising academy reviews 8

Avnet Law

Ben Strahm

Great job helping us grow our practice. We continue to get great results and a lot of new leads. We highly recommend them!

online advertising academy review 10

Hardwood Digital Design

Maddie Banta

I refer all of my clients to them. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to improve their conversions.
online advertising academy review 9

Resonance Content

Rachel Parker

They are my "go-to" for all things PPC! I'm often at a loss when it comes to the more technical aspects of online marketing, and I can always rely on their team to help fill the gaps.
online advertising academy review 11

Pedal Industries

Todd Brown

Within no time, we had our campaign up and running and optimized for results. Thank you!
online advertising academy review 12

Efficient Power Tech

Jon Gipson

Helped us design and implement a plan that generated true results and improvement in all areas!

Best Tutorials for Expert PPC Ad Strategies – Watch from Anywhere


Online Google Ads e-Learning Platform

Once you have access to the training course for PPC ads – you can get started watching all of the PPC ad guides, videos, and tools. The lessons start with easy intro to PPC ads, how to use PPC ads, and then goes into more advanced and expert training for PPC advertising for getting a better ROI, not just clicks.

If you are an advanced user, you can use the search function to jump to any video – you don’t have to watch in order. With this feature, you can go straight to the PPC ad lesson you need, or re-watch videos as needed. This functions similar to finding YouTube PPC ad videos, except the videos are up to date on the latest advertising strategies that work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this PPC Ads course for?

Our PPC ads course is designed for beginners to experts. It is great for business owners for DIY PPC Ads, in-house marketing teams that need advanced PPC ad training courses, and ad agencies or consultants that run PPC ads for clients. Even people that want to start a new career in managing PPC Ads campaigns can start with our training!

Who is this course NOT for?

Our PPC ad course does not currently cover Facebook ads, SEO, or web design. It is strictly for Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Analytics, Remarketing Ads, and PPC Tools depending on the level of access you purchase.

Is the course updated for the latest PPC Ads strategies?

Yes. That is why it does not say “Google Adwords Training Course”, Google Ads changed their name years ago. We don’t teach out of date methods.

Is the course updated for PPC New Ad Policies?

Yes. Google has made many privacy and policy updates regarding advertising – these are current in our Google ad tutorials and lessons.

What is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, email us to process a refund. As long as it is within 30 days of your purchase of the course.

Are there any other fees for the course?

No, the one price covers access to everything listed above, there are no hidden charges to access the course. It is a 1 time fee, not monthly.