*Google Ads Profit
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*This training has been combined with our Google Search Ads Masterclass for even more amazing training!

Google Search Ads Masterclass
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Over $60,000,000

Ad spend tested

Over 7,000

Ad Campaigns Launched

Over 12 Years Experience

Building Profitable Ad Campaigns

Stop Losing Money on Google Ads:

Take This Workshop to

Get Everything You Need to

Scale Your Profits With Google Ads

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How Expert Ad Agencies Run Highly Profitable Google Ads Campaigns
How to Structure Your Ad Account for Long-Term Success – What Most People Get Wrong During Setup is Costing Them Big
How to Find the Most Profitable Keywords for Any Niche, and Block Money-Wasting Clicks With Negative Keywords
Strategies for Rapidly Scaling ROI and Expanding Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords

Learn How and When to Use Automation and When to Go Manual for Bidding, Targeting, Optimization, A/B Testing Ads, and More

More Profit, Less Spend – How to Cut Wasted Spend Fast and Save Your Budget
Learn the Best Strategies for Building Landing Pages That Convert
How Agencies Optimize Campaigns to Focus on ROI, Not Just Website Clicks, Optimization Score, or Quality Score
How to Use Google Analytics to Track ROI from Leads and Sales
Downloadable Resources, Guides, Checklists, and Templates
Learn the Best PPC Tools and Software That Agencies Use to Scale Ad Campaigns Quickly

Get Lifetime Access to Video Lessons – Rewatch As Much As You Want – Skip to Any Lesson Instantly

Google Ads Training Course Based in the U.S. Accessible Worldwide Online

Benefits of Our Google Ads Profit Scaling Workshop

Our Google Ads Workshop can help you scale your business and take things to the next level! If you are tired of outdated marketing strategies that don’t work anymore, learn how our training can help you work less and get more business faster!

For Business Owners

Fast & easy way to learn DIY Google Ads strategies that actually grow your business.

In-House Marketing Teams

Keep Google Ads management in-house by learning expert PPC ad agency strategies, without the agency price.

Marketing Agencies

Keep your team up to date on the best strategies, or expand your services with professional Google Ads Management training.

Learn Faster

Our goal is to teach you, and get your ads up and running as fast as possible.

Detailed Walkthroughs

Step-by-step walkthroughs to setup actual Google ad campaigns.

Accelerated programs

We offer accelerated program to get your ads up and running fast.

No cold calling

We’ll teach you to get people to contact you, not waste time on exhausting cold calling.

Waste less time

Avoid burnout on outdated and ineffective methods.

ROI Focused

Learn to build and optimize campaigns for ROI, not just clicks.

Google Ads Workshop Training Focused on ROI, not Fluff

skip time-wasting lessons
  • If it isn’t related to getting a better ROI (from leads, clients, sales, etc.) –we don’t spend much time on it.
  • This is not an online marketing workshop that teaches but doesn’t have any real-life application for businesses. 
  • There are many generic internet advertising courses out there, but you need one specific for getting more leads, clients, appointments, sales, and other metrics that turn into profits, not just clicks.
  • Running an ROI-focused ad campaign is very different than other campaign setups focused on Optimization Score, Quality Score, and other metrics that don’t produce profits.
Learn from anywhere, anytime

Learn from Anywhere, Track Your Progress, Go At Your Own Pace

Online PPC Ad e-Learning Platform

  • Get Instant Access to the Online E-Learning Platform
  • Track/Save Your Progress and Videos Watched
  • Re-Watch the Training – It’s Not a Webinar That Expires!
  • Go At Your Own Pace – Learn on Your Schedule
  • Instantly Skip to Any Lesson You Want
  • Beginner to Expert Level Training Videos
  • Downloadable Templates and Resources
  • Lifetime Access to Course
  • Searchable Content for Faster Learning/Re-Watching Videos
  • Step-By-Step Walkthroughs for Setting Up Actual Google Ad Campaigns
  • ROI Focused Strategies, Not Just Clicks

From Beginners to Experts – We Can Help Any Level of Experience

Our Google Ads Workshop training program is designed to teach anyone expert level strategies for getting better results and profit from Google Ads using advanced online advertising strategies.

Experts can immediately skip to any lesson, beginners can go through the presented order to keep things easy.

This is done by presentation style teaching and over-the-shoulder live demos through screen shares inside actual ad platforms.

The PPC ad training is available in our online e-learning system. You can go through the training anywhere at your own pace, on any device. Re-watch videos as many times as you want.