Why Pay for Google Ads Training When You Can Get it for Free?

Written by onlineacademy

November 14, 2022

Why Pay for Google Ads Training

Learn why would you pay for Google Ads training when you can get it for free? We discuss the pros and cons of free Google Ads training vs paid Google Ads training courses. There are so many Google Ads training videos on YouTube, PPC marketing blogs, and some free webinars here and there. Also, there are multiple courses for learning Google ads. This video will give some more clarify to learning Google Ads for free or buying a Google ads online training course.




Quick Summary of What You Will Learn:

1. Where to learn Google Ads for free and get free training resources online

2. When it makes sense to upgrade to a paid Google Ads training course

3. Best ways to learn Google Ads for beginners

4. Best ways to learn Google Ads for experts

5. Easiest way to learn Google Ads fast.

6. How to evaluate a Google Ads training course to see if it’s legit – how to know who to listen to.

7. How to quickly spot an online course scam – important warning signs.


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Video Transcript:

okay in this video we wanted to go over something a little bit more unique this comes up a lot in online marketing uh or just different business skills in general people ask why pay for training when you can get it for free so we want to discuss this in more detail and talk about just kind of the online marketing World different courses and training that’s available online versus what’s free online and just really dive into it I mean really why would you pay for training when you can get it for free you’re you’re obviously getting this training for free you’ve watched our videos you’ve watched other people’s videos there’s blogs there’s free webinars uh but at what point do you jump into the free training or a paid training or should you even do that at all so let’s go ahead and jump into that and really take a look at this

so when you’re serious about something and you want to take it to the next level watching free YouTube videos and reading Vlogs all day just just doesn’t make any sense that that’s a good starting point if if there’s something you don’t know anything about or if you’re experienced and you just want some quick tips maybe you’ve been doing online marketing for years you check out some uh some blogs or uh social media channels or YouTube of people you like and they do post some things there there’s some updates here and there there’s some new things new features new case studies and and you can check them out but they’re not really a full training thing they just they give you a snippet and especially if you’re a beginner it’s just going to be very disjointed you’re going to get random tips and updates and uh reading industry news when you don’t really know that much about the industry in the first place you’re just even if you go start to finish and even on YouTube there’s uh you know Google ads training course everything you need to know maybe it’s a half hour maybe it’s two hours

it’s just one very small thing and they usually ask you to buy more training down in the description link below so they they didn’t accidentally give away everything it’s it’s just a free sample so no one took their business to the next level by watching YouTube all day it’s just it’s a starting point it’s quick tips it’s uh you know case studies and you know they have they have shorts now or there’s blogs or there’s you can download an ebook for free if you trade an email things like that you can get bits and pieces but it’s it’s not a complete program that’s that’s going to make you an expert and really take things to the next level at some point you need to upgrade at some point it’s time to buy the training you can’t learn forever only from free webinars and free downloads when you you trade your email or YouTube blogs uh all these different things they just give you a sample I mean nobody accidentally gave away their best stuff in their free webinar or they accidentally gave away everything in the free PDF or they put everything on YouTube everybody that does this whether it’s online marketing software or an agency or an online marketing course like us they give you samples they purposely leave out quite a bit of it they need to establish expertise and they need to give you some useful content in order to sell something else they always say you know join our patreon click on the link below for the rest of the course set up a call click on the link below to do something

else it’s it’s a sample it’s a teaser to get you to the next step it has to be good enough to establish some of credibility some credibility so you take the next step but they didn’t accidentally give away everything to where you don’t need to buy it or hire them or pay for anything at all even if you go from one provider to the other everybody purposely left out all the best things so when you want to become an expert in something you have to use quality content and lessons to learn you need to read a lot of books take a lot of paid training and attend legitimate paid events whether that’s webinars whether that’s uh you want to join a legitimate Mastermind of people that are actually succeeding and helping one another that’s led by someone that’s actually succeeding and knows what they’re doing I know there’s a lot of fake ones out there that aren’t good but when you read different books when you you take online courses when when you go to these events whether they’re in person that that’s what’s really going to take it to the next level and no one became an expert by getting a bunch of free samples you have to go through and take these paid things and you have to do more than one of them there’s not one of them that really solves all your problems they’re all going to have different angles and they’re all experts that are going to teach slightly different ways whether you prefer to read watch a bunch of videos or get uh templates or software or whatever it is it’s a paid option that really takes it to the next level once you upgrade from free training so going through taking the online courses reading the books doing the events it’s putting it into practice and learning and back and forth and back and forth you’re not you’re not really done and there’s not

really a bunch of free samples or YouTubes or blogs or free webinars that’s really going to get you to a much higher level and no one became wildly successful from only being on YouTube and and blogs all day that’s that can give you some quick tips maybe some some tips some hacks you didn’t really think about but it’s not going to be a complete strategy it’s not going to be start to finish from an expert whether it’s an online course that teaches you a bunch of new strategies that you didn’t think about before or it’s a mastermind or it’s a one-on-one Consulting coaching uh type of thing that will customize a plan for you it’s just the free YouTube and things like that there or blogs they’re they’re meant to get your attention get a lot of traffic and there’s there’s always some other thing they want your email they want you to buy the course they want you to book a call they want you to join The Mastermind they want you to hire them there’s always something else people don’t just give away every single thing for free they’re they’re promoting something which is fine that’s a legitimate way of doing marketing you have to establish yourself as an expert and give away some great content for free but it’s not not a complete plan at some point you you have to buy books you have to pay for training you have to take courses a 10 quality events you’re you’re never done learning it’s a constant

Improvement and you see anyone that’s successful in your field or really any field they’re constantly learning they are at the events they’re taking courses they’ve been through many of them they’re probably in some kind of a mastermind or a group or something like that with other experts so they go to events with other experts in their field so if I’ve never met an extremely wealthy person that’s that that has read one book on a subject or attended one free webinar one time or watched a lot of YouTube how how to videos on YouTube they’ve all read a lot of books attended quality events but they’re in some program or that they’ve had a coach or they pay for training constantly they’ve been through a lot of courses and and they’re not not the low level ones that are that are 10 bucks on udemy or something like that or they’re a free download if you give an email I I mean a real course real training from an expert in the industry and and there’s plenty of them the free stuff is fine for a little bit or if you’re on a budget but it you’ll outgrow it pretty fast but it if you have to take it to the next level at some point I mean it just doesn’t make any sense if you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising or Marketing Online and specifically that your business is depending on to get leads or sales I mean are you really going to base everything off of some YouTube videos you watch it it’s so complicated with with Google search ads with

marketing uh if you’re doing SEO or uh YouTube ads banner ads there’s so many different marketing options that you have to learn and you have to be an expert at before you spend your own money or your company’s money or your clients money running these things I mean to to save money it doesn’t make any sense that you’re going to spend a ton of money on online marketing without expert training and learn as you go this is an extremely risky thing to do to test without any expert training you wouldn’t want to go into anything serious without getting the training first especially when it comes to business just kind of learn as you go watch some YouTube videos jump into Google ads uh spend hundreds and thousands of dollars and just see how it works especially if you’re doing services for other people if you’re running other people’s Google ads or it’s your job to run the company’s Google ads or you’re going to run Google ads yourself for your own business and learning from Google directly is the worst possible option their goal is to get as much money out of you as possible it becomes very very obvious when you start going through Google’s own training programs or you talk to Google customer support and and you can Google this this isn’t just our opinion just Google uh Google reps or skill Shop reviews or things like that in any legitimate expert in the industry will tell you Google is the worst place to learn Google it’s like learning how to gamble from the casino they obviously have their own agenda they make it seem like they’re legitimate and they’re a great place to learn and they’re going to help you reach your business goals but they’re really not their goal is to make as much money as possible and keep you spending money as long as they can they don’t teach you how to spend the smallest amount of money

and get the greatest results that’s that’s not what they want to do whereas everyone else wants to do that cut out wasted spin they want to keep wasted spin so they make more money so do not learn from Google directly you need expert training to succeed with online advertising so the biggest thing you need to find high quality training it’s not from one person one time that has a really popular YouTube channel with a lot of likes I I mean that could mean they’re they have really good quality content or it could mean they’re really good at getting videos to rank on YouTube and that’s kind of where it ends they need to make videos on how to how to get your YouTube video to rank higher because that’s clearly their expertise not necessarily Google ads uh or or whatever it is so I mean if you think about it who would you rather learn from a personal trainer who has helped hundreds of people lose weight many people many times or a friend that lost weight themselves doing one little tactic it’s one person one time or who would you rather learn from a licensed electrician with over 12 years of experience working on hundreds of houses as many houses many times or one person that worked on his own house once and now wants to sell the secrets to electrical work inside of homes that’s one person one time that’s not an expert and unfortunately in online courses and masterminds and all these other things there’s a lot of people they’re just they’re one person that did it one time and they turn around and sell the secrets to online marketing

how to master Google ads I discovered the secret hack that no one else is using why is it one person that just doesn’t make any sense that’s not a proven thing I mean if he’s seeing a pattern here when it’s just one person that said I discovered the secret that no one else is using that’s that’s garbage one person didn’t find a secret and it’s not that no one else is using it if no one is using it that no one’s purchased their course if their course is as successful as they say and there’s thousands of people in it well then everybody’s using it and it’s not a secret so who would you rather learn from when you’re evaluating a program on on who’s teaching it and is it legitimate you have to make sure it’s from somebody that is active in the industry right now so for online marketing our course for example was made by Falcon digital marketing it is an agency you can go Google it right now you’ll see lots of things about it you can hire us right now so we manage hundreds of accounts actually thousands of campaigns over the years and we put everything we’re currently doing with our clients that’s succeeding back into the course so we’ve managed over 60 million dollars in ads over the last 12 years and we’ve launched over 7 000 at successful ad campaigns it’s not one person that ran ads for themselves one time that that’s

just not a proven method I mean anyone can teach you how to set up ads there’s a lot of videos you can find it anywhere but you need expert training to learn how to run ads effectively and not lose a lot of your money how to actually make it profitable and we’re specifically talking about uh Google ads and online marketing because that’s that’s what we do so when you look at that specifically there are other courses and we’re aware of that and some of them are great and they’re made by agencies they’re made by industry experts that are currently running Google ads and they keep updating um their course there’s some people that some courses that were made by experts in 2015 and they haven’t updated it since they’ve had their success and they just kind of abandon it it still shows up but the course is extremely out of date and don’t really know where the Creator went they just kind of abandoned their their really old course that was great in 2015 but there are ones it’s it’s pretty much an ad agency that are an industry expert that you could Google them you see they’re active in the community you you actually see something when you Google them they exist outside of their click funnels landing page they actually have a web website they have some kind of presence on social media maybe a YouTube channel uh decent following just I mean they don’t need a million followers on Instagram kind of thing they’re they’re not uh an influencer or celebrity or something but they just they have to exist outside of their ad and outside of their click funnels landing page there’s too many people that outside of the one page with the video on it that gets you to opt in they don’t really exist so they’re not a real company they’re not a real expert and we don’t know

if they’re even going to be around next month so you need you need somebody that that is active in the industry that you know it’s usually an ad agency when you see the ad they say here’s my agency here’s my marketing course it’s like okay well then they obviously know how to do marketing they’re running it for clients and then put all the info back into the course so you can hire them or you can buy their course that’s that’s a legitimate course right there and that that applies to online marketing or really any course you need someone that actually is an expert and that does it not just kind of ripped off a bunch of other stuff from YouTube and threw it together and called themselves an expert I mean just just Google them do your research make sure they’re actually a legitimate course uh and it’s it’s by an expert that’s currently practicing whatever they’re teaching I mean there’s just there’s too many courses out there that just cause serious anxiety because of their outrageous cost I mean if you lose sleep wake up with cold sweats have heated arguments uh with your partner or your family or whoever helps you make decisions and you feel

extremely uncomfortable and you’re just you’re terrified you know what if it doesn’t work then that’s a serious problem just run away from that program don’t buy it don’t drink the Kool-Aid don’t get brainwashed just don’t don’t get sucked into these if you have a bad feeling and you don’t think the course is legit or you don’t think the person is actually an expert just don’t buy it that’s fine there’s a lot of great programs out there written by people that are currently in the industry uh same with Google ads so just find a program that fits your budget and can actually help you succeed for a reasonable price we do have our course there is a link in the description below just like I said everybody does so you can find more we have the basic Google ads Workshop if you’re on a budget or your beginner you just want to check it out and then of

course we have our master classes and we don’t say master classes in a free webinar that’s an hour it’s an actual Max master class that goes through expert level things we don’t throw that term around lightly so you can check our program out or check out other programs just whatever makes sense to you the point is eventually it’s time to upgrade and you can only get so much from free training so I hope this video was helpful in helping you evaluate kind of which course you should take when it’s right to upgrade to a paid training program all right everyone thanks so much for watching our PPC ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the Subscribe button uh like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video


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