Web Design Tips for Real Estate

Written by onlineacademy

September 21, 2021

web design tips for real estate

According to a study performed by the University of Michigan, there was an increase of 13.6% in the number of housing units in the United States. The demand for housing has only increased since then and massive real estate investments across the nation indicate the housing market is ripe with opportunity for real estate professionals.

Are you a real estate professional or Realtor with capital to invest, but having trouble finding suitable properties to invest in? A significant factor in your ability to attract sellers and buyers is web design. Designing your website in a way that not only attracts buyers and sellers but generates leads is key.

Keep reading to learn some web design tips that are sure to help generate more leads from your real estate website.

Understand the User’s Needs

Your website should focus on what the buyer or seller needs and wants. The home page must grab the visitor’s attention and show the immediate value you have to offer. Quick closing, experience in the industry, personal and friendly service, and other statements serve to hook the buyer or seller’s attention from the moment they hit your website.

A good way to engage visitors from the homepage is to ask questions such as “Are you looking to sell your house or buy a new house?” Follow the question up with a statement of value.

Generate Leads with a Free Service

Remember that the process of closing a real estate deal starts with communication with the buyer/seller first. You want to design your website in a way that guides visitors to contact you. These contact requests are valuable leads that eventually bring the deals you are looking for.

Offering a free service such as free information, free appraisals, or free consultations gives the buyer or seller confidence that by contacting you they have no immediate obligation and are able to consider what you have to offer at no cost. Offering something for free is a content marketing strategy that works.

A Clear Call to Action

The most important part of every webpage on your site is the call to action (CTA). Often times, the page will say “I need help buying a house” or “I need help selling my house” as two large buttons. You will also want to link an MLS feed of available listings for the user to view houses to buy.

You can also give the visitor information about your services and why they should choose to buy or sell their property with your company in an “about us” page, blog articles, etc and immediately follow it with a clear CTA such as “Contact us now for a free no-obligation consultation and we will explain how fast and easy it is to buyer or sell your property with us.”

Include a link to the words “contact us” that will take them to your contact page. Have a contact form they can fill out with their information as well as your company address, phone number, email, etc.

The contact form should be positioned prominently on the page and the text large and clear. Don’t ask for too much information in the form as this might intimidate them and stop them from making contact.

Web Design Tips That Work

Use web design elements that grab the attention of the prospective buyer or seller.  Introduce your services and offer something of value for free. Generate leads by clearly offering value followed by a clear call to action in order to take advantage of what you have to offer.

Once you have a website in place that is designed to generate leads for you, the next step is to increase traffic to your site with online advertising. Our course can teach you how to be successful generating leads through PPC ads!

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