State of PPC Ad Education – Expert Interview with Miles McNair

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November 8, 2023

miles mcnair interview where to learn ppc ads

Miles McNair (co-founder of interview posted on our YouTube channel now!

This was an amazing interview, Miles is a brilliant guy! And he decided to do an AWESOME virtual background too, lol.

Here’s a few things we got into for the PPC world:

How to stay up to date on what works in PPC and take your skills to the next level and avoid shady/fake/guru courses

How Miles got started in his career, how he started PPC Mastery with Bob Meijer

How I started my career, the agency, and the Online Advertising Academy

How can people decide which expert to follow, which course is legit, and what to avoid

Free PPC Communities, Paid PPC Communities (like hashtagppcchat currently run by Julie Friedman Bacchini

Top Recommendations for Free PPC Training, Paid PPC Training.

Legitimate PPC training courses are published by people that already established themselves as an expert in the field with many years of experience, and then published a course later, rather than suddenly appearing on YouTube and Facebook Ads out of nowhere selling an “expert” course.

Miles and I named a few PPC experts off the top of our heads:

Adriaan Dekker posts amazing PPC content on LinkedIn
Kasim Aslam from Solutions 8 (recently launched
Michelle Morgan and Joe Martinez with Paid Media Pros
Ed Leake with God Tier Ads and Agency Forge

Also, we discussed where experts go for continuous learning at any level

LinkedIn’s feed is FULL of people posting amazing PPC training content, many of them aren’t even selling anything

The best PPC training programs are led by people that are CURRENTLY managing accounts

If you’re not constantly learning new in PPC, you’ll quickly become out of date

Focus on what makes you happy, not chasing someone else’s dream

Work life balance in PPC – taking care of your mental health, live the life you want to live, not what other people tell you that you should be living

Kirk Williams Stop the Scale book – don’t grow your agency just to grow it, find a balance, grow an agency you like

and a bunch of other PPC stuff. 

Learn more from Miles Mcnair:


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Timestamped summary
Continuous education, hands-on experience, and building a support network with industry experts are crucial for success in PPC advertising.
  • 👨‍💼
    00:00 Miles McNair shares tips on staying updated and getting the best performance in PPC, emphasizing the importance of building a support network with other professionals. Collapse
    • Miles McNair is an expert in PPC education and management, and he shares his knowledge on staying up to date and getting the best performance in PPC accounts.
    • The speaker started freelancing in PPC in 2020 after working at an agency for two and a half years, where they received mentorship and training in PPC.
    • Miles McNair discusses the transition from mentorship to freelancing and the importance of building a network for support, particularly in the context of the launch of Performance Max and Smart Shopping.
    • Create a support system with other PPC professionals through free online communities and social media platforms to stay updated and learn from each other.
  • 🚀
    04:38 Experts are now more open to sharing PPC ad strategies on LinkedIn, Adrian Deca posts frequent updates, join the Discord Community for free, but the best way to learn PPC is by doing the work and experimenting yourself. Collapse
    • Adrian Deca consistently posts updates on PPC advertising multiple times a day, which is impressive and respected by the speaker.
    • Experts are now more open to sharing their strategies and tips on LinkedIn, making it a valuable platform for industry updates.
    • Adrian and an Italian guy share daily and weekly updates on PPC ad education, and Adrian also has a weekly newsletter.
    • Join the Discord Community with 8,000 members from around the world for free, but the best way to learn PPC is by doing the work and experimenting yourself, as what works for one may not work for another.
    • Apply the learnings, experiment, work for an agency to gain experience, and constantly read and attend events to stay up to date in the fast-moving world of PPC advertising.
  • 🔑
    09:59 Continuous education and experience at an agency are crucial for success in PPC advertising, with a focus on mental health and building a digital agency aligned with personal values. Collapse
    • Continuous education and experience at an agency helped the speaker gain the skills needed to pursue a career in PPC advertising.
    • Learning from others in an agency job for a few years is the best way to become proficient in PPC advertising, as it is a fast-paced and competitive field that requires constant challenge and improvement.
    • The PPC industry is constantly changing, and freelancers have the freedom to choose who they work with, with a focus on mental health and avoiding burnout.
    • The importance of building a digital agency that aligns with your personal goals and values, rather than being solely focused on maximizing profit and growth, is emphasized in the interview.
    • Take responsibility for managing workload and prioritize mental health, especially during busy times like Black Friday and the holiday season.
    • The hustle and grind culture in entrepreneurship can lead to severe burnout if it doesn’t align with the individual’s goals and personality type.
  • 🎙️
    19:10 Prioritize your own goals, avoid outsourcing tasks, and find a work approach that fits your personality and goals in PPC ad education. Collapse
    • The guy is always busy and social, but he also needs alone time to relax and de-stress, as he is driven to build his empire and own multiple businesses.
    • Find a lifestyle and work approach that fits your personality type and goals, whether it’s freelancing, working a few hours a week, or pursuing aggressive goals.
    • The speaker discusses the benefits of not outsourcing tasks and how doing hands-on work has improved their skills in PPC and copywriting.
    • Constantly remind yourself of what makes you happy and focus on your own goals rather than chasing what others have, as you never know the reality behind what people share on social media.
    • The speaker prioritizes attending his kids’ events and enjoys the flexibility of being self-employed, even if it means occasionally missing out on work opportunities.
    • Call leads back immediately to avoid missing out on potential clients who may have already received quotes or audits from other competitors.
  • 👨‍💼
    24:32 Prioritizing family, managing a small PPC team, and developing a side project in advertising education. Collapse
    • Prioritizing family over work is important, and it’s okay to not attend every little thing.
    • The speaker manages a small team for PPC clients and prefers to keep the team small, with a focus on full-time consulting and freelance work.
    • The speaker discusses how they never had a specific number of employees in mind for their agency, instead choosing to hire based on the needs of the business, and the decision to create a course came from a client.
    • Real estate investor made more money teaching how to flip houses than actually doing it, leading to the development of a side project in advertising education.
  • 🔑
    27:59 Staying hands-on with PPC accounts is crucial in the fast-changing industry, follow trusted individuals for valuable knowledge and consider purchasing courses based on quality over quantity. Collapse
    • Helping small businesses with Google ads led to the creation of a YouTube channel and course, with the goal of contributing to and helping the PPC community.
    • Staying hands-on with PPC accounts is crucial in the fast-changing industry to avoid being out of touch with the latest practices and changes.
    • Many people have created courses on various topics, making it difficult for experts and beginners to stay updated and decide which ones to pursue.
    • Follow someone on their free channels for a long time to gauge their value and vibe, and then decide who to follow based on the community they have built and the value they provide.
    • Content is shared daily, with a focus on delivering value and allowing people to make their own decisions about further engagement, with occasional sales pitches.
    • Follow a handful of trusted individuals on LinkedIn for valuable PPC knowledge and consider purchasing courses from them rather than being targeted by ads, focusing on quality over quantity.
  • 🔍
    35:33 Following reputable experts for valuable education and content on social media and blogs is more effective than using fake urgency and scarcity tactics in PPC ads. Collapse
    • Creating fake urgency and scarcity in PPC ads by using psychology tactics like fear of missing out and conformity can be a red flag, as there is no need to buy right away.
    • Follow experts who have a proven track record and offer valuable education, rather than those who only promote their courses without a solid reputation.
    • Pros have been publishing on their YouTube channel for years and have finally released their first course, which has already been sold, and other industry experts like Susan Winterr have also released courses after speaking at conferences.
    • Follow experts on social media and blogs for free content, and focus on providing value organically for the long game.
    • Consistently providing value over time will lead to sales without the need for fake scarcity and urgency tactics.
  • 📈
    40:20 Industry experts should create new and unique content, stay updated on PPC ad education through industry experts and Google’s support articles, and consider joining the PPC Hub membership at for exclusive training programs and resources. Collapse
    • Industry experts should publish new and unique content that reflects their current experience and expertise, rather than continuously updating outdated courses and content.
    • Build up a YouTube channel with subscribers, evaluate ad quality by checking their presence on Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube, as experts exist beyond just the ad and landing page.
    • Stay up to date on PPC ad education by following industry experts like Jenny Marvin and reading through Google’s support articles for in-depth information on new features and updates.
    • Google ads documentation is often overlooked, but it’s a good starting point, and people can follow Miles McNair on LinkedIn or visit for more information.
    • Subscribe to the weekly newsletter for longer form emails on Mondays and a shorter, punchier Friday Roundup, and find the speaker on LinkedIn for now, with plans to eventually join Twitter.
    • The PPC Hub membership at is for experienced Google ad specialists who want to take their skills to the next level, with exclusive training programs, resources, and a community forum, as well as other courses available on the website.

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