Should You Listen to a Google Rep – Boris Beceric Shocking Tell All Interview

Written by onlineacademy

August 10, 2023

should you trust google reps boris beceric interview

Interview with Boris Beceric (Google Ads Expert) about hiring process of Google Reps, required experience, how many accounts they actually manage, and more shocking details we all suspected. Can you trust Google Reps? Should you auto apply recommendations? Do Google Reps Give Good Advice? and much more.

We also go on some rants about:

Google Reps know their suggestions are bad and will hurt most advertisers, but they don’t care, they want to get their bonus

We’ve proven Google Reps don’t make useful suggestions, so where should you learn Google ads from? Which experts can you trust?

Google has to answer to shareholders, not advertisers

Sometimes Google listens to us

Google Reps call clients and use scare tactics to get them to panic and apply bad recommendations to the account
Talk to your clients, advise them in advance that these suggestions are terrible and to ignore them

ETAs that outperform every RSA that goes up against it, STILL. We can’t justify pausing an ETA that has 1/4 of the CPA of an RSA.

and some other things that experienced PPCs like to ramble about.

We’ve established that you should not listen to a Google Ads Rep’s advice. So where is the best training for Google Ads and who can you trust? Here are some great paid and free resources you CAN trust:

Boris Beceric LinkedIn –
Miles McNair LinkedIn –
Brad Geddes LinkedIn –

God Tier Ads Google Ads Training Course from Ed Leake

@AaronYoungGoogleAds YouTube Channel
@PaidMediaPros YouTube Channel

@solutionseight YouTube Channel

And of course, us, The Online Advertising Academy

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Google representatives may prioritize hitting sales targets over ethical consultation with small business owners, leading to misleading improvements and potentially detrimental effects on their advertising performance.
  • 🔍
    00:00 Google rep reveals lack of experience, reliance on scripts, and potential harm to business owners, confirming suspicions of inexperienced juniors and “Sweatshop” environment. Collapse
    • The speaker discusses their experience working as a Google rep and being hounded by Teleperformance ads on Instagram.
    • The speaker applied for a job at Google on a whim, never expecting to get an offer, but the process went by quickly with three interviews.
    • The interview for a Google rep position focused more on sales experience rather than relevant digital marketing experience.
    • Google representatives are not necessarily experienced and may not have actual Google experience, despite claiming to be experts.
    • Google reps manage a shocking number of accounts, confirming suspicions of inexperienced juniors working in a Google ads “Sweatshop” and using auto dialers without looking at accounts.
    • Google reps often don’t put in much effort, rely on scripts, and can cause more harm than good for business owners who are not familiar with PPC management.
  • 🔍
    06:55 Google intentionally makes products fall apart quickly to increase sales, prefers third-party vendors for smaller accounts, prioritizes larger accounts over loyal smaller ones, and recommends changes to paused accounts that don’t make sense. Collapse
    • A billion dollar company like Google intentionally making their products fall apart quickly to increase sales in the short term, but it may hurt their reputation in the long run.
    • Google has a dominant market share and prefers to use third-party vendors to handle smaller accounts to cut costs.
    • Google reps prioritize larger accounts over smaller ones, even though the smaller ones have been loyal for years.
    • Google reps often recommend making changes to paused accounts, even though it doesn’t make sense.
  • 🚨
    10:57 Google reps are pressuring clients to schedule calls when pausing ads, and they prioritize client satisfaction over ad performance, according to a 13-14 year Google ads veteran. Collapse
    • Google reps are encouraging clients to schedule a call when pausing ads, and there is a new alert in the dashboard prompting users to do so.
    • Google reps can be desperate and panic when clients with strict budgets pause their accounts after hitting their numbers.
    • Google representatives prioritize client satisfaction, even if it means turning off ads to meet specific spending requirements.
    • The speaker has 13-14 years of experience in Google ads, working with various types of accounts, and does not want to promote anything.
    • The speaker discusses the importance of experienced PPCs posting good content and mentions various resources for online advertising.
  • 🔍
    15:45 Google and YouTube lack expertise, Google reps are not recommended as PPC experts, seek expertise elsewhere for improving Google skills. Collapse
    • Many YouTubers claim to be experts, but there is a lack of expertise in both Google and YouTube, with some videos having low views but high quality and others having high views but low quality.
    • The speaker discusses their discomfort with being on camera and their preference for writing content, while also mentioning the trend of featuring multiple people in YouTube videos.
    • Google reps are not recommended as PPC experts for beginners, and the speaker suggests seeking expertise elsewhere for business owners, in-house marketers, and agency workers looking to improve their Google skills.
  • 🎙
    19:20 The speaker discusses valuable PPC content on YouTube, the evolution of PPC chat on Twitter, and the benefits of attending PPC conferences over generic ones. Collapse
    • The speaker recommends following certain individuals on YouTube for valuable PPC content.
    • The speaker discusses the pros and cons of using Twitter, Slack, and Discord for PPC chat, noting that Twitter is more accessible and open source, while Slack and Discord have higher barriers to entry and are less active.
    • The speaker discusses the evolution of PPC chat on Twitter and how it has become a platform for beginners to interact with industry experts.
    • The speaker discusses attending conferences like SMX Advanced and Brighton SEO, expressing disappointment at the defunct hero conf and reminiscing about a past work trip to London.
    • The speaker prefers PPC only conferences over SMX because they focus more on in-depth discussions rather than buzzwords like AI and performance Max.
    • The advanced Google ads presentation is more beneficial for experienced individuals, while the generic one is more for decision makers and a way to attract clients.
  • 🚫
    26:01 Google reps are not trustworthy, as they confirm low pay and lack of digital marketing experience, with the main objective being to gather more data for AI training and increasing revenue. Collapse
    • Do not trust Google reps, and a list of trustworthy sources will be provided in the description.
    • Google rep confirms low pay and lack of digital marketing experience required for job, interviewee confirms and provides context.
    • Google’s main objective is to have advertisers adopt their best practices to gather more data to train the AI, with increasing revenue being a nice side product.
    • Google reps may not fully understand the impact of their suggestions on small businesses, and some employees eventually realize the reality of their recommendations.
  • 🚨
    30:02 Google reps prioritize hitting sales targets over ethical consultation, use scripted tactics to pressure clients into spending money, and optimization score is a worthless metric, so be proactive and educate clients to avoid falling for their tactics. Collapse
    • Google reps prioritize hitting sales targets over ethical consultation with small business owners, and some may not even be knowledgeable about the recommendations they give.
    • Google reps use scripted tactics to pressure clients into spending money on unnecessary services, and it’s important to educate clients to avoid falling for their tactics.
    • Optimization score goes up if you spend more money, but it is a worthless metric and just a checklist of things that Google recommends.
    • Be proactive with clients and don’t make changes without consulting, ignore scare tactics, and communicate with clients about third party vendor contact.
  • 🔍
    34:44 Google Rep discusses challenges of ad editing and effectiveness of new products, under pressure to balance company demands and user needs, with landscape of digital advertising changing due to privacy legislation. Collapse
    • Google representatives reach out to advertisers to gather more data for AI, but the performance of responsive search ads (RSAs) compared to extended text ads (ETAs) varies, with some ETAs outperforming RSAs in terms of cost per lead and impressions.
    • Google Rep discusses the challenges of editing ads and the effectiveness of new products, and the interviewer praises the transparency of the interview.
    • Google representative is under pressure to balance the demands of the company and its users, with the need to meet high standards and shareholder expectations.
    • The landscape of digital advertising has changed due to privacy legislation, forcing Google to adopt AI-driven campaigns like Performance Max, with no way back due to the inability to track user behavior.
    • Google reps have to answer to advertisers and only listen to complaints from multi-million dollar advertisers, with some big players pushing back on certain issues and Google making adjustments as a result.
    • Google reps may not always give good suggestions, so it’s important to be informed and make the right decisions.

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