Should You Listen to a Google Rep – Boris Beceric Shocking Tell All Interview

Written by onlineacademy

August 10, 2023

should you trust google reps boris beceric interview

Interview with Boris Beceric (Google Ads Expert) about hiring process of Google Reps, required experience, how many accounts they actually manage, and more shocking details we all suspected. Can you trust Google Reps? Should you auto apply recommendations? Do Google Reps Give Good Advice? and much more.

We also go on some rants about:

Google Reps know their suggestions are bad and will hurt most advertisers, but they don’t care, they want to get their bonus

We’ve proven Google Reps don’t make useful suggestions, so where should you learn Google ads from? Which experts can you trust?

Google has to answer to shareholders, not advertisers

Sometimes Google listens to us

Google Reps call clients and use scare tactics to get them to panic and apply bad recommendations to the account
Talk to your clients, advise them in advance that these suggestions are terrible and to ignore them

ETAs that outperform every RSA that goes up against it, STILL. We can’t justify pausing an ETA that has 1/4 of the CPA of an RSA.

and some other things that experienced PPCs like to ramble about.

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Video Transcript:


so uh yeah just been following the social media about this crazy Journey so pretty much you you applied to be a Google rep the the people that call us Non-Stop and tell us to spend more at Teleperformance technically the the call center they subcontract to do their dirty work and then also talk to somebody that worked there just to get to real I mean we’re all wondering like what does it take to work there what do they do how many accounts do they actually manage I I guess just tell us about that that craziness that you’ve been posting I mean those those were basically the questions I asked myself um and I got hounded um by Teleperformance ads on Instagram I got to a point where I just on a whim decided to apply I just wanted to see how far I could get in the process I never expected to get the job offer

because I put in all my real details my CV you know it would have taken them a like a Google search to find out that I was probably not gonna be interested in taking the job I don’t think they use Google there yeah well apparently not apparently not yeah but then the whole process went by super super fast so it was three interviews two with the HR lady the first was the initial phone screening um they just went over my motivation and if I was eligible to work in Spain um if it was if I was flexible enough to move there and the second one went into a bit more detail about my prior work experience it got fairly clear to me at that stage already that they weren’t interested in people actually um experienced in Google ads so all the questions basically were about sales experience how I did Under Pressure if I if I had prior work experience where I had to hit hard targets yeah stuff like that so did they ask anything about prior digital marketing Google ads specifically anything relevant to to marketing for to to work it uh to be a Google rep really

truth be told they did yeah we went through my we went over my CV and I explained to them what I did you know the prior agency experience the freelance experience that I had the types of clients that I work with um so that was yeah we talked about that but it wasn’t I I never got the impression that that was the main focus of the interview it was just okay he has prior Google ads experience that’s probably good do you have to have prior Google ads experience to work there I don’t think so okay um I don’t think so um don’t want to lie to you here but I think the job ad specifically stated that you don’t need prior Google ads experience okay they work on a trip there we’re gonna train you up and then put you to work okay yeah we all suspected it but it’s so shocking that the people that they call us very experienced PPC people and business owners and the people that call say I am your Google rep I work at Google well it’s their signature said Teleperformance probably because Google got sued uh but it’s at um and I don’t know if they got sued I’m not an attorney a disclaimer but I’m just guessing just for YouTube um but yeah everyone thinks this is Google Google is calling me this is an expert and the job you don’t need any Google Experience you just jump in and I I think you found uh I was I was re-looking over the notes the job this or when you got to the end of job they the Reps manage 330 accounts absolutely shocking I mean all

everything got confirmed like all this all the suspicions that we had basically got confirmed so that wasn’t super big surprise we all knew probably we were dealing with Juniors who didn’t have a lot of experience on the product they were basically working for Google ads Sweatshop yeah um speed dialing companies and trying to get them to opt into you know autoplied recommendations upping the budget uh setting up broad match stuff like that we’ve you know we’ve experienced that over and over again that wasn’t a big surprise but the big surprise was the sheer number of accounts that you have to work with over 300. yeah I I was guessing a hundred I figured it was a high number and you know they’ve got their auto dialer um I’m I’m guessing they didn’t look at accounts it just popped in uh because I I had ones that would call me it was a a car repair shop and they they’d go into a car dealership they just they skimmed it for half a second and say Let’s help that car dealership sell more calls you know or more cars it’s like this is a repair shop you know for the ones that did put a little bit of effort it’s like you didn’t even it is about cars but completely different goal if they even do that I don’t think they have the time to to Deep dive into the accounts probably if if I was to guess I I’d say they don’t have the time um it’s just sort by spend see how many recommendations people are already opted in did they get contacted previously what was the reply um and then just just call them up yeah 330 is that’s a crazy that’s insane to call that I mean I knew it was a big number and it was a call center and it was a script but that’s that’s so bad and unfortunately you know people that it’s a we’re PPC managers that’s our job we’ve been doing it for years we know better we roll our eyes it’s like what’s their script today but a lot of business owners don’t they say I you know I set up an account I spend a I spend 500 I spent a thousand wow Google’s calling me this is great and that’s when you when you see the posts on on Reddit hey I I got in contact with a rep from Google and he set up my account or he did supposed improvements and everything just tanked afterwards and I could never get it back to normal yeah that’s that’s what I don’t get is why a billion dollar company they thought this was a good idea and they can they’ve done this for many years I kind of thought it

what if Apple said the iPhone lasts too long make it fall apart in a month we’ll sell more iPhones and yes they will because if it lasts several years you you don’t always buy one but if it breaks in a month people will buy more initially and then long term they’ll say iPhone’s breaking a month don’t buy them and then they won’t sell them at all kind of like Google they’ll get a spike people will cancel and say Google doesn’t work I don’t understand the long-term play here we can only speculate right I mean it’s not that there are many options to choose from besides Google right I think Bing has has seen an uptick now with with um chat gbt and uh if you’re an Ecom obviously there’s always Amazon or meta but yeah they’re they’re just they they have the Lion’s Share of the market so you have no other choice but to go to Google I think and if if you’re dealing with over 300 accounts and the spend is between 1K to 5K a month um I don’t think you could you could go with dedicated reps I don’t think Google wants to go with dedicated reps that they employ themselves it’s a mean means for them to to cut costs it’s much much more affordable much cheaper for them to hire third-party vendors and have them call up you know the small accounts yeah

it’s interesting none of our big accounts ever get calls the bigger spans and I always wondered that why wouldn’t they go with that it’s always the thousand a month the 3 000 a month which we don’t even have that many of anymore they’re kind of the Legacy ones that you know from the agency side you know we don’t like the the fire the little guys they’re just grandfathered in but you know a thousand dollars a month that have been here for years and it just kind of it’s a small shop we get calls on that account a lot and our big ones they never email nothing is very strange to me I have no idea to be honest I couldn’t tell you yeah I always thought that was strange and then just this I understand now with with over 300 accounts it happens every single quarter I get a new account they call for an account that is paused it’s still in our MCC and you know the client uh you know the smaller ones they had to pause or they turn it on and off this is usually a little one um you know as to why they would do that but they they call me on an account that is paused and has been paused for several months talking about let’s work on this let’s work on that it’s like did you it’s it’s paused did you realize that that’s so funny so I I get that a lot on my personal account like it’s a little test account that I obviously every PPC specialist

has has their own test account and I you know I set up YouTube I set up all these different things just to mess with them and see if I can break them and how I can make them work yeah but usually like pretty much everything is paused so I don’t get the calls but I get emails hey Boris I’ve looked into your account and I’ve seen many points of optimization I’m like sure you’ve seen that I should unpause all my campaigns right

we’re here it’s in the recommendations these days as well like if you have past campaigns a lot of your campaigns are getting Impressions fix it have you seen when you uh we do this uh some of our accounts I have a very strict to the dollar um budget for clients that you know ten thousand dollars so a lot of times the 30th or the 29th they’ll get paused uh and we’ve already discussed it with the client saying hey you know it’s been another 100 or two but they’re stricts a lot of times maybe the 30th they’ll pause and they’re okay with that reset it on the first uh that’s just some unique clients but I don’t know if you’ve seen this inside the dashboard when you pause everything that alert comes up and it says schedule a call let’s work on it I’ve never seen that it’s it’s recent it’s if you pause everything it’s this Panic wait wait don’t pause schedule call Google rep will help you let’s talk about your optimization score if if you maybe try that in your small test account or if you do have or maybe just do it on a client for fun turn it off and back on really quick

there’s the pop-up now saying don’t pause schedule call right now no I’ve never seen that but I might try that on my personal one yeah yeah it’s just desperate that one’s new and I think that’s very desperate kind of you’re in the account it don’t pause call us and we’ll tell you to spend more turn auto apply recommendation on what exactly is going to to correct you and I this this was probably a year ago I had more aggressive reps that are in the rotation we would get calls or emails for for those clients with strict budgets on the 30th or the 29th we pause them they hit their number and they the Google rep is panicking hey this account is paused we let’s one of them said let’s get the client on the phone now and get him to turn it back on they’re missing clicks as if they cared

about clicks yeah the client is always right even some clients say you know we want to spend ten thousand a month and and we now have scripts that do it but when they hit that that dollar it turns it off and we’ve discussed this every single month saying hey you’ll spend ten thousand two hundred ten thousand three fifty you don’t want to not run on the last day of the month and a few of them I I don’t know maybe the CFO or accounting department they have they have a set dollar and they don’t like that you spent ten thousand two hundred and thirty seven or something it better be right on the dollar uh and we’re aware of that and the client’s aware of that and yep Google is it doesn’t like paused accounts

so yeah so good that’s that’s just crazy uh I want to shuffle back real quick we talked about some crazy Google stuff just to to give you uh you know a boost appreciate you doing this and all the attention I I guess we brushed over your experience but just tell everybody more about kind of your background PPC and and you know plug for your website or whatever you want to plug uh honestly I I don’t want to plug anything I mean I’ve I’ve been doing Google ads for I think 13 approaching 14 years now I’ve done everything from agency side client-side smbs two seven eight figure accounts some of the biggest brands in the world to like my own shabby little campaigns basically um nowadays I’m a freelancer I’m a consultant and Coach um and I think the best way to reach or get in touch with me is through Linkedin okay well I’ll put a link in the description uh or your website or anything like that when I want to give you some credit you’re too humble to to plug anything and and say you know buy my course today only sale in I don’t know I don’t have a course I don’t have a course I’m working on that though I’m thinking of working with it yeah yeah no we we need more more good ppcs to write courses there’s Pro there’s lots of people that just made one one weekend after scraping YouTube and you know that’s neat um but what more good ppcs uh to make them you know and some good content like I mentioned Solutions a you know they they have good YouTube

channel uh Stellar yeah yeah like um oh well actually we’ll go through that people are posting a lot more stuff but need need more good ones you know we we of course have online advertising Academy you know put a link in the description and then uh Falcon digital marketing is our agency that kind of feeds into the course uh and I won’t plug it anymore because I don’t want to do that uh just check the description for other things um but yeah just I like that an experienced PPC is is posting a lot of stuff and a lot more of them are because I remember when YouTube wasn’t as big of a thing it was conferences there was all the people that spoke at conferences you know there there’s uh Brad giddis you know he had I had the ultimate Google AdWords thing you know he stopped updating them but you know that gigantic book and you’d see him and you’d see all these Legends you know with 20 years of experience you’d you’d go to SMX and you’d go to you’d went to a conference and then all of a sudden yeah sure YouTube popped up and everyone’s an expert it’s like I’ve never heard of some of these YouTubers and then it’s like where SMX made a video like five years ago they kind of abandoned YouTube I wish they would do one or uh PPC Town Hall they’re regular I like them yeah um but I wish there’s there’s kind of YouTube experts that quickly throw out you know they quickly learn Google and throw something out and then there’s Google experts that I wish they would learn YouTube uh and try try to put them yeah yeah I don’t

know if you’ve seen something similar just we’re not good at YouTube so you know see a video with a hundred views best video I’ve ever seen the one with half a million kind of junk not good yeah I I’ve thought of of doing YouTube but I mean in my case I’d probably be a German Channel um so not sure if that’s going to be of an interest to you um but like all all the guys I’m in touch with and that I consider like good ppcers are active on LinkedIn not many of them yeah they’re they’re on their own YouTube channel I think it comes from at least in my case um from camera shyness basically um yeah so I’m personally I’m just much more comfortable um writing content and doing like the funny educational things something with memes I think you know there’s there’s something worthwhile um about being entertaining and still educating people at the same time um that’s sort of the the path that I found for myself and yeah I’m I’m I’ve been looking into doing more or doing YouTube um it’s just that it’s scary to put yourself out there I think yeah I I could understand that uh and you know most of the time actually I’m not in my videos uh more so I just don’t care to put my own face in it no offense to everybody where they are front and center um that’s that’s the way they want to do it and that’s fine but most of the time I just I don’t get the content out there I don’t think I’m hardly in any of my own content um I mean this one’s an interview so it wouldn’t really make sense to stare at I don’t know a dashboard or something we had to do that classic two people on Zoom uh that that’s all the rage right now but uh or four people no it’s always four people and then stuff at the bottom that’s kind of the thing yeah uh but I guess I just while we’re on this we’ll come back to the the insanity that is a Google wrap but we already got on this topic I mean totally yeah yeah for for people that which I don’t want a two-hour podcast where we ramble about nothing uh no offense to those podcasts

um I’m not gonna name anybody that’s someone else’s style that’s fine um but uh yeah we’ll come back to the craziness but for for people that that haven’t been in PPC forever or they they can’t tell an expert from junk I mean who who do you recommend who do you like as a PPC expert who is and we’re saying Google Apps it doesn’t work the beginners it’s a call center it’s like okay then where where do you go if if you’re a business owner you’re an in-house marketer you do work at an agency and you want to get better at Google oh there’s so many um I’m I’m totally gonna leave out so many deserving people but of course you name the solution eight guys yeah they’re great um they’re a must watch their YouTube channel is amazing yeah and I mean John John is he’s I think the brightest mind in PPC by far is brilliant yeah it’s scary like I’ve learned I’ve learned more in the last year just watching his videos than than I ever did before like when I was working on accounts yeah

I think that one’s his yeah that’s that’s a good one but also like his LinkedIn content is super valuable everything he does everything it does is great then of course there’s um miles McNair and Bob Meyer from PPC mastery solid guys super super nice guys valuable content I think for for beginners um Jill’s asking Gales is is a must follow um then of course there’s Amalia Fowler um Julie Friedman bikini PPC chat yeah PPC yeah PPC chat on Twitter um well they get moved to slack actually yeah yeah that’s that’s that’s another ongoing development uh be interesting to see um where that ends up like kind of like the slack I’ve seen it in there and it it stays there whereas Twitter it’s just it just Scrolls slack you can I I get message I post something a week ago and someone will do a a private message that’s kind of cool or Twitter it seems to once it’s posted it’s gone forgotten but I don’t think so though so the the pro the pros of Twitter are especially for PPC chat I think is that it’s so open source and accessible uh especially for the lurkers so people who don’t want to get involved but they can follow the hashtag right yeah so if if you move that away from from Twitter and to slack and or on to Discord um then the barrier to entry will be much higher you know to set up an account and people probably don’t want to be in too many slacks at the same time and I’ve seen it the slack isn’t as active

as Twitter and the Discord isn’t as active as Twitter um yeah so that’s a clear Con in my in my mind I love PPC chat met so many great people on there yeah PPC chat’s really good and I’ve been following that didn’t even know since it was Matt did it at at the time the PPC hero thing which I think they renamed it like three times brain Labs brought them or what a long time ago when they did PPC chat and Twitter when you got on it it was mostly just ppcs kind of talking technical stuff now it’s just flooded with everybody which is good and bad some solicitations but some beginners can just make a Twitter and and you’re right there with some of these people or a regular conference speakers or published or you’re right there talking with them that’s the good thing like you could totally hit up a Brett Gettys or or Mike Ryan and ask him ask him a question on Twitter and they answer it of course or maybe they’re excited but it’s answered who knows who knows I think it’s them I I really think it’s them because the I think it’s not I think so thank you you know they’ll reply and it’s an intelligent reply it’s like okay that’s that’s likely them or someone very knowledgeable in PPC which would be an interesting assistant to hire but uh it I I think it’s them yeah I think so too so that’s that’s good to see um do you do you follow the conference as much because SMX does have or uh Brighton SEO that’s the that’s more European uh on that side uh any any of those a lot of them a lot of them went online uh what are your thoughts on those I do I totally do SMX Advanced every time it comes around um there’s the one that’s free um every year I always do that um I wish there was still hero conf but that’s now sadly defunct I used to go there when I was still employed I you know all paid all expenses paid work trip to London that was amazing um I used to do SMX um but for my liking that’s a little bit too all over the place so I I much prefer

the PPC only conferences where you can really dig deep and you know talk to ppcs basically yeah um where whereas I think um the SMX one is more you know SEO social analytics PPC ugc and now the latest rate the latest Rage with you know all the chat Bots and Bard and chat gbt and stuff yeah yeah ai ai everywhere I think yeah sometimes they have to kind of play to that crowd they have to go with the buzzwords and it’s like can we talk about something besides AI or it’s like here’s another presentation about performance Max it’s like we’ve all read it and and many of us published our own things about performance Max it’s like we yeah we understand it but it it’s such a buzzword it’s like hey look performance Max and AI I mean kind of like saying big data in the internet of things you know and yeah we’re on web 3.0 because we all care um that’s more people outside of the industry use those words like I don’t think I say web 3.0 in in my day-to-day but yeah I mean they have to throw in those buzzwords uh the I like Advanced a little bit better the other ones it’s kind of Hit or Miss um and and that’s fine they need beginners or it’s the c-level people or the vice president of marketing will go see uh a Google ads presentation and just kind of get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on so it’s not it’s not a takeaway for someone that’s actively managing accounts and a lot of them and 10 years of experience but that’s more so for the decision makers and a lot of those speakers you know they’ll they’ll they’ll get referrals after that or people will

reach out after they speak at someone it’s a way to get clients and it’s like I I get that that makes sense but I understand what you mean sometimes as as someone experienced the generic one is is uh it’s not not as deep yep that’s why they have two um the advanced one the advanced people obviously yeah all right well yeah those are some good resources well I’ll post a bunch more stuff in the description because there’s a lot lists that that I saved that other people like I think miles did one a week or two ago just a good 30 people to follow uh Solutions eight yeah one uh so I’ll kind of borrow theirs and add some that we talked about some that I like um we’ll we’ll post a list down kind of who okay you can’t trust Google wraps we’ve established that very thoroughly it’s like who do you trust it’s like we’ll post that we’ll get not just say you can’t trust them good luck we’ll post who can you trust uh with that in the the bottom make sure there’s a follow-up um okay so it’s circling back to to help the YouTube algorithm I guess so okay yeah watch time I’m the I don’t know I’m a PPC I don’t know YouTube um so we we got the job you you don’t need digital marketing experience you manage 330 accounts that I wrote the goal is mostly the adoption of Auto apply recommendations uh optimization score so that uh pays 24 000 a year um which that is what it is that’s pretty low level so um I guess let’s let’s go into the questions because that that was the eye-opening thing of a job offer from them we could we could assume that’s accurate but the so that was shocking and then the other part the interview the anonymous interview was someone that worked there yup that that was Unreal I mean I just I I mean I grabbed a few bullet points what are some things that stood out from that to you I mean you did the interview

I think basically what stood out is that he confirmed everything that I’d written in the first post and he gave context so absolutely um the main objective for Google is to have advertisers adopt their so-called best practices so optimization score autoplied recommendations broad match stuff like that um but contrary to to popular belief it’s not just to increase Google’s revenue of course that’s a nice side product but that’s one of the points that stood out to me and his answer is the main objective is to gather more data to train the AI huh so so effectively if you think of it it’s like small advertisers footing the r d bill for Google yeah I think the big advertisers could take that hit you know if Geico waste fifty thousand dollars on performance Max for lead gen or some other terrible idea what do they care let’s go find out yeah exactly then at least they tested it and then they see if it works or it doesn’t work but that’s not gonna that’s not gonna put their business out of you know that’s not gonna put them out of business when they got some clicks I mean it’s something to to Nike and all these other Giants a t they get they got clicks from people that’s something uh but for you know a local plumber or something where the business is three

people and it’s family owned and operated it’s just it’s almost like how do you sleep at night that poor business owner took all the money they had and you ran it straight into the ground and now I don’t know they need to buy mailers or something or I well the Yellow Pages aren’t around anymore I don’t know Google didn’t work what are they supposed to it’s scary right yeah yeah we don’t we don’t know I mean that’s but also in in the answers I think the that Anonymous X Teleperformance rep said that most of the guys after a certain period of time in that organization realize what’s going on so even if if they didn’t have prior digital marketing experience they quickly get to grips with the reality of what they’re what they’re suggesting and then of course it’s it’s another story whether or not you try to be a bit more ethical about it or if you try to hit your quantity targets regardless yeah and I thought that was interesting uh one of the questions how do you justify that small business owners are only consulted based on consulted based on reaching internal sales Target I find that unethical and he just flat out said they don’t justify it they don’t care people will actually tell you to turn on auto reply recommendations on the phone either know it’s a bad move uh and they don’t care they just want their bonus rather than you know oh let’s get through that and make sure I quit for you but yeah but care more about their bonus than your marketing budget or they are unskilled that they they’re so unskilled they honestly don’t know that it’s bad they only have the information from Google I mean this is this is who is calling people two or three times a day um saying I you know I’m from Google kind of uh and I’m the expert listen to me you need to spend more it it just reminds me

of you know just a a shady car repair place now some of them are great and they’re honest some of them say this person doesn’t know anything about cars I’m gonna sell them three thousand dollars for some part I’ll just make up and they don’t know any better and we’re gonna make a ton or are there any business you want to make up you know people just uh taking advantage of people that that don’t know any better to make money yeah and it was it was also my hope in when I when I started this whole process of applying that I was gonna get some answers and I was going to be able to put them on the Internet and hopefully that was going to be my contribution to the PPC Community um you know for going forward and if people are being approached by third party reps you can always pull out this resource and send it to your clients and and be like hey sure we can talk to these people if you absolutely insist yeah here’s what’s going to happen and they’re gonna suggest ABC read my lips and sure enough every call it’s going to be exactly like that yeah because it’s just a script and and they do um call our clients uh when we don’t answer they call our clients and then you know most of that that’d be the advice talk to your clients in advance because Google will call them as official Google and make them Panic there’s red flags there’s alerts we have to address this it’s a crisis it’s everything’s on fire they use whatever wording they can and we’ve gotten calls from clients you know Google says everything’s broken we need to fix this Auto apply recommendation AI Big Data web 3.0 and just all this junk it’s like oh hold on hold on hold on okay let’s let’s luckily most of the time just a quick thing I say optimization score goes up if you spend more money it is a worthless metric it goes up if you dismiss it it is a worthless exactly exactly optimization score isn’t AI by any means by the way it’s just it’s just a checklist or going through all the dumb things that Google recommends have you set up a Wireless a RSA yeah have you have you

what have you I was losing my words here right um yeah the usual like the same script yeah um smart bidding another big one of course performance Max and the more points are ticked on that list the higher optimization score sure but it absolutely it’d be my recommendation for for every PPC specialist um listening listening to this or watching to be very proactive with your clients and tell them hey there’s a high probability that someone from a third party vendor is going to get in touch um please don’t make any changes without consulting me first because things are bound to get worse probably um we can you know talk things over and and see what what these people suggest and I’ll give you my my thoughts on that yeah yeah definitely uh I mean don’t fall to don’t fall for any scare tactics

yeah because they do use them so for business owners running it yourself or in-house marketers that that’s your job at a big company uh I mean they can mainly just ignore it there’s not really much to learn and then for ad agencies uh talk to your clients about it or Freelancers talk to your clients in advance so they know hey this is this is probably going to happen if Google official Google reaches out to you let me know yep so that’s that’s definitely a good Safeguard I mean I just I I can’t believe just looking at some of these these questions you know they had it that one was very interesting that it’s not just spending more money it’s Gathering more data for the AI which is kind of solutions eight thing it’s like what is Google doing with all of this data why do they have to feed their machine it it’s just yeah I was surprised that happened or switching switching uh extended text ads to responsive search ads etas to rsas yeah I mean that was a thing like two three years ago yeah when it was happening yeah

realistically that that would have given early adopters a quite nice performance boost probably probably but we we actually go against a lot of the mainstream things there’s a few accounts that have extended text ads still in them and we always test an RSA next to it and the RSA gets destroyed I I almost it’s almost embarrassing to the client like yes you still have an extended Tech stack but it every time the like for Legion the the cost per lead is triple if not quadruple on the RSA I I can’t justify pausing an ETA just deposit every we do a b tested in an RSA and some accounts have never beaten the ETA I’m seeing this a lot too to be honest I think it’s due to etas or you know they they used to have only two headlines then etas had three yeah I think they they’d been tested thoroughly a b tested for years yeah for you to come up with that specific ad that’s true so it’s a very old ad so it’s

it’s tested you can’t really you don’t need it and when you pin it because we’ve tried to duplicate it I’ll just pin it and make the same thing and that one the type that’s pinned to mimic it flops it’s like well I don’t know what to do yeah yeah same same thing here the other frustrating thing is that when you have an ETA and an RSA running next to each other the ETA gets so Little impressions compared to the RSA yeah it won’t it’s not even it’s not even funny anymore like even if Google is supposed to know the ETA is gonna murder the RSA it’s still not getting uh the majority of the Impressions so are some of these we we’ve tested rsas over and over and over probably for a year and a half some of them we just stopped putting rsas in there there’s only an ETA and as long as it will still get volume because that’s what a lot of experts have talked about suddenly you’re you’re just at your impressions tank but some of them still get volume and you know when it’s a a 10 CPA compared to an 80 CPA it’s like well I’m just gonna leave it in there until you stick it out sure so or until the client until client changes the website and suddenly you can change the this the final year you have to edit it oh man there it goes why do you have to do that yeah it’s like now or they’re like let’s run a special it’s like ah then I have to rewrite the ad it’s not for that 10 off coupon let’s not do it yeah but absolutely yeah it’s it’s unbelievable they just push new products or performance Max for a while which it’s been talk to death it has a place for some accounts that have a lot of test budget there are mature accounts that are running everything else probably e-commerce that’s kind of the the new conclusion not everybody and anybody should do it all day which is kind of how they launched it I tend to agree yeah we’re running it with some e-commerce with some success but they have to have the test budget uh but yeah uh and anyway uh we’ve gone a while here so just digress all the time yeah just just shocking to see all of this uh just thanks so much for for doing this and Publishing that I mean everybody’s thought about doing it but no one no one had the guts too and no one did it you finally did it and documented it at all I actually I can’t believe no one ever done this before or maybe they’ve done it and just never published I have no idea yeah well you know thanks for doing it and Publishing it want to make sure I see it gets a lot of comments and and retweets and repost keep the momentum going uh maybe the ads liaison reads her messages I don’t know um tag her um

she does she does [ __ ] okay oh like if if in defense of Ginny she’s great she’s really cute she’s forced into it she’s helped me oh yeah absolutely and and and the gripe that she gets and you know the hostility almost um during some of these amas she does on Twitter and Reddit um it takes thick skin I think to be in her position yeah now she’s absolutely she’s she’s doing a good job and her background is good I think she’s she’s kind of she’s having to answer to both Google wants to do things one way and everyone else that uses Google wants to do it another way and I hope they could bridge the gap more because it is it is a large and Loud outcry of a lot of problems that don’t make sense uh and they because they’re a billion dollar company and so many people’s businesses depend on being on Google they they do have higher standards and they have a lot to answer for if they want to be a smaller company and make a sub bar uh support and product that’s fine but it’s like well you’re Google so you have very high standards and we’re going to push you hard um within reason don’t harass them and go you know cussing at them but we should push hard and uh make sure things are taken care of

I don’t think Google has to answer to advertisers interesting he has so that’s that’s the discrepancy in opinion I think that’s that’s interesting to me because Google only has to answer to their shareholders and Google’s job is to maximize that shareholder value and Google’s job is to hit or exceed targets every quarter or forecasts um and I think that’s where where many of these frustrations come from because we’re still stuck in that world you know from like 10 years ago where it was so easy of course you had to know your stuff but it was easier it was much easier to pick the best 100 exact match keywords yeah do skag right compelling ad copy have a good landing page make money that’s not how it works anymore true and granted um it’s also due to a change in landscape and you know privacy legislation gdpr is a big thing has has been a big thing in Europe for for the better part of like five six years now yeah and I believe in the states there’s also legislation in California I think has pretty harsh laws regarding privacy it’s another story if everyone abides by these laws but yeah at least the laws are there yeah and um so they’ve been forced into into fuzzing up things quite considerably when it comes to conversion tracking and that’s where we get all the AI modeled conversions and yeah so the landscape has also changed and that’s what forces Google I think to

to force this this adoption of AI driven campaigns like performance Max I don’t think there’s going to be a way back no you you can’t go backwards and a lot of it is the privacy laws and uh you know Facebook ads people can comment on and and they comment it used to comment I hate this ad stop following now it’s this ad isn’t relevant to me why am I seeing it it’s like well because we can’t track you anymore the laws you put in place I have no idea what you’re interested in and you get remarketed for a product you bought It’s like because you have an iPhone and they didn’t know you bought it so yeah you’re gonna keep seeing it because you blocked it on your phone and your ad blocker funny how that works yeah I love that this ad isn’t relevant to me I don’t own a restaurant I don’t do this it’s like well I don’t know I just blasted it to a whole area because our tracking is gone but uh exactly yeah and the creative was the targeting these days so yeah so I mean they deal with it yeah they both took a hit on that and then they have to adjust uh and and that you know we could go on and on about that just kind of how I I would I would argue that’s their product and they they do have to end answer to advertisers because we’re the ones putting the money in you need a good product if you’re selling software if you’re selling physical Goods a service uh and and almost ignoring complaints to it to a point I don’t agree with that the Google rep issue has been around for a while uh and and the big players the agencies that are managing millions and millions they’re

frustrated with it and that’s you know I appreciate you doing this the digging into Google reps it’s like look this this is annoying please can maybe not call agencies or I’d argue just not do it at all but uh I think they do have to answer for some of it because that’s their product that that we’re pouring money into yeah see I I agree with many of the things that you said but they’re not gonna of course they’re they they listen to the complaints but they’re only going to listen to complaints if they come from multi-million dollar advertisers and I I think they have the partners program originally you’d lose your partner’s badge if you didn’t keep your optimization score and dismissing didn’t count and I think those million dollar players not us I guess very very large age I yeah I wasn’t at that one at that uh meeting but somebody with a lot of money and power pushed back because all of a sudden dismissing is okay and it originally wasn’t you would lose your badge so somebody pushed back and and Google said okay you can be a partner if you hit dismiss yeah yeah uh so it’s sometimes they listen if when they go a little too far and auto apply recommendation is optional uh I think some big players push back and that probably will stay optional uh and some of the other they’re still manual bidding I mean they they are meeting in the middle and I think as long as they don’t go too crazy with it they’ll they’ll keep people happy and it’s hard to just leave Google because where are you going to go um but I I think they’re meeting in the middle and I think just pushing we don’t have to to tag them and go crazy we could be professional but just things like what you did just just making this aware and safeguarding and balance it and handle again always handle it professionally and ethically but just keep it out there you know keep the knowledge going so uh marketing professionals and business owners alike can can be informed and make the right decision like hey this the Google rep suggestions really aren’t very good um just to be blunt and be aware of that

so I think that’s a good point to close it out uh everything we discussed put a bunch of links in the bottom kind of I think we established Google up suggestions aren’t good who do you listen to and get education from we’ll post it down uh be sure to follow Boris I’ll put some more info in there and uh just thanks so much for for doing this interview really appreciate it hey thanks for having me Chris no problems all right you have a good day thank you you too man bye bye all right everyone thanks so much for watching our PPC ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the Subscribe button uh like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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