SaaS PPC Campaigns What’s Working and When to Change Gears

Written by onlineacademy

December 6, 2021

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Studies show that consumers engage with 11.4 pieces of content before making a purchase. 

What campaigns are you currently using to sell your services? Are you tracking your ROI on your ads? What actions do you take based on the ROI that you see?

Learning about what works and when it is time to switch things up is an important part of your business success in advertising.

Keep reading to learn more about SaaS PPC campaigns:

What Is Working With SaaS PPC

There are several strategies that businesses use for SaaS PPC. There is no single strategy that works for everyone. 

Email marketing is typically used to generate leads and build relationships with consumers over time. When selling a subscription service, email marketing may be the main form of outreach to customers who have expressed interest in the product. This is also referred to as a funnel, where the first touchpoint is giving away something of value in exchange for an email – such as a free trial, free ebook or free webinar. The most common to use by far is a free trial. Users can test a limited version of the software, and then they receive a large amount of emails during the trial period, especially when it is about to end. Free trials are usually 10 to 14 to 30 days.

Utilizing email marketing as a funnel for SaaS PPC ads could lead to increased conversion if they are able to take action directly from the email or upgrade on their own later. 

Google ads have grown increasingly popular over the years and can work for businesses if they build campaigns that are ROI-focused. When you work with us, we use your ad budget to grow your business and profits through this approach. Website clicks aren’t helpful if they don’t convert into sales. You can setup tracking for Free Trial signups, and then also how many free trials purchased. This can be tracked back to top performing keywords, ads, and campaigns to calculate ROI.

When It Is Time to Change

How do you know if it is time to make a change in your campaigns?

Taking an internal audit of your ROI on your SaaS PPC campaigns will let you know if certain approaches are working or if you need to make a change. Typically, if you are spending a lot of money on PPC ads in one area and not seeing the return then a change needs to be made.

The change can be as simple as switching the medium that you are advertising through. Maybe return is low with your Google ads but really high on Facebook ads, so you can allocate more funds to the one that is doing better at the time to capitalize on the wave of leads. Constantly monitoring ROI will allow you to make these changes quickly and not lose out on funds in your valuable advertising budget.

Typically, you can track the sales journey through a CRM. You can see if your free trials are actually upgrading to paid plans, or how many people from the free webinar turned into clients, or how many free ebook downloads turned into paying customers. This gives you a better ROI per marketing channel than just lead generation and cost per lead, which only tell you about the first step of the journey, not the purchase.

Who Can Help

You can keep the marketing in-house, and PPC Ads Training like ours, or you can outsource the PPC ads to a agency. Either way, online marketing is complex and needs expertise – DIY or hiring an agency is a big decision.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read more about SaaS PPC campaigns and when to make a change, it is time to start building out your campaigns. The sooner you start testing, the sooner you will have data to optimize and boost ROI!

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