Renewable Energy Marketing: Can PPC Ads Help a Solar Energy Company?

Written by onlineacademy

January 6, 2022

ppc ad tips for solar energy

Do you have a solar energy company?

If so, you’re probably wondering how you can increase your leads and turn the random strangers on the internet into your clients. You might have heard about different digital marketing techniques but be unsure of how they apply to you. 

For instance, are PPC ads for solar energy companies worthwhile?

PPC ads often help companies expand their customer base. When implemented correctly, they can help pretty much anybody, including solar energy companies. 

But what are PPC ads, and how can they help you?

Below, we’ll answer your questions about how PPC advertising serves you. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are PPC Ads?

So, when we say PPC ads, what exactly do we mean?

PPC advertising consists of companies placing ads on search engine platforms, such as Google or Bing or Banner Ads on websites. Chances are, if you’ve searched on one of these platforms recently, you’ve seen these ads. They usually appear near the top of the page and have “Ad” written next to them.

But how do they work?

When you place an ad with services such as Google Ads, your advertisement will go near the top of the page when people search for services like yours based on the keywords you target in your account. This increases the probability that someone will click on the link to your website, where you will then have the opportunity to convert them into customers. 

These ads became known as pay per click ads (PPC) because you may a certain fee every time someone clicks through to your website. The price of the ads vary, but people often recuperate the cost and make a profit because of their featured spot on the search engine’s page.

Can PPC Ads Help Your Solar Energy Company?

Now that you know about PPC advertising, you might wonder how they help your solar energy company.

After all, it makes sense for businesses who offer their services primarily online to focus on this aspect of digital advertising. Can it also help a company that installs solar panels and other sun-powered devices into homes?

Absolutely! Nowadays, most people use search engines to find the services they need. Very few people scroll farther than past a few of the options that pop up on their screen. The farther down you are on the list, the less likely you are to get leads and new clients.

Yet, if you place PPC ads on search engines, your advertisement will stand out in the results. Since it can be difficult to rank well otherwise, many companies choose to place ads with these platforms.

With PPC ads, you can setup a Google Ads account, target keywords about solar so your ad shows when people search for these exact keywords, and then start generating leads.

Getting in front of people while they are actively searching for solar is much more effective than going door-to-door or using mailers. This is because your interested customers come directly to you, through an ad, rather than you trying to go to homeowners that may not even be interested in solar.

Ready to Get Started with PPC Advertising?

PPC ads often serve as fantastic lead generators for all companies, including solar energy businesses. It is easy to start with a small budget and then rapidly scale your lead generation. All of the tracking is right there to know exactly how many calls and leads and customers came directly from PPC ads. This makes growing ROI much faster and easier.

Even though they cost money, they help you get on the search engines fast, unlike SEO that can take much longer. This makes them a preferred method of advertising among many companies and has served all types of businesses well. Consider moving budget from other sales methods to a better ROI method of PPC advertising for your lead generation for solar.

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