Lead Generation Masterclass – Michelle Morgan Paid Media Pros Interview

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October 3, 2023

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Amazing new PPC expert interview with Michelle Morgan co-founder of Paid Media Pros, PPC speaker, writer, and also a great person!

We dive into very advanced lead generation strategies for enterprise-level accounts, to mid and small sized accounts for running PPC ads.

Here’s a few things we got into:

1. Adjusting bidding automation for lead gen specific campaigns

2. Feeding CRM data back into Google Ads campaigns to qualify leads

3. How to effectively bid on competitor terms or your brand

4. Lead Generation Master Class created by Michelle (with co-founder of Paid Media Pros Joe Martinez)

5. People complain that ads are Facebook aren’t relevant to them, but they don’t want companies to track them – pick one and stop complaining lol

6. Everyone sees “Hey Gym Owners, Fill Your Gym Fast” ads on Facebook – even if you don’t own a gym, thanks to Alex Hormozi 😎

7. That time I clicked on a restaurant coupon ad, now I get ads saying “Hey Restaurant owners, fill your restaurant fast” but I just wanted a coupon – I don’t own a restaurant…

8. Adjusting Lead gen campaigns for long sales cycle or short sales cycles

9. Why don’t sales people put notes in the CRM!?

10. Advanced remarketing for lead gen

11. Closing a deal – how much is on PPC, how much is on the sales team?

12. Connecting a CRM to Google Ads can make Performance Max for lead gen work, sometimes

13. Humans are still needed to run PPC campaigns, regardless of automation and Ai

14. Adding a value to leads to help machine learning, not the exact ROAs, just what a lead is worth to you

15. Sometimes you have to manually review leads, lead sources to review quality of leads

16. Don’t pull reports on the first, it’s not accurate because the last day or two of the month aren’t finalized in the data. Pull reports on the 3rd or 4th for more accurate previous month’s data

17. and a lot of other things, Michelle is a brilliant PPC expert!

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Timestamped summary
Optimizing lead generation and tracking methods in PPC advertising is crucial for success, especially with changes to tracking methods and the impending disappearance of cookies.
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    00:00 Lead generation campaigns face challenges with new tools and Google ads generating low-quality leads, prompting the need for expert tips and advice. Collapse
    • Michelle Morgan, a PPC advertising expert, has launched a lead generation masterclass course and shares tips for lead generation, starting with Google.
    • Lead generation campaigns face challenges with new tools and Google ads generating low-quality leads, prompting the need for expert tips and advice.
    • Lead generation campaigns need to focus on feeding the top of the funnel in order to have success at the bottom, and certain strategies that work well for e-commerce may not work as effectively for lead generation.
    • Lead generation can take a long time to see revenue, and there are mixed opinions on feeding CRM info into performance Max for lead generation.
    • Evaluate the quality of leads generated by PPC and consider feeding CRM data back into the platform for lead generation.
    • Google is making updates to Performance Max, and it’s important to feed the platform your first-party data for lead generation and tracking purposes.
  • 🔍
    08:08 Advertisers need to adapt to the decline of clickbait and the impact of regulations like GDPR, focusing on alternative tracking methods, segmenting audiences, and utilizing data for effective lead generation and nurturing. Collapse
    • The speaker discusses the gradual decline of clickbait and the impact of regulations like GDPR on audience reach in paid media.
    • Cookies will eventually be replaced by other tracking methods, but with the use of ad blockers and VPNs, advertisers may not be missing out on reaching those who decline cookies or have a heavily locked down online presence.
    • Not losing potential customers who only use Reddit for organic posts, and make sure to feed CRM data back into the platform.
    • Addressing the importance of segmenting audiences and tracking revenue data in advertising to effectively nurture and bring users through the sales funnel.
    • Conversion tracking is important for lead generation, and having more data from native platform conversion tracking and CRM can improve performance, especially for B2B Enterprise clients using Salesforce.
    • Data helps direct budget and attention to effective touch points and micro conversions, but segmenting and tracking all touch points back to advertising platforms can be complicated.
  • 🔑
    13:44 Upload all stages of the funnel to Google within 30 days, track and optimize campaign ad group keywords and ad creative for lead generation on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and consider utilizing the target ROAS bidding strategy for better optimization. Collapse
    • You can only upload to Google within the past 30 days.
    • Upload all stages of the funnel for longer sales cycles, track data in an Excel spreadsheet for optimization, and having it in a spreadsheet is not necessarily worse than having it in the platform.
    • Track and optimize campaign ad group keywords and ad creative to feed back into automation for lead generation on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
    • The speaker discusses the importance of quickly turning leads into qualified leads and the challenges of optimizing for different account sizes.
    • Segment out the performance and tell Google the different values associated with your leads and MQLs, and consider utilizing the target ROAS bidding strategy instead of just using Target CPA.
  • 🔍
    18:14 Understanding lead value and target CPA, automation considerations, and building full funnel ad campaigns for high revenue industries with specific keyword targeting and prospecting campaigns. Collapse
    • Understanding the value of each lead and assigning a value to different conversion actions can help determine the target CPA and optimize lead generation efforts.
    • Automation for lead generation needs to consider the time lag between lead generation and sales, and manual review is necessary to ensure accurate optimization.
    • Pulling client reports on the first of the month is not accurate as it takes a few days for platforms to calculate and adjust for sales, leads, and other factors.
    • The speaker discusses the process of building a full funnel ad campaign for a specific industry with high potential for revenue, focusing on search campaigns for high volume and high intent keywords.
    • Searches for specific solutions or features indicate bottom funnel intent, while problem-focused searches and those looking for specific features or benefits are also considered bottom funnel, with the call to action for these individuals likely being further down.
    • Target potential leads using demo requests, free trials, and high mid-funnel keywords, as well as custom segments in Google ads for non-brand keywords and competitor sites, to create prospecting campaigns for display and YouTube.
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    27:27 Competitor bidding should only be done if you can offer something better, train staff to avoid it, target the right people on different platforms, and be mindful of privacy regulations for effective lead generation. Collapse
    • Competitor bidding is more bottom funnel and should only be done if you can compete and offer something better than your competitors.
    • Clients in various industries, such as home services, can benefit from paid media by standing out and stealing traffic from bigger companies through strategic advertising.
    • Train your staff to not bid on competitor keywords, as it can result in wasted time and low-quality leads, especially for Enterprise level businesses.
    • Bidding on competitors and targeting the right people on different platforms is important for lead generation.
    • Privacy regulations have made targeted ads less effective, leading to frustration for both advertisers and consumers.
    • Poor targeting in online ads can lead to irrelevant ads being shown to the wrong audience.
  • 🎯
    34:22 LinkedIn is better for B2B targeting with first party data, while Facebook can still be effective with a larger budget, but it’s important to create relevant content and build a robust funnel for lead generation. Collapse
    • LinkedIn is better for double layering and triple layering with first party data, while Facebook is not as good but can still be effective with a larger budget.
    • LinkedIn targeting is great for B2B, but it’s not bottom of funnel, so a softer call to action and funnel building is necessary, as many users are not actively looking for your product.
    • Create appealing and useful content that is relevant to the audience’s needs, rather than promoting your own agenda.
    • Industry reports and easily digestible content like infographics and checklists are effective for lead generation, while higher level actions like video ads and newsletter subscriptions can be used for awareness play.
    • Lead generation involves creating a robust funnel by targeting the right audience with lower cost touch points, and it’s important to work smarter and beat competitors rather than just showing up where they aren’t.
  • 💡
    39:06 Directly book demos or calls with salespeople to generate leads, focusing on high-value leads through direct sales team ads may result in higher CPA, but it’s important to have realistic expectations around cost per lead and profitability, and to build out a full funnel for complex software accounts. Collapse
    • Directly book a demo or call with a salesperson to generate leads, even though it may result in higher cost per lead.
    • You can choose to focus on high-value leads through direct sales team ads instead of using ebooks and webinars, but it may result in higher CPA.
    • The biggest thing is having realistic expectations around the cost per lead and profitability, as there are options to either build a funnel or lower lead costs while still being profitable.
    • Micro conversions are fading away, and the best tactic is to build out a full funnel for complex software accounts.
    • Simplify and tailor your marketing approach to match the level of complexity needed for different products or services, and consider building out a funnel for a longer process with higher cost per lead.
  • 👩‍💼
    43:45 Michelle Morgan and Milwaukee PPC are paid media experts offering courses and additional training, with more content available on their YouTube channel and website. Collapse
    • Find more content on paid media pros’ YouTube channel and website, including their course, with new courses coming soon.
    • Michelle Morgan and her business partner, Milwaukee PPC, are experts in paid media and offer courses, with links to their social media and additional training provided in the description.

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