How to Write Google Ads Using ChatGPT AI

Written by onlineacademy

January 13, 2023

ChatGTP Writes Google Ads

Learn how to use ChatGPT to write your Google Search Ads. This amazing AI has so many uses, but many PPC ad professionals and marketers are finding how to use ChatGPT for online marketing. We’ll show you in this tutorial how to get started.


Quick Summary of What You Will Learn:

1. How does ChatGPT work for Google Ads.

2. Google Ads best practices for writing RSAs (Responsive Search Ads)

3. How to generate ad copy from ChatGPT to use in your Google Ads.

4. Is ChatGPT safe to use for Google Ads? Or Online Marketing in general?

5. Best way to use ChatGPT for PPC Ad Management – Pros and Cons of this Open AI


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Video Transcript:

okay in this video we’re going to go over how to use chat GPT to help you write your Google ads there’s a lot of talk about chat GPT and you know is it replacing SEO is the AI replacing uh how you write Google ads or how to manage Google ads with chat GPT and all this other stuff we’re going to show you how to actually use the AI it’s gotten a lot of hype so we want to jump in and talk about it

so first off if you’re in your Google ads account this is a a great option if you’re having trouble copywriting or you’re you’re managing accounts for other people or um your it’s your own account and you’re just a little stuck maybe writing’s not your best thing so we’ll jump over to chat GPT for Google ads specifically even though I could really do a ton of different stuff we’re logged in here I mean it has examples you could put in all kinds of different things so uh you can just do a quick one this is great if you’re you’re managing Google ads for clients and it’s something you don’t know a lot about maybe it’s a new account or you just need more ideas on ad copy so we’ll just type in right 10 Google ads for plumbers or you could do Google ads for attorneys or roof companies or software or a doctor or whatever it is just to to generate some ideas so then it’ll it’ll start pulling up different options uh now remember this this is it’s possible that it scraped it from somewhere else so you you don’t want to copy and paste this exactly the way it is this is for generating ideas I mean um

can chat GPT write Google ads no not exactly it can’t do the the entire thing it more gives so ideas this isn’t taking into account all the different character limits and it doesn’t really say um is is this chat GPT writing Google ad headlines or is it writing uh descriptions for Google ads what position is it in is it uh I mean technically you use responsive search ads now because that’s the new format but this is just to give you some ideas so you can have it you have need a plumber fast calls 24 7 for emergency service so that’s a good one a lot of times people will need a plumber fast 24 7 emergency service if your plumbing company does that that’s a great option uh this is this is kind of a question answer which we talk about this in our our master class training how to write a lot of different ads to to speak to people this one’s a question answer problem solution uh leak causing problems our licensed plumbers can fix it

kind of that it’s asking you a question directly this could be a good headline if you can adjust it to fit our licensed plumbers that’s your credibility making sure they’re legit or you can add a plus uh Better Business Bureau if that’s relevant our licensed plumbers can fix it kind of here’s your problem here’s the solution click on the ad uh want to upgrade your plumbing free estimates that see the system’s not perfect that might be for a plumber that redoes bathrooms or can install something different or adjust the the shower put in a double sink or something like that so if you if you don’t do the upgrades or the remodeling or something like that you’re more of a fixing plumber or your client is for for Google ads and that that wouldn’t work um don’t let it clog drain ruin your day call us now I mean that kind of has some emotional appeal and it’s it’s personal

language uh so that could be an option just you know clogged drain ruin your day call us now we can fix it actually our license plumbers can fix it so you can kind of pick and choose from that uh that’s another need a new faucet or fixture that might be more of an upgrade high water bills that’s kind of an upgrade I mean repairs or water softener possibly uh upgrade to a tankless water heater so it it kind of mixes the the repair ones with emergencies and stuff like that or um actually this one’s kind of boring wide range of plumbing services call us today that’s that’s very generic so some of these are good ideas you can test them you see it has kind of question answer or it has some urgency on that 24 7 emergency plumber it does have other options if it’s a plumbing service to upgrade things or over here I’ll just show you we did a another one to look at some different ad copy just throw it in for attorneys so if you have a client that’s an attorney you need some different ad copy options or you’re

running Google ads yourself want some DIY options uh chat chat GPT can help you write Google ads uh just not exactly cut and paste so you got need legal representation our experienced attorneys can help call us today that’s a pretty good one you’ve got question answer again which is a really cop a really popular ad copywriting thing for Google ads injured in a car accident let our skilled personal injury attorneys fight for you so you’ve got very personal charged language here you’ve got kind of here’s the problem here’s the solution we’ll fight for you that that’s really common here or phrasing criminal charges for a criminal attorney something like that so we can um yeah starting a business we can help you there being sued litigation attorneys it’s kind of what the what the problem is and then the solution right here so that’s really copy a really popular ad copy option for Google ads so uh chat GPT writes some pretty good ads for Google ads I mean these are good options they’re just not really

cut and paste you might want to edit them a little bit so you’re not ripping off somebody’s ad or someone else’s headline they’re just meant to give you ideas so jumping back over to Google ads this is our test account we do all of our training examples in here a lot more training you could see we show how to set up a search display a lot of different things this is just a test account that’s why it’s nothing in here we use it in our master class but you jump into here and just create a new ad a responsive ads the new thing that got rid of extended text ads uh last year so you have to switch to that so just go in uh creating an ad here so you put your URL in we have different training uh in our in our class and some on the YouTube channel for free about how to write better Google ads and responsive ads so we won’t get into all the details we just want to focus on uh chat GPT to write Google ads right here or at least get ideas for

Google ads so come in here uh we’ll get some headline ideas description ideas a really thing easy thing to do is just grab all these and throw them into an Excel or notepad or Evernote or whatever you use and and piece them together there and then put them into your actual Google ad to see what you get after generating all these ideas so we’ll just throw them into notepad real quick and then jump back over to Google ads so I mean you could do Excel or whatever you prefer it doesn’t really matter so we’ve got some different options we don’t want the quotes that doesn’t work but let’s just grab some of these and see what we can do with the headline so need a plumber fast call US 24 7. this one’s cut off so we’ll probably have to do still doesn’t work there we go need a plumber fast call 24 7. so see it’s not identical to what was in there but that still makes sense you don’t need a need a polymer fast call 24 7. so you got a really good headline that has a call to action and some urgency we prefer to pin these so like that one we only want in position one you can pin all three rather than it rotating like crazy and usually with these you’ll want to do title case so you just capitalize the first letter of letter of every word and then you could put in some

other options here so I’ll just see what else is good in here uh free estimate is good so we offer free estimates that’s good for really any Home Services uh actually that one I want in second place here and then for the third headline um for this particular one if if you want to do a b testing kind of the original way but adjusting to responsive ads you would just do your three headlines and pin them and then do a different version with three other headlines pinned the other option if you prefer to to just write a bunch of headlines you could write a bunch of headlines and just do one ad and let Google’s automation rotate it I mean experts debate this it’s just really whatever is getting results whatever’s getting leads and a good Roi we usually just do the three headlines and two descriptions and do two different ads to a B test so see if there’s anything else uh for the headline not really I mean we kind of used up everything we want here so kind of you know license is good maybe we can take that and remember when you click on this Google also gives you some

options so uh well these aren’t very good actually this is why you know chat GPT is usually better than Google find the right plumber get a plan these okay these aren’t good uh we’ll just do local affordable license just some more credibility things uh local affordable license you could do a plus BBB something like that some good options here a lot of times the third headlines cut off anyway it even shows that in the preview so the first first two we’ll go ahead and move that the first two are really the better ones so you can’t always get all of your your Google ads ideas from chat GPT but it does give you some good options so we’ve got that we could probably grab a good description these are more like descriptions I mean again you told it to chat GPT to write Google ads but you can see here it doesn’t really tell you if it’s headlines the description the character limits uh this is not going to take into account the any type of Google ads policies or anything like that it just kind of spits out stuff it’s AI it’s not perfect but um let’s see if we can find something that that’d be a good description so we could grab this one uh this is not too bad a wide range uh in in this case I mean kind of kind of wide range uh offers let’s see it’s

actually fits in here we’ll just edit it a little bit that’s that’s kind of boring so I’ll just edit this uh we provide a wide range of plumbing services and repairs we can fix it fast that’s a little bit better because I have a wide range it didn’t really specify what it is whatever the issue is we can fix it uh get it get it fixed now something like that so it would kind of kind of use that to get some ideas but then edit it to actually be a better Google ad and uh prefer this one probably going to pin it and then description two also gets cut off sometimes so we’ll just we can figure out what to write here so this particular one we used emergency so there’s not really this this it’s a sense of urgency if someone actually typed that or did something like that so these other ones we could do a different ad variation if they’re wanting to upgrade their plum or a leak causing problems our licensed plumbers can fix that schedule regular maintenance try to high water bills let us fix the leaks and repairs kind of there’s a there’s an ongoing problem and they really need to get a plumber out soon and the faucets are really low pressure or the water bills are high because the toilet’s always running it doesn’t stop so it’s not extremely urgent so some of these other ones would be a good option for that there’s a you can even use the wide range of it

for two different ads you can do the tired of high water bills because if something’s leaking or constantly running it’s gonna take a ton of water so these could be good options for for other issues it’s actually this one’s pretty good uh the clogged drain don’t really know what it is so this one we’re actually going to use a couple of different options and rewrite it actually switch to the clogged drain one so I’ve got it in here just do a quick edit so just do a quick uh rewrite on this because it if you’re matching it up to your keywords it’s probably just plumber or emergency plumber or something like that so we’ll just do a don’t let clog drains broken toilets or leaking pipes ruin your day call right now so we just listed out a bunch of things I like to ruin your day uh and we could come in and fix your day and make your day better so don’t let a bunch of different things ruin your day call a plumber right now they can fix it and you know help your day not be ruined so just a quick idea I mean uh chat GPT can write some pretty good Google ads and give you some ideas but it doesn’t spit them out automatically so that’s that’s some good uses uh of different you know everybody’s talking about marketing with chat GPT and

Google ads even SEO uh I mean it it can do some things and it gives you some ideas it’s just hasn’t exactly replaced humans yet but you can see if you’re if you’re running Google ads for a client or you need um you know different ad copy ideas and you’re you’re stuck it does have some good options you could just keep typing things in here and see what it comes back with maybe like part of this or part of that use one of these lines or something you know question answer all these different formats for for whatever it is you can just put it in here it’ll work for for any industry any Niche any business and get some ideas uh and then come back come back to your actual Google ads campaign and you’re gonna need to edit them but it does give you good options especially if you’re not the best at writing ad copy or you want to a B test some new Google ads get some new ideas if you’re stuck or if you’re managing it for a client where you don’t really know the industry that well on their websites not the most helpful so as we say in our other training ad strength ignore that it just it says add more headline include more keywords blah blah blah just do what

Google says uh just ignore it there’s no evidence that it affects conversions conversion rates lead Quality Sales Roi it’s just another Google thing whereas you do what Google says and you get a high score if you don’t you don’t get their fake score so ignore ad strength that’s useless just focus on just does this get leads what’s the conversion rate if not write a different one keep a b testing to make sure the account has a good Roi so hopefully that helped you get some more Google ads ideas with chat GPT and if you want to check out more training just jump down to the description below or post comments you have any questions thanks for watching all right everyone thanks so much for watching our PPC ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the Subscribe button uh like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video


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