How to Setup New Google Ads Account Without an Ad Campaign

Written by onlineacademy

May 9, 2022

How to Setup Google Ads Account Without Campaign 2
In this training video we’ll go through a step by step tutorial for setting up a new Google Ads account, but without having to first setup a new ad campaign. This is also referred to as setting up Google Adwords in Expert Mode. 

Getting started with your new Google Ads account is a great way to access many PPC advertising features within the Google Ads dashboard. Whether you are setting up the Google Ads account for yourself, or for a client to run ppc ads for someone else, this guide will show you an easier way to get started if you are not ready to setup a campaign just yet. Most people prefer to go through some kind of Google Ads training, online course, or hand over the control to an agency before actually running the ppc ad campaigns inside of Google. 

While Google does have some tools for beginners and basic dashboards that setup basic campaigns, most people would prefer to take control by switching to Expert Mode inside of the Google Ads dashboard. Most of the Google Ads strategies on YouTube or blogs are showing guides inside of expert mode, not the basic campaigns you are forced to setup during the new account setup. There are many features that are in expert mode that are not in the basic mode. We highly recommend to switch ASAP so you can get a much better ROI from setting up more advanced Google PPC campaigns. 



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