How to Scale Google Ads Campaigns – Expert PPC Ads Framework – Ryan Baker Interview

Written by onlineacademy

August 30, 2023

YouTube Ryan Baker Interview

New interview discussing advanced Framework for Scaling Google Ads Campaigns with Ryan Baker from Kingly Consulting (agency overhaul program, Google ads coach).

Mostly on topic, but we did go into some random tangents:

1. When you Google search an expert BUT they don’t exist outside of their Clickfunnels landing page 🤣

2. Stupid Facebook ads that need to go away 🤑

3. Blue Ocean strategies in Google Ads

4. Market journey path – how to apply it to your ppc ad campaigns

5. Are personas and avatars useless? Should you even make them anymore?

6. Reticular Activation in marketing
-Know, Like, Trust, Mere Exposure Effect

7. Lead magnets for ad agencies that actually work

8. Other stuff

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