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September 28, 2022

YouTube - Google Ads for Realtors

Learn how to get more high quality real estate leads with our amazing Google Ads for Realtors guide. This training will go over the best strategies for real estate agents to use Google Ads. We’ll explain how to get started, how Google Ads work, and the best tips for launching a new Google Ads campaign for a Realtor.

Learn more in the video training here, these are the best Google Search Ads strategies:


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Video Transcript:


okay in this video we want to show you how to do Google ads for realtors so this is going to go through an actual Google account to show you how to get your ads to show up on Google if someone searches houses for sale near near me or realtor uh or they’re looking to buy a house in particular ZIP code or neighborhood how to get your ads at the top so they click and go directly to your site and hire you to buy or sell their house so there’s a lot of info out there about Google ads for real estate agents who wanted to clear that up and show you how we do it at Falcon digital marketing and what we teach in the online advertising Academy so you’ll know how to do it the right way so your Google ads generate real estate leads not just get a bunch of clicks you’re getting actual leads and you’re getting actual clients from your Google ads so let’s go ahead and jump in now

so we’re inside of our Google ads test account this is what we use in our training to just show different examples and walk you through inside actual Google ads account so so if you’re wanting to do Google ads for a realtor then this is how you would get started so just the basic one you would do a Google search campaign uh if you don’t have an account we have a different video on how to set up a Google ads account but if you do you just jump in here click on new campaign and Google is changing their automation all the time there is automated bidding you can set it up a lot of you have partly probably experienced this you set on auto bidding and it doesn’t do what it says it’s going to do so we recommend creating it manually without all the guidance Google’s always testing new automation most of it honestly isn’t very good uh just go to search so you’re on when people type in different keyword searches it’s the most effective for lead generation for real real estate agents so we’ll click on that different different training for setting up the conversions this is if someone submits a form or calls you from your website you want to have that set up to track all of your leads and then more automation this doesn’t really matter and then search just whatever you want to call it search

Houston search Dallas search realtor leads this is internal so you just call it whatever you want then click on continue now depending on how new your account is it may default to automation so try to get the most conversions optimize for clicks isn’t very good because then it just goes what if whatever is getting clicks regardless if it’s getting leads so it can burn your entire Budget on something that didn’t get a single lead so you can start with conversions and Google will attempt to maximize conversions it always words it and even has a green check that it will always work it it it’s trying to get more leads it can fail and waste all of your money so uh with manual bidding you have the option to evaluate quality leads when Google does the automation it’s going to go with whatever keyword it’s getting the most leads so it might be a keyword that brings in a lot of leads but they’re very bad leads Google cannot tell the difference between a quality lead and a bad lead so if you switch to manual you can do that so if you’re showing up for competitors names or you’re showing up for not the types of leads you want or outside of your city or outside the neighborhoods you work Google doesn’t know the difference so manual bidding can still be a good option you’ll have to switch it after you set up the campaign because they they took away the option here it’s just a little bit too good so then you would click next and we don’t want to show everywhere all at once so uncheck

Display Network just show for the search ads and the search partner Network which are some other smaller search engines they partner with and then you’ll pick your area so you’ll go in here you’ll want to select the location now with um ads for housing their new policy you can’t get that specific like you used to and do maybe a neighborhood or exact zip codes because Google updated their privacy policy but you can still do large areas so you would go into maybe Target Houston for example so you can Target the city and then click on advanced search and you can see here the uh like most cities Houston’s the zoning is kind of strange you see all these triangles so a lot of times you can do a radius and if you do a big enough radius you’re still compliant with their policies you can’t do a one mile radius you can’t do zip codes you can’t do these very very specific things anymore like you used to be able to but you can still do a pretty large radius in your compliant with Google ads policies for housing or for Real Estate Realtors or real estate agents you can see here if you put on a radius or maybe even expand it to a much larger one you can get whatever area you work or you can drop in a pin and then it will give you a radius of there maybe you don’t work exactly that area you work these suburbs up here in Waller or

Hempstead or Magnolia so you can you can put on the pin maybe near your target air area or do a large part of the city just remember you can’t do very specific anymore for Google ads for realtors they updated privacy policies so if you see a YouTube video saying Target zip codes or Target uh neighborhoods that’s out of date you’re not allowed to do that anymore but you still can Target pretty close to your area so no big deal there and then on the location options make sure to expand this and switch it to presence you want people in or regularly in your targeted location people that show interest that’s going to show all over the country actually all over the world so you don’t want to waste your budget on people that are trying to search for houses in their area but they search for Houston one time a month ago so they get thrown into the mix and your ads only people located in your specific locations it’s going to default to English audience sections these are their segments these are all different options Dynamics more for e-commerce so don’t worry about that go into more settings if you’re going to a B test your ads manually we want to see what brings in good leads and what doesn’t again just turn off the automation if you’re going to manually control everything add schedule uh usually you can go 24 7 people can always leave a message or fill out the form or for some reason you need strict hours you can put in your exact hours maybe if you answer the

phone yourself if you’re a solo realtor or something like that but typically 24 hours is fine and then click next so inside of our training program we go into a lot more detail on how to do Advanced keyword research and write out ads but we’re going to give you a quick sample if you want more training it’s down in the description below but you can put in your website or different products or sorry services and in this case people searching for houses or realtors in your area but the biggest thing with keywords you want to stick with specific keywords and then put them in quotes this is called phrase match if you do broad match just you know houses for sale near me or something like that broad match means it matches to those words or words that are slightly related to it so another Google recommendation that’s that’s pretty terrible and will waste a lot of budget they say do smart bidding and put on Broad match problem with broad match uh you’re going to match to how to become a realtor what is a realtor how much do realtors usually make um maybe you know what our house is selling for in my area which is more looking for comps so broad match is extremely broad match we highly recommend to not do it focus on phrase match or even exact match which just means you uh put it into brackets so this helps it match closer to exactly what you put in um actually do listings with the nest would probably be better but uh it it matches closely to these

words it’ll do slight variations but broad matches is going to match for hundreds of things that are not what you’re looking for so this is typically what you do just the houses for sale near me or buy houses with zip codes and suburbs and neighborhoods and you could just put in one ad group to start with if you’re a beginner or if you’re more advanced you can match up different ZIP codes in the keywords and then in the ad or even in the landing page so it matches a little closer but you don’t have to do that if that’s to advance for you just stick with houses for sale or buy houses in you know ZIP code or neighborhood or whatever it is you can also do a separate ad group for just Realtors a lot of the bigger websites will bid on this but sometimes you could do uh you know find a realtor in 77070 or specific zip code so someone looking to hire a realtor right then and there could be a good keyword as well a lot of Realtors forget this when running Google ads for Real Estate you forget about just bidding on the word realtor I mean it’s not always sell my house or houses for sale or buy a house just realtor and Google ads can work as well so next part the

ads uh these have changed if you if you haven’t been in here a while uh the new one the responsive search ads it has more automation or you can switch to manual so you’ll just put in your final URL where exactly it’s going your your uh real estate landing page and then the display it can show something else it’s not actually a URL but it’ll pop in at the end of the um the ad just to look better and then the biggest thing with these is you can put in multiple headlines and it will rotate all of them which is okay if you want to manually control exactly how your ad shows up so you can a B test it which is what we recommend you can use this new PIN feature so you could say show only in position one show only in position two and then in position three that way uh it doesn’t put call us today at the beginning so it says call us today best Houston Realtors find your dream home that’s how okay but usually the call to action wouldn’t you wouldn’t want call us today at the very beginning you didn’t even say who or what you are so when it rearranges the order uh sometimes it can have some weird combinations so pinning it is a good option same thing with descriptions I

sometimes the second description gets cut off so you can just use the pin feature and the most important thing can be in the first part we have a lot more training in the description link below on how to write ads and a b tests just want to give you a quick sample of something you throw in here just try to get the keyword in there something that speaks to people that pops out in the headline you know best Houston Realtors and then just establish credibility if you’re a plus Better Business Bureau if you have Awards been in business for 20 years and then a call to action something like call us now talk to us today free consultation something like that so that’s just the basics on setting up an ad and then site links are just more links that are under the ad if you go to the contact us page or if you go to the testimonials or something like that it’ll just pop up more links right under the ad so you can go link to different pages of your website so when that’s done you’ll click next and it’ll go to your daily budget it doesn’t do it exactly the right amount so you have to project maybe if you do let’s say twenty dollars a day times 30 you’ll spend roughly six hundred dollars per month so you can just kind of guess on how much you want for your entire monthly budget and switch to a daily one it’s just a lot easier to manage

than a total budget which will just suddenly stop you hit next uh it will ask you to review everything just double check all your settings make sure you have those correctly if you want to switch this bidding you you have to launch the campaign first and then go back so I found one error we didn’t actually put in a URL because this is just a test account so once you’re done you’ll you’ll go ahead and launch it so once you launch that and everything set up we recommend doing manual bidding so you have more control over the quality of your leads which a lot of times the automation doesn’t work you’ll just go to settings and then you’ll go to your bidding Ops engine just switch it from maximize conversion in over to the manual option you have to dig a little bit lower here but switch to manual CPC or just manual bidding that way you can control what your bid is and then you’ll jump back over to your ad groups and just control do you want to do maybe two dollars per click five dollars per click you control it at the ad group level uh or at the keyword level so you have more manual control over your lead quality and also for uh real estate agents that are running Google ads or any digital marketing really you’ll want to make sure all of your tracking is set up so uh whether you use or real Geeks or WordPress you want to make sure that when somebody clicks on a house listing on your website because you’ll want to have your MLS feed pulling into there and uh just do it for the whole area not just your listings that when someone clicks on a listing and they click on the button to contact you or they click on the phone number on your website that that counts as a conversion so you can

do that in tag manager you can do that through Google analytics you can do it through Google ads pixel if this is way over your head just contact the people that built your website and just explain that to them most of them already know how to do this they know how to connect it to where it tracks all your conversions if someone submits a form or contacts you on your website or calls you we also have a call tracking or our recommendations that if someone calls a number on the website it knows which ad it came from so it’s critical to have that on the site as well otherwise you’re just getting a lot of clicks and you don’t know where the actual leads are coming from and you can also connect them to a CRM to keep following up with your leads and keep track of everything so that covers everything for uh running Google ads for realtors if you need additional training it’s down in the description link below or any questions just post them in the comments all right everyone thanks so much for watching our PPC ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the Subscribe button uh like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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