How to Optimize Responsive Search Ads in Google

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June 14, 2022

How to Optimize Responsive Search Ads in Google Ads
In this training for Google Ads, we go through how to optimize Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) inside your Google Search Ad campaigns.


Google Ads officially removed Extended Text Ads (ETAs) at the end of June 2022. The Extended Text Ads will still run, but you cannot edit them or create new ones. So it is time to learn how to switch from Extended Text Ads to Responsive Search ads inside your Google Search campaigns.

The process is fairly easy, we walk you through a simple way to create new Responsive Search Ads based on the performance data of your best Extended Text Ads. This way you are up to date with the latest Google Search Ads strategies, but it is easier to switch your entire ad account to this new format if you have not done so already. You don’t have to immediately do it, if you have a very large Google Ads account for example with a lot of different Search campaigns already built. However, you should probably start the switch over to RSAs now to make it easier to optimize and scale your PPC campaigns.

We will also cover how to properly A/B test and optimize Responsive Search Ads for Google Ads, should  you pin your Responsive Search Ads, what is Ad Strength and should you care about it, and how many RSAs should you have per ad group to properly test and optimize Search campaigns in Google. This has caused quite the debate between PPC ad professionals in recent marketing conferences, blogs, YouTube channels, and popular Twitter accounts, and even PPC Chat. We’ll explain what some of the PPC experts have said, and a some case studies by PPC software companies that explain their reasoning for setting up RSAs in the new Search campaigns. 

2022 Google Ads updates have gone through a lot, we want to make sure you have all the tips and strategies you need to succeed with your Google Adwords (now called Google Ads) campaigns. Review the video below to see how to optimize RSAs in Google Ads:



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Video Transcript:

okay in this video we’ll be going through responsive search ads optimization so if you’ve been in your account um recently or if you’re new you’ve probably seen this warning starting june 30th 2022 you’ll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads so expanded text ads that’s the format you’re used to you click on here create headline one two and three manually control it these are switching to responsive search ads so if if you’ve run google ads for a while you already know about this you just uh need optimization tips if you’re new the ad format is switching so you need to learn how to write the new ad format that you’ll be forced to uh after june 30th actually so let’s go ahead and jump into the video we’ll show you how to optimize responsive search ads and how to switch your extended text ads over if you have a bunch of them still in your account you need to switch over to responsive search ads uh we’ll walk you through that now

so we’re inside of our google ads test account now just pull up one of our older setups here it has the extended text ad so an easy way to switch from extended text ads over to the new uh responsive search ads or they’re they’re not that new really but you’re being forced to switch over you you have to get rid of extended text ads so an easy way to do it is you can pull up your old extended text ads and then just copy them over since you already have that performance data you know the headlines that work the descriptions things like that i mean this is a test account so it doesn’t have anything but if you’ve been running your other ads you know what ad copy works or you know what you want to use so you can take that and just switch it over into a responsive search ad inside of google ads so an easy way to do that you could just copy and paste everything into notepad or something like that or just have both accounts open at the same time you can actually just do another tab have the exact same thing here so you have the original one and then the new one you’ll just click here and create a responsive search ad so you’ve got one tab with the new one it’ll pull up all these different options you can edit it right here or you can flip back and forth if that’s a little bit easier for you whichever one works best or just you know put in notepad or excel or something like that to get this original ad copy.

we’ll click edit here go into your other ad so you’ve got it here or if you switch over create a new one it will pull in it fills in some other things for your website and suggestions whichever way makes sense to you you can just pull up create a new responsive ad here so walk you through setting up responsive search ads and then of course optimizing responsive search ads since we’re having to switch over so if you look at it it kind of mixed them up here jump back from our original one we got same-day appliance repair if you have let’s say historical data you know that’s the best headline one you’ve got headline one over here and then headline two we actually did call now for fast service uh it makes that up put it down here so i wanted to put that in that spot and then affordable and guaranteed i mixed it up put it down here so let’s just put that right there and drop the other two so with these you can put in a bunch of headlines and just pile them up and it’ll automatically rotate them all same thing with descriptions if you you don’t want to use automation you want more control you want to a b test manually the easiest way to just switch it over use this pin feature.

so you’ve got your old ad headline one headline two headline three just come over here and pin them so this gives you the option you can pin the first position like same day appliance repair or something with your keyword or call to action or something that’s proven or we even recommend pinning all three of them so you can mimic the way it was with your three headlines do the same thing over here you’ve got the first one pin it in position one the second headline and position two and the third headline and position three so that way you’re mimicking the same way it was headline one two and three one two and three so that’s going to be the same you don’t have to fill in the other ones so this training video is actually going to be a sample from our actual training program so you can get a better idea of what’s in here uh what we offer some of these are more beginner lessons and they’ll go into more advanced so if you need more advanced training we do have a link below in the description that will give you access to discounts and different things like that from our advanced training and all of our different programs that’s going to be a link down in the description below yo actually a kind of side note you’ll get this ad strength so it said add more headlines include keywords make your headlines more you unique this is pretty much do go through the checklist and do what google says and you get a high score it doesn’t affect click-through rate conversions profitability anything like that it’s just if you go through the checklist you get a high score if you don’t you get a low score.

uh this was actually interesting uh industry leaders are talking about this this is an article we’ll link to it’s from uh ceo of optimizer and actually did a session on this in smx advanced uh recently this is if you’re not familiar this is uh search engine land dot com and marketing land this is under their umbrella where they take all the industry experts and they do these conferences conferences either online or in person so ceo actually did this if you uh catch it soon enough from watching this video you can watch a replay if not uh definitely check out the next one but it’s pretty much does add strength matter and they have optimizer has quite a bit of data there ppc software and you could read through this more i mean long story short no it doesn’t it goes off of this initial number did you do everything they said to do and add strength is poor uh or a high and if you didn’t it’s not it it even points out that it does not change so if if you start out the ad strength is poor and it’s the top converting greatest ad you’ve ever written and it’s extremely profitable the ad strength will stay poor just because you didn’t hit all these numbers or if the ad strength is is good or it’s high or whatever they’re currently calling it it’s it’s but it doesn’t get a lot of clicks it doesn’t get conversions it’s not profitable the ad strength won’t switch so it’s kind of like optimization score you get a high number if you you check the boxes it’s not really a kpi you want to chase to be blunt you can ignore it so scroll down to the descriptions uh we’ll go back over here we got description one and description two looks like uh no it did not keep it the same see we want to switch that so we’ll go over to description one here go over to that and then just pin it we want it to be in position one and then description 2 we want that to stay in description 2.

so that way when you use the pinning feature which it tells you not to do and it’s bad just ignore that it usually says if you don’t do automation it’s bad that you can do manual options and they work just fine and you’ll manually a b test it so this would be how you do responsive search ads optimization you’d go here and pin all three and pin both of these create the ad and then just like old-fashioned manual a b testing you’d go in and create your second ad it would have three different headlines here and two descriptions all pinned so it’s kind of like switching over to uh the responsive search ads but keeping the control like you had with extended text ads so the a b testing if you’re not familiar that would be the same as you did it before you’ve probably seen the training you do maybe same-day appliance repair and you’re going to a b test that with maybe you’re testing a different headline you’ll do 10 percent off for new customers or locally owned and operated kind of what or free shipping if you’re e-commerce or something like that kind of what’s your your main headline what what different messaging are you testing and why so you could get that and pin it to the top that’s what i mean when i reference um a b testing responsive ads or a b testing extended text ads you’re just testing two different messages typically two ads literally you could do three if you have a ton of search volume but typically that just means two you do in this example same day of plant repair next to maybe 24 7 service available kind of two main messages and you want to see which one converts better which one brings in more leads or which one brings in more sales so you can do your own a b test you’re not going to fill in tons and tons of suggested headlines they have here and a bunch of descriptions and let it auto-rotate because if you think about it it can make so many different combinations i mean you wouldn’t put all these different combinations 10 or 20 or 30 different ads in your ad group when you used to do it when you’re doing all of these different headlines and descriptions it can exponentially grow as to how many possible combinations there are so in our opinion

it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to do this you can just pin it and optimize it this way and then you can have an easy switch and not have a major major issue with your account not knowing how to optimize these you can optimize them the same way you did the original ones switch it over again you can create it in here or just open two different tabs and switch them over one ad group at a time because as of june 30th 2022 you’re gonna have to i mean you can’t create or edit expanded text ads anymore i mean they’ll still be in your account and they’ll still serve until google ads says otherwise but you really should switch them over as your a b testing you want different variations you could pin the most important thing on the top and you could use the the data you already have because if you’ve been running these a long time you know exactly what works best in headline one so pin it over here and headline one so i guess to quickly summarize it you would just use your uh the pinning features and not do extra ones and then you have pretty much the same ad as you had before so those are best practices we recommend for responsive search ads and switching everything over from your extended text ads uh if you have any questions just go ahead and comment below we have additional training in the link and the link to the articles we mentioned and description and hopefully this will help you switch all of your responsive ads versus the extended text ads and get your account optimized and profitable alright everyone thanks so much for watching our ppc ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the subscribe button like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training uh promos links things like that in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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