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July 11, 2022

YouTube - How to Monitor Google Ads

In this training for Google Ads, we go through how to monitor your Google Ads performance and focus on optimizing for ROI and conversions.

After launching your Google Ads campaigns, it is critical to monitor your PPC ad performance. We teach you how to focus on the right metrics and KPIs for getting more profit from  your Google Ads campaigns.



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Video Transcript:

okay in this training video we’re going to go through how to monitor google ads now this is a part of our actual training that’s linked down in the description so we’re going to give you a sample of that uh the most common question we get is how to monitor your google ads campaigns once they’re running and how to optimize those campaigns for profits because there’s a lot of metrics inside of google ads a lot of them are just impressions and quality score and optimization score and a lot of other ones that i mean you can keep an eye on but they’re not really the most important for getting more profit there’s a few key metrics you want to focus on and things you want to monitor to make sure you’re in line with where you should be and you’re set up and optimizing your google ads campaigns for profit so we’re going to walk you through that training now and give you some more examples of that

so we’re inside of our google ads test account now just to give you an idea of how to monitor google ads once everything’s up and running so one thing you want to do first off is reset the columns so we’ll show you how to reset these as far as what you should be tracking uh one thing you want to do to to monitor your google ads ppc campaigns if this isn’t already expanded it’s just going to be a little option here for show chart so that’s going to show your chart for how your ads are going based on the time you have selected so here’s an example inside of a live campaign so you’ll go through uh best way to set it up usually you’ll do uh click here the first one you’ll do performance and then you’ll do cost you could even do clicks there’s a couple of other high level options here and then we recommend doing cost though so you’ll set that up for the first one and then the second one you’ll set up for usually conversions so you’ll click that so you have a chart that has the blue ones cost and conversions are the second one so that way you can select a time frame you can do 30 days 90 days a year seven days whatever it is it usually do monthly and you could look at the chart to make sure there’s not a drop off on cost which means there’s no clicks or you can even do impressions whichever but cost knows it’s spending money so it didn’t break it’s not paused nothing strange is happening and your conversions somewhat line up with that it’s not going to be perfect but they should somewhat mirror each other so when you go through here you can change the adjust right here

you can do daily weekly monthly whatever you want the chart to look like but this is just a simple trick to monitor your google ads campaigns at just at a glance at a at a higher level so you can see you can see how much you’re spending per day and then how many conversions coming through uh this particular account is about 50 to 75 dollars per conversion it’s a much higher level sale so it depends you might have five dollar conversions you might have two hundred dollar conversions depending on what industry you’re in so this particular one is about seventy five dollars per conversion it’s it’s a much higher level industry much more expensive leads and very expensive sales when they do close so if you’re doing a smaller one like email signups or you have maybe a five dollar cost per lead you should see these numbers a lot higher when you flip through

so show her to example for a smaller company here has less volume so this one spent 39 received four conversions there they’re about twenty dollars per conversion is the goal sometimes 15 so you can see there’s not a very high volume so here’s an example a larger campaign you’ll have say there’s four conver conversions about 70 so the charts move up and down depending on the day you’ll have slower days and busier days but you i mean daily data isn’t that useful you probably look for weekly data something like that make sure it’s on point with whatever your goals are it’s a 40 cost per lead or cost per sale whatever you’re looking for this is an easy way to just monitor where you’re at depending on daily clicks or daily costs and then conversion so very easy way to monitor it and optimize your campaigns for profits well make sure the more you spend the more conversions are coming in whether that’s sales or leads or whatever you’re tracking we’ll jump back to our test campaign here so the other thing you want to do for how to monitor your google ads and make sure you’re getting the most profit you want to focus on the top metrics inside of google ads for profit

because there’s so many different things there’s you know impression share and click-through rate and optimization score and all these other things uh it’s it’s confusing to know what you should focus on the main thing is your google ads are trying to get more profit so that needs to be more leads more phone calls or more sales if you’re getting lots of clicks and a high click-through rate high quality score high optimization score whatever it is but you’re not getting any sales or phone calls or leads or free trial sign ups or or whatever your your conversion is that leads to sales and there’s really no reason to run the google ads it’s just getting a whole bunch of clicks but it’s it’s not really optimized correctly so setting up your columns to switch them from the default is critical to monitor the google ads performance so it’s real simple you’ll just go up here into columns and you’ll modify your columns and then you can go through here click performance that’s most of the basic ones we do clicks cost impressions ctr which is click through rate average cpc which is average cost per click uh and then that’s fine right there and then you can go to conversions you’ll do conversions cost per conversion and conversion rate also conversion value if you’re e-commerce you need to know the the dollar amount of the sales there’s some other more advanced ones for advanced users and tracking different metrics but that that covers the basics you can jump down to competitor metrics these aren’t as important i mean you really need to be focusing on conversions cost per conversion or cost per lead and then conversion rate if you’re not getting conversions

which is your phone calls your leads or your sales you really need to to re-optimize your campaign you can’t just be getting a bunch of clicks that just waste money the other one competitive metrics these are some interesting ones to look at remember these are secondary they’re not the primary goal you can add search impression share if you hover over these it gives you more details that’s pretty much just how often you’re showing up compared to how often you could show up so if you’re at a 20 impression share that means there’s a lot more volume so you can up your bid up your budget to show more often if you’re at 90 or 100 impression share you’re pretty much showing up every single time somebody searches it so it’s not a high volume one search top impression share an absolute top again just hover over these it tells you they got rid of average ad positions so this is how often you show in the top four positions and how often you show at the absolute top meaning number one so just something to look at you don’t always want to be highest impression share and showing up at the top that’s really not the main goal of ppc ads on google you need to get conversions it’s not just showing up at the top and having 100 impression share and all that that’s that’s uh kind of a misinformation about google ads you don’t just want to show up on the top and ignore every other metric because then you’re just burning money you’re getting a lot of clicks high click-through rate high impression share showing up at the top and not making any money so it’s inevitable it’s just going to get shut off that’s a waste of time but these are something else to just look at as secondary metrics as well as linking google analytics which we have in a different video in our training you can just look at some other ones just again these are these are secondary but just good to know your bounce rate meaning if they quickly clicked on the ad and then left it’s a high bounce rate that’s not good pages per session how many pages did they go to after they clicked on an ad sometimes that’s relevant

sometimes they only go to one page average session duration do they spend five seconds or two minutes on your page and percentage of new visitors that’s just something interesting to look at so you can connect some google analytics metrics in there so we do go into a lot more detail if you look in the description link below we have a promo for our google ads training we’ll expand on this a lot more and we have a walkthrough for setting up all these other advanced campaigns and scaling up your google ads so that’s in the description link below for more training but just want to give you a high level view and a sample of what’s in our training of setting up your columns for success this way you can monitor your google ads and optimize them better you have clicks impressions average cost per click conversions all the important metrics are right here rather than optimization score and interaction rate and the other fluff that’s on the default you definitely want to change the columns in google ads so you know how to monitor it for profit and how to optimize google ads campaigns for profit and again the easiest one is just to expand this chart here so you can monitor your google ads performance again this is a test campaign but you can just see at a high level view how many clicks and again switch this to conversions

how many clicks and how many conversions so the two should match each other that’s a really easy way to monitor performance and to optimize long-term ppc campaigns but just give one to give you that high-level snapshot because a lot of people don’t know once they launch the campaigns in google what do they do after that how do you optimize google ads campaigns and get more profit so i wanted to just show you that again description link below has more training get that promo now and that should cover everything for uh monitoring your google ads campaigns alright everyone thanks so much for watching our ppc ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the subscribe button like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training uh promos links things like that in the description as well as any other tools for ppc tools or software that we referenced in our videos so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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