How to Do Google Ads for Roof Repair Companies

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August 18, 2022

YouTube Google Ads for Roof Repair

In this training for Google Ads, we explain how to do Google Ads for Roof Repair to get more roofing leads and more profit. Rather than waste money on expensive clicks for roof repair keywords, our tutorial shows you how to setup your Google Ads campaigns for maximum profits. If you need a great roof repair google ads guide – watch the video below to learn all of the best strategies for lead generation for roof repair companies. 




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Video Transcript:

okay in this video we’re going to go through how to do google ads for roof repair or google ads for roofing company whatever you want to set up this is going to just walk you through step by step we’re going to go through an actual uh google ads campaign this is going to be for a search campaign and just walk you through the basics how you set up a campaign how you get your ads on google how to pick your keywords how to write ads uh and we wanted to do more specific videos rather than the just generic how does google work we’re going to go through a series of very specific um google campaigns so this one’s going to be for a roof repair company if you want to run ppc ads or google google ads google adwords there’s a lot of different names for it so we’ll walk you through step by step and go ahead and get started now

so we’re inside of our test account we have a lot of other training on how to set up all different types of campaigns but this one’s going to be just a basic one there is a separate video on how to set up a google ads account if you don’t have one yet and skip straight to setting up a google ads account in expert mode so you can jump straight to this interface a lot of you have probably seen when you’re setting up a brand new account it forces you to set up a campaign it has a lot more limited options so different video linked in the description if you don’t have an account at all we’ll walk you through how to set one up if you do have an account you’ll recognize this you’ll just go up to the plus symbol here and you’re going to do a new campaign and there’s a lot of automation built in i mean it can work uh emphasis on can google really puts it uh the wording makes it seem like it’ll always work and there’s no reason to do any other setting which just isn’t true so you’ll really do create campaign without goals guidance because you’re going to do it manually you know what you’re doing this is going to be for a search campaign local and some of these performance macs they have heavy automation and barely any features so if you want to just give your credit card to google and hope it works you can do one of these automation ones they’re honestly not very good if you want to manually control it just click on search so we’ll go through a different video on how to set up conversions just pretty much if someone calls you you can use some call tracking software to pick it up or if someone submits a form if if they book a consultation or they submit their info they’re trying to get a quote you’ll set those up separately conversion goals so it can track those with your campaign so you know

if you’re getting phone calls or if you’re getting forms submitted uh then click continue and again this is automation doesn’t really matter search uh we’ll just do you know roof repair or this one we’ll just do an example but it’ll be you know roof repair houston or roof repair services or or whatever you know roof repair company search ads or something like that whatever makes sense this is internal so just to help you keep it sorted out and then go over to next this is going to be your daily budget uh you’ll want to set this just kind of project for the month easy rule is to multiply it by 30. so if you do 100 a day that’ll be roughly three thousand dollars per month uh again depending on your account they’re really pushing the automation a lot i mean sometimes it it works i have have seen it if you optimize for conversions and do maximize conversions as a conversion as in like a phone call or form submission uh sometimes the automation will work and you’ll get some good numbers we usually recommend just doing manual especially in the beginning it can’t maximize conversions if you have no conversions it doesn’t really know what to do so a lot of times it spends a lot of money and it can’t quite figure it out yet or it never figures it out it spends a lot of money maybe a couple thousand dollars and you get one phone call the other option is to set a target cost maybe you’re okay with thirty dollars per lead and if you hover over it it it will attempt to hit that number it’s not a guarantee uh inside the account has very poor wording it makes it seem like it automatically will this is a a huge gamble automation doesn’t always work so actually the new setting they’re really burying the manual options you have to set it up later so we’ll show you how to do that if you don’t want to just do maximize conversions i mean you can test that if it doesn’t work switch to manual then go to more settings again optimize ads sometimes this works but a lot of times you’ll look at your ads and it’s giving a lot of volume to one that isn’t getting leads so a lot a lot of times you’ll just do do not optimize and you you get this ridiculous warning um and you’re going to

manual optimize an a b test so if you’re you know trying to run google ads for roof repair your roof repair company you want to focus on good leads lots of phone calls you’re going to manually optimize it yourself then click on next search ads and display ads are completely different you don’t want to double up so we’re going to run only a search campaign if someone types in uh roof repair company if you want your ads to show for your roof repair company on google this this would be search network display network’s not a good option to double up on that you can build a separate one if you want some banner ads to run locally and some branding maybe some remarketing but uh for for running google ads as a roofing company you’re mainly going to do search that’s where all your your customers and all your phone calls are going to come from then you’ll come down here and pick a location oh sorry inner location you probably don’t want the entire world or the entire country so you’ll select your location actually do advanced shirt search we’ll show you a trick here so for example uh we’re in houston so we’ll do houston and you’ll notice it pulls up the actual zoning there’s a lot of cities like this all over the world you’re not necessarily the exact zoning of the city of houston or whatever city you’re in so a great way to get around this is to do a radius maybe a 30 mile radius of houston because you service the houston area so then you’ll see you’ll get this nice circle so it covers the suburbs or you can put in your address and then say whatever your service area is you can put in your exact address here and then do 20 miles or

however far you’re willing to go and you’ll get the little circle here the radius will pop up in the right place or even they have pin mode this is somewhat new reset that here so you can drop the pin and then do uh where let’s say that was your office drop the pin whatever makes sense maybe service a different area something like that right here and then it’ll do a radius of that area so that’s an easy way to just get your exact service area go ahead and click save and then go to locations options this is another pro tip do presents most of the time you want people in or regularly in your targeted location not people that have shown interest in that area people that actually live there it’s a much better option it’ll save you a ton of money and you’ll run much better google ads for real roofing company that’s an easy way to pick your target location make sure you’re getting plenty of calls from homes that need roof repair and they’re searching on google roof repair services roofing company i need roof repair just the the common things that people would search on google it’s going to show to the right target area uh defaults to your language i mean you can add you know spanish or a second language if if your company is bilingual and there’s a lot of bilingual searches and we’ll go to more settings here uh start date you can delay that if you if you want maybe on a monday or something like that don’t set an end date just keep it running so you can optimize it i mean generally if you’re a roofing company running ads on google you want to do at least a month preferably three it just takes time to figure out what keywords and what ads work for for people searching on google for roof repair company you know kind of what what keywords work and what ads work so give it a little bit of time uh usually you can do 24 7. that’s fine uh i mean people could fill it out in the middle of the night that’s when they had time 2 a.m something like that but if you needed to stick to strict business hours you you can adjust that for some reason but i mean we recommend just just do 24 7. that’s no issue for for a roofing company doing uh ppc ads you’ll be fine with that and some more settings here campaign url options if if you have advanced software or crm or

something like that and you want to you know get more leads for your roof repair company from google and you’re tracking all the different leads and phone calls that come through for roof repair and stuff like that uh the they’ll provide you see this code you add at the end the crm will provide that if if you have no idea what this is just skip it it’s mainly for third-party software i mean some roofing companies have a big google ads budget or or pay-per-click ads budget so they can expand to that uh other smaller local roofing companies running google ads they they don’t have all the advanced stuff you don’t have to have it so you could just skip right over that so we have uh more training in our training program in the description link below we go over how to do advanced keyword research how to do negative keywords uh what are the best keywords to target for roof repair companies on google things like that we’ll just we’ll put in the basics here though so i’ll just put in a couple of options um again google’s really pushing their way uh with automation and broad match broad match isn’t very good that’s when you you don’t put it uh in quotes it looks like this and it’s gonna match for roof repair house repair window repair car repair uh just anything that google thinks is somewhat relevant to these words so broad match really isn’t a good option in most cases you’ll put it in quotes or

you’ll put it in brackets which means phrase match it has to contain this or something extremely close to it so for for roof repair on google ads you don’t want to stray away to a bunch of random broad match keywords it’s just it’s not relevant you need to stick to roof repair roofing company that kind of thing so a couple of examples we have roof repair near me roof repair company roof repair service and roofing company that way if someone does a roof repair company near me on your ads will show up on that so that that’s a better way to do pay-per-click ads just stick to exactly what you are so your ads pop up on google when they’re searching for a roofing company a very simple way to do that go through the ads here so i have a lot more training on the new responsive search ads that’s the new format google switched to in 2022 uh so you’ll you’ll put where the i’ll just go through this real quick you’ll put your website or the landing page where it goes when people click on the ad and then you’ll put in your headlines you can put in a ton of headlines and google’s automation will rotate through and try to pick the best headline most people prefer to manually control it not have google scramble a bunch of random headlines and hope it works so they have this option right over here you just pin it pin to position one or two or three it tells google i want the ad in this exact order so you look over here it gives you a preview how to show up on a phone or on a computer and you can control exactly the way your ad wants to show or don’t pin it and write a bunch of ads and it’ll just rotate them through in different order to see what works i we don’t recommend doing that control your own ads same thing with the description which just shows up down here you have your first description pin it position one and then position two that way you have the first half of the ad here and the second description here which actually doesn’t always show it depends on if ad gets cut off so make sure description one is is really good because you don’t always get a description too depending on where it showed so i mean for for uh roof repair google ads this is the best way to do it

you’ll generally do two different ads so you’ll a b test them pin them all and then just see which one works pause the one that didn’t work over about 30 days and then switch to a different variation that’s basic a b testing to manually do it and then your ads are good to go for your roof repair company and we’ll click done and then next then it’ll ask you to do site links which are just more information that pops up under ads it has these little links so you can do contact us contact us today for free quote and that goes to the contact us page or uh you know testimonials could go here and then that would link directly to the testimonials page you know see our work learn about examples get a free quote it’s just extra links that sometimes pop up under your main ad you don’t have to add them but it can help same thing with call outs they’re not a clickable link but they’re extra info that pop up we have some other ones in the account depending on we gave an example for real estate before but these other ones were local 30 years of experience just some more selling points that didn’t fit in the ad and then call extensions you just put your phone number in there that’s the clickable phone number inside the actual ad and then you can come back and do these later or set them up during the account setup and then click next and then it just asks you to review everything so you can double check your settings are all in there correctly just to get everything started we’ll show you how to change the bidding actually you don’t want to do automation for conversions a lot of times it doesn’t work and it doesn’t optimize correctly so you can actually

just click publish here and it will publish it and go live if you’re not ready for it to go live just pause it or if you are ready uh go ahead and go into the settings for the campaign it’s going to be right here on the left and uh we highly recommend starting with manual bidding so you can control your bid and have it start getting some phone calls getting some leads getting some more business for your roof repair company and then you can you can try automation later so it defaults kind of hides this option you switch to select your bid strategy directly which it says not recommended so it must be pretty good if google is trying to hide it and then uncheck that box so you have manual cost per click you’re setting your bid you know five dollars ten dollars something like that let it get some traffic let it get some phone calls and some new business for your roofing repair company first you can test automation later sometimes it works or if you want to permanently control your own bid and your own budget based on the results it’s getting you can leave it on manual cost per click and then click save so now you’re manually controlling your bid when you go over here um since you switched it it’s going to break that so switch to

five ten dollars something like that and then you’ll have all your keywords and everything here set up at a um at your bid so you can try five dollars ten dollars the reason you do manual is because you’re not telling google spend as much of my money as possible it is a bidding system so you’re trying to get the most amount of results while spending the least amount of money so if you can do a really low manual bid and still get lots of calls and lots of business you’ll want to do that google does not want you to do that they want you to spend as much money as possible so they always recommend automation so it spends as much as possible but you can manually bid something lower so you’re paying less per click you’re spending less money your leads and your new customers are costing less per acquisition because you’re manually bidding in the system that’s why we recommend that automation make sure you spend as much money as possible and sometimes you get results so this is a way to spend less and get more kind of trick the system within google ads if you’re a roof repair company so if you need more training and you want uh more options just on how to do keyword research how to build out more ads uh just how to run better google ads for a roof repair company click on the link below we have a lot more training in our program and we’ll see in the next video all right everyone thanks so much for watching our ppc ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the subscribe button uh like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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