How to do Google Ads for Gyms and Fitness Centers

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October 7, 2022

YouTube - Google Ads for Gyms

Learn how to get more profit from your Google Ads for gyms and fitness centers. Rather than just getting traffic and clicks to your gym website, learn the best strategies for Google PPC ads for fitness centers and gyms to get more memberships and signups, and profit!

Learn more in the video training here, these are the best Google Ads strategies for fitness and gyms:


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Video Transcript:


okay in this video we’re going to go through a quick guide on how to run Google ads for gyms so if someone’s searching uh gyms near me or something like that they’re trying to find a local gym and you’re trying to get more people more memberships more leads more signups more profit this is how you would do uh gym ads or ads for your local gym on Google ads so we’re going to walk through a quick tutorial show you step by step and a lot of the mistakes gym owners make when they’re trying to do online marketing or specifically PPC ads on Google and how to fix them how to set up a good campaign that’s going to be profitable or fix a campaign you’re already running turn it around to make it a lot more profitable so let’s go ahead and jump in now

okay so we’re inside of our Google ads test account this is where we do all of our demos this is just a test account doesn’t have any data we just use it for training purposes so if you look in the description below we have a link a promo to our full training course goes over a lot more advanced training just like this and other options so that links down them below if you want to check out the rest of the training but in this one we’re going to go through just step by step explain everything if you’re inside of your account you would just set up a new campaign you’re probably familiar with this if you’ve run Google ads before biggest option to do so you get all of the different options you’re not funneled into something specific and not have the other options and rely too much on their automation just do create goal without guidance and this would be for a search campaign this is just basic on google rotates a lot of different Automation and all kinds of crazy things in here most of them don’t work and they pull them or

they’re really automation they don’t give you a lot of data Google’s always pushing their latest update and it says it’s the best thing ever don’t bother trying anything else it makes more sense to manually control it so you can control the profits the quality of leads and the ROI rather than just dumping it into Automation and hope it works so this will be a search campaign and you would set up your conversions we have different videos uh it’s pretty straightforward setting up conversions whether you do it in Google analytics as a goal or you use Google ads to set up conversions you’d want to use uh call tracking so we have a link below the call Track and we like uh just something that tracks if someone actually called you or submitted a lead form uh or signed up whatever your main goal is if somebody signs up maybe first month free or they set up a consultation or they submit the form somehow on your website there’s that action or called you make sure you’re tracking those so you’re getting leads you’re getting new membership signups when you’re running your

Google ads for your gym so then you click continue uh this is just an internal name whatever you want to call it search gem signups October promo uh whatever it is this is just an internal Title Here and if you have a newer account you may have noticed this maybe you don’t um but it it defaults to the automation so this is uh it it’s laughable how Google does this they have the green check marks maximize conversions they make it seem like they’re automated bidding always works and there’s no reason to do anything else the problem is sometimes with automated bidding not saying that it can’t work but a lot of times it still wastes money on something that doesn’t get conversions or ironically to maximize conversions it has to have a considerable amount of data to know which keywords which ads which Campaign which targeting brings in conversions so to start a campaign on automation doesn’t make a lot of sense because the automation needs Data before it can work so most of the time you’ll start out on manual CPC so you might have the option to change it right here if not you have to change the settings some people even say do maximize

Clicks in the very beginning that’s not that bad but I mean you’re just getting a lot of clicks until you figure out what converts and then you’ll have to switch it you’re not going to leave it on maximize clicks forever because then you’re just telling Google Google get as many clicks as possible I don’t care about conversions which of course you do you want more signups you want more leads more profit so you can set that up or even set up a Target action again you have to have enough conversions so Google knows what it’s aiming for can it actually get five dollar sign up so they’re gonna be fifty dollar sign ups uh it needs a substantial amount of data hundreds it’s not thousands of dollars in ad spend before can figure out what a Target cost per acquisition uh a number it could actually hit would be so for now we’ll leave it on the default hit next and you’ll want to

do the search Network a display network is banner ads and different things like that so we’re just going to be on and some of their other tiny search engines and partners and things and location this is critical you’ll enter in whatever your radius is what you’re trying to Target so we’ll go into targeting location here we’ll show you some Advanced options you can go in showing different areas we’ll just show you Houston that’s where we’re located so you can see it it goes with the actual zoning of the city that may not be exactly what you’re looking for so a lot of times you can do a radius and they have this new PIN mode you can either put in your address and maybe do 15 to 10 to 20 mile radius however it depends on the city how far people are willing to drive to get to your gym or you can just drop the pin maybe your gym is right here and you’ll do a

20 mile radius and just Target that or if that’s a little too big maybe you can do a 10 mile radius people don’t want to drive that far just do okay people near you know my gyms right here do a radius of it or again drop in the address and just put in that that’s that’s a really easy way to get people right next to your gym and hit save and this is critical when when you’re running PPC he adds four gems you have to go in and change the setting you don’t want presence or interest people interested in that location we’re not looking for people taking a vacation there or something we need presents people physically located in that area so change that setting and the best thing for Google ads for gyms is doing this radius right near your area and then scroll down it’s going to default to your language that’s fine these are more advanced options you won’t really do you go into more settings uh again you can manually a B test your ads so tell it do not optimize because you’re going to optimize it manually on what ads are actually bringing you more memberships not just whatever is getting the most clicks uh typically add schedule you can do 24 7 you never know when somebody has free time if for some strange reason you need to stick to strict hours you can always put them in here but most of the time 24 7 is fine campaign URL options this is for putting in third party tracking all this crazy looking code if you have a different CRM or something else managing that they’ll tell you what to put in here if you don’t know what that is you can just skip it and

go to next and then keyword research uh we have a lot more advanced keyword research in our training in the description below but just just to give you the basics I mean you could just go on and start typing your keywords uh gyms for me or gyms near me find a gym how much is a gym affordable gems just start typing we’ll give you an example here if you start typing Google will fill in what people commonly type so you don’t need really Advanced software this is just uh somewhere to get you started gyms near me or it’ll start popping in where you actually are Houston Cypress open 24 hours with daycare with the pool Child Care uh that’s a Mall closer to the city of Houston hiring is a great example of a negative keyword so you can get some Basics maybe you do have a daycare or you have a pool or a sauna uh or Fitness classes so that just some really easy ones to throw in there you could just see Google’s suggestions or use the keyword tool that’s up here at the top under Tools so with keywords just stick with the basics I mean it’s possible someone could search you know how to lose weight and how to get in better shape and they might be

looking for a gym probably but with uh with with Google ads for gyms if you’re trying to get more memberships by running digital marketing Google ads search engine marketing whatever you want to call it sticking to the most specific keywords is going to be your highest Roi by far so if you just do gyms near me affordable gym near me gyms in you know a zip code or a suburb or a particular area of town stick with those put them in quotes which is phrase match is what it’s technically called so it’s going to be this exact search or something really close to it uh most of Google suggestions are terrible just ignore them it’s saying use broad match and and it’s it’s better it’s not that doesn’t make any sense uh broad match what that is is it does these keywords or keywords slightly related to it so it might be gyms it might be keto diet it might be Dr Oz Fitness tips it’s just going to be all over the place Broad match is extremely broad match is what it should be called phrase match or exact match which just means it’s in Brackets that’s going to be this or something very very close to this maybe uh you know singular or plural or a slight variation so when picking your keywords this is gonna how you’re going to do it Google always gives you suggestions with their automated system most of it’s bad just ignore it it wastes money so uh just put in very specific keywords you’ll be good to go there and then you’ll put in your ad which usually matches up to your keywords so this is a new format for responsive search ads to have more training on how to write an ad in a B test and everything we’ll just give you a quick sample

uh you’ll put in your display or your url this is where it actually goes when people click on it your landing page for your gym or whatever it is uh Google’s new feature it can rotate all all these for you and just you put in a bunch of headlines and a bunch of descriptions and it rotates these most people prefer to control their own ads and not have them be in a scrambled order so you can just use this pin feature so pin to position one pin to position two pin to position three so that way it always shows up in this order it gives you a preview over here so you know whatever the name of your gym is super gym fitness center 24 7 first month free so you can see it often cuts off the third um headline that’s pretty common just depending on space so that’s why you want to control the order because you don’t want maybe first month free or whatever your big promo is to get people to click on the ad and sign up right away you don’t have to do all the headlines three is fine and then same thing with description you could pin position one and pin position two and you actually don’t have to do all 90 characters this way you’re in full control of what this says the order it says if you’re pushing your promo you want that at the top you don’t want to scramble it uh second description oftentimes is cut off it depends on how much space it has in the ad so I mean this is just it’s it’s talking about your gym your promos first any selling points uh with gems running Google ad as this is a common one to do to just have a really long list of everything you have you can write it in more sentence format you know join our fun and friendly Community lose weight get in shape start today or you can just list a

bunch of things that you have either ad works fine uh if you’re running Google ads for gyms just whatever works and a B test it whatever’s getting you the most sign ups not the most clicks not the highest click-through rate you need to sign ups you need profit so whatever ad works with that go with that ad copy and just keep ramping that up add strength it’s just a checklist of Google telling you what to do doesn’t have anything to do with your performance you could completely ignore that it’s not a very good suggestion so here’s just a basic on how you’d run your ad typically you do two ads or three depending on how much volume you’re getting and then rotate them out approximately every 30 days kind of depends on your volume but that’s just basic a b testing whatever is getting you the most signups and leads for your gym go with that and then write slight variations typically you have some kind of promo right there in the headline or the headline and description and then the landing page you go to also mentions that so people can sign up right away get that first month free and you can get a lot more gym memberships from running Google ads and then site links these are just extra links that pop up right under your ad you can put in more options we have some other examples from the other tutorials we gave but this would pretty much just be uh you know get more information testimonials learn more book a consultation these just go into um go into more details so the linked itself maybe contact us or something and then contact us today learn about our special and that would go separate to the contact us page so you can build out a couple more of those these are pretty straightforward they just show up you can see the example here it shows up right under your ad there are links to other pages and then you’ll click on next and just go into your daily budget so this is roughly multiply it by 30. so if you spend 50 a day that’s roughly fifteen hundred dollars per month and once everything’s done it just asks you to review it uh the automation I mean it can work but typically you need to go in and change that off of automation because it doesn’t have enough data it doesn’t know which lead is a quality lead uh or things like that so we recommend

starting off with manual CPC bidding uh and then double check your area make sure all the settings are good to go and then just hit publish campaign so then that one’s good to go uh your settings will pop up right here on the left you can click on that and what we mentioned before if you want more manual control over it you don’t have the very large budget to test automation or you just don’t trust it you can change your bid strategy and you’ll scroll down here and click on select bid strategy directly not recommended Google just doesn’t want you to save too much money it’s manual CPC right under here so you control your bids take off all the Automation and again you get another warning because Google really doesn’t want you to save that much money uh that’s fine just do manual CPC you control whatever your bids are going to be and then you can go back to your ad groups it’s going to go to a penny but you’ll set it maybe two dollars a click or three dollars a click you can set up something like that and then adjust it based on how many leads are coming in how many signups what your budget is where the quality is coming from and control your bid rather than Google controlling it which it could really take off and spend too much money too fast and not get any profit for you so that’s how to run

Google ads for gyms we have a lot more training down in the description link below but that’s those are the main things that everybody gets wrong as far as not correcting the settings and the easiest way to get more signups for your gym if you’re running Google ads so if someone searches on Google for your gym you now have a good setup to bring in more leads and make it a lot more profitable for your gym all right everyone thanks so much for watching our PPC ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the Subscribe button uh like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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