How to Do Google Ads for Attorneys

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August 23, 2022

YouTube Google Ads for Attorneys

In this training for Google Ads, we explain how to do Google Ads for Attorney. This Google PPC ads guide for law firms helps you get up and running fast on Google and start getting more leads and clients. 

Get your PPC ads more profitable with this easy tutorial.


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Video Transcript:

okay in this video we’re going to walk you through step-by-step how to set up google ads for attorney so if you’re an attorney and you’re looking to do google ads for your law firm we’re going to walk you through an actual google ads account creating the whole thing from what are the best keywords for attorneys on google ads how to write ads uh for lawyers how to uh decide what the page goes to what keywords to focus on just pretty much how to set up google ads to get more clients there’s a lot of options that get clicks and there’s automation and different things like that we’re going to show you how to get more leads that turn into more clients that way everything’s good to go in this google ads tutorial for lawyers and any area of practice can follow this whether your personal injury attorney criminal defense immigration there’s lots of different options we’ll show you the basic format of how to find the right keywords for your practice area and how to put them into your google ads account so you get the right type of potential clients coming in for the right practice area not one you you don’t practice you obviously don’t want those leads and how to find the best ones that don’t just waste a bunch of money but they turn into actual clients for your law firm so let’s go ahead and jump in now

so we’re inside of our google ads test account that’s why everything’s paused we just use this for examples uh so we do have more training in the description link below about how to set up a lot more of these but just for this one for how to set up a google ads search campaign for attorneys you’ll just go up to the top click on this plus symbol and it will go into new campaign google changes this a little bit but this is pretty much what you’re going to look at these have all the automation features built in which google really pushes but you can do a manual one so you can control the quality of your leads and how much you actually want to spend not just like google go crazy with your credit card uh so we’ll do this one create a campaign without goal guidance which is fine google tests a lot of different things for for fully automated where you don’t have any control and then you manually pick it to where you control it which is what we recommend so this is going to be a search campaign for your law firm and these have the contacts and submitted form or call tracking so you can see how many inbound calls come in separate training on how to set up google analytics goals and conversion tracking so you know how many leads your law firm is getting from your ads so go ahead and click continue again this is more automation just ignore that and then search this is just uh whatever you want to call it we’re just going to call it example but that might be search houston or dallas or personal injury this is internal so something specific to you that makes sense for your specific campaign so click continue so next you’re going to decide the daily budget how much you want to spend on google ads for your law firm so uh with with

ppc ads or google ads another one name or pay-per-click ads it has a lot of different names for attorneys on google ads you want to have a pretty sizable budget it is competitive so you want to do at least 50 a day which if you multiply that by 30 giving you an average per month that’s about 1500 per month or you can do a hundred dollars per day which would be roughly three thousand per month so you just project it per day uh also if you have a new account going into bidding it google’s really pushing their automation and you know you got a green check everything’s good it makes it seem like this is the only option it’s the best option the the problem with automation is it needs a lot of conversions to accurately predict it and they need to come in consistently and a lot of times it will favor something that’s getting conversions even if they’re really bad leads that don’t turn into clients that’s why we highly recommend manual because there is a lead quality factor here it’s not just as many clicks as phone calls as phone calls as possible which automation can do you’re looking for quality so if you do manual bidding which we’ll show you how to do they actually hide the setting it’s a little bit too good and you save too much money we’ll show you how to switch to that later so you can pick keywords that are actually bringing in clients and other ones even if they’re getting phone calls you can manually pause them uh if they’re not good phone calls so next go into more settings again this is automation it might favor an ad that brings in bad leads or gets a lot of clicks the automation tends to favor google making as much money off of you as possible and giving you enough just barely enough results to not quit so we don’t recommend their automation go ahead and click next for ads you’re going to manually control it that’s why you will optimize them just you’ll do it yourself instead of google the double up on search and display not a good idea display ads are completely different they’re banner ads we have different training on that just do search so if someone types in on

you know an attorney you’ll show up there you don’t want to double the campaigns and then for your area um you’ll go into the this is the the area where you want to show maybe you service the city of houston or something like that uh for your law firm what where are people located that you want to see your ad so we recommend switching this go into advanced search you can actually have a couple different options we’ll give houston as an example and we’ll target the city so you’ll see uh it does the actual zoning so houston’s like many other cities the zoning’s a little strange most people will service an area so your law firm your practice might actually service the entire area so you can put in a radius that’s where you just put in whatever the city is or zip code or something like that and then do a radius maybe 20 miles 50 miles and you can see on the map this covers a better area or you can even edit it to make it much larger i i mean your your law firm might want your your google ads for your law firm to show up a lot wider maybe service uh areas outside of the city or an entire state or uh wherever so do do the radius combined with the city or multiple cities you don’t have to get that exact because google doesn’t doesn’t always know the exact location or oftentimes people are on their phone so just remember that it doesn’t do it to the exact point of where they are it’s just an area so do do a radius with the city or if you’re doing state or country or territory

that doesn’t really matter but uh this is a good example for if if you’re on a local attorney running ads and you could just do this instead to target that option so then you’ll scroll down this is critical expand this location options and switch to presence people in or regularly in the location the other one has people in regularly in or have shown interest in this case we don’t care if they’ve shown interest in houston we want them to be physically located in houston to see your ads otherwise they’re going to be in another state probably so scroll down to the english if you’re bilingual if your law firm is and you want your ads to show to multiple languages you can add more than one even if all your keywords are in english and ads are in english uh audience segments that’s more advanced for marketing dynamic is more if you have a store or a lot of inventory so we’ll skip that go to more settings you can set a start date if you want to set a particular time and make it in advance i recommend not doing an end date just let it run add schedule for google ads for lawyers this could go a couple of different directions you could keep it 24 7 at first you might find there’s low quality leads overnight at two or three in the morning maybe you get some strange phone calls or some strange leads with people that don’t really turn into clients or they’re looking for for free legal advice or or they’re just not type of the the leads your law firm wants they’re not the right attorney leads that turn into clients from google ads so i mean you could try 24 7 at first because

i mean you never know it it could be someone that can afford you and it could be a big case for your law firm but i mean the lead came in much later if you want to str stay to strict business hours you can switch it monday to through friday uh maybe a little further you can do you know a little bit before a little bit after maybe people look after work or before work so we could do maybe 6 a.m so showing a military time here it’s maybe six to eight or something like that and then add that so you could be a little bit further than business hours if you want and not on the weekends or whatever makes sense for your law firm i mean you know how you want your attorney google ads to show up so just set it to whatever makes sense or 24 7 and just see see what comes through

campaign your url options this is for third party tracking if you have a crm it will give you all this code stuff to put in here if you don’t know what that is just skip that but that’s good if you’re using salesforce or some third-party tracking and then click next so keywords uh we have different training for keyword research and writing ads and building out more campaigns that’s in the link down below in the description if you want a full training course for google ads for attorneys but just to give you the basics you can put in your url you could just put in you know attorney or something like that or use some some free keyword research to find the best keywords for attorneys to use on google ads so a couple of different options but uh we we won’t get into keyword research too much in this one just show you the basics so here’s an example with uh google ads for attorneys when people go on and they’re searching for a lawyer an attorney a law firm people change those words out a lot there’s three different ways they do it for pay-per-click ads for attorneys there’s going to be exactly what you are which is is in the correct name which is typically uh where most of your

budget is going to go so criminal defense attorney and then variations of that houston in houston near me um you know i need a criminal defense attorney something like that and you’ll put it in quotes which means phrase match if you do broad match which is a terrible recommendation from google it’s going to match to criminal defense personal injury attorney what is an attorney how to become an attorney broad match has extremely broad match it’s something kind of sort of related to your keyword but not really it’s not a good setting it’s for extremely high budgets if you want to show for attorney and every word related to attorney that’s when you’d use broad match with most people don’t so you’ll you’ll put it in in quotes which is phrase match or you can do brackets which is exact match but so the the top three things people are going to search for exactly what you are and then they get the name wrong and they do something else or something related to it so i’ll show you some examples here you might have one campaign that’s very specific exactly what you are and this person knows what they need they need a criminal defense attorney in houston so that’s most your budget it’s probably going to be more expensive keywords so you can adjust your bid manually if those are actually getting good leads the next one is more of a symptom or as they use the wrong word there’s no such thing as a dwi area of practice that’s that’s a criminal defense attorney so they put in kind of more what their charge was with attorney at the end of it so you got dwi attorney in houston or variations of that so that’s still good to put a big chunk of your budget there because people are just calling it the wrong name but that’s that is you if you’re a criminal defense attorney and that’s what you’re looking for they’ll do their charge if you have a bigger budget you can make a different

campaign and put a little bit of money towards this to see if it works these are things related to what your law firm actually practices and they they’re probably going to google they probably need your attorney kind of or need your attorney service so what to do if you get a dwi they didn’t specifically say attorney or law firm but they probably need an attorney they’re at the beginning of the research phase so if you do have a big budget a lot of times these can be a lot cheaper and you can manually again this is why we’re pushing manually so much you can maybe do a higher bid here because even though it’s more expensive leads it’s better cases a bid kind of in the middle here because they’re also good cases but sometimes they’re kind of random phone calls and bid really low to still get some volume on these random questions where they probably need an attorney where is if you do uh automated bidding it’s just going to go to whatever gets the most leads maybe it puts 95 percent of your budget here and three-fourths of these are junk phone calls that aren’t clients so um automated bidding does not know the difference between a call quality lead and a poor quality lead or a bad phone call so you don’t want to tell it to just distribute your budget however and hope it works out with manual bidding you can put your money where actual clients are coming from but that’s that’s the three biggest things with the turn is you have exactly

what your name is you have people that were close to it to like dwi attorney and then you have the third option if you have a bigger budget people just search you know what do i do if i have this or what are personal or slip and fall laws in texas they’re just kind of there they might need an attorney probably but that’s a good place to go if you need more search volume and you have a bigger budget so if you’re not sure where to start just start with these two exactly what you are and then what everyone keeps calling it kind of like family law attorneys a lot of people say divorce attorney or child custody attorney instead of family law or they say 18 wheeler accident attorney not actually personal injury so just the these are the best two to start with and just adjust by your area of law obviously whatever area of law you are just do that with attorney law firm and lawyer at the end of it again we have a lot more uh training in the description below if you want a full course on it but that’s that’s the basics of running google ads for attorneys for your law firm next we’ll scroll down uh go to just the basics of writing an ad you probably notice if you haven’t been here a while this this changed it looks a lot different okay so we’ll give a quick example here you put your url where your ad goes when people click on it and then it gives some suggestions you can put in here if you want the new format you can put in a bunch of headlines and it’ll rotate them through and try to optimize it if you want to manually control how your ads show up which we highly recommend just use this pin feature and pin position 1 and then show only in position 2 and show only in position 3. that way if you want to

control how this shows which you should the rotation doesn’t work that well and a lot of times you can see it cuts off headline three so it’s very important uh just just pin them not a huge fan of this automation feature ad strength is pretty much if you do what google tells you to do you get a high ad strength if you don’t it shows up as poor this has no impact on your leads your clients your cost your performance whatsoever it’s just uh google trying to get you to do exactly what they tell you to do uh it’s not the best option scroll down here descriptions uh you can write up to four and it’ll rotate them again it doesn’t make sense because description one you’re going to present pin to position one because it shows right here the description one and then description two is the second half which often gets cut off depending on where it shows up so the most important thing is position one you’ll make sure to pin that position 2 is a bonus it doesn’t always show that’s why you pin it and that’s why you manually control it so you can do your own a b test and see does free consultation work does the keyword work better does free case evaluation what’s the wording that works best when google rotates all these it really doesn’t do a very good job or it doesn’t take into account quality of leads that’s critical only you can do that manually and it gives you more control than the google lead ads or google screened you’ve probably seen that shows at the very top those are heavily automated you you can’t do any of that with these this is a google search ad campaign that you can control everything so then click done that will finish out your ad and then click next and these popped up from another example we had the ad extensions are just more options that pop up under your ads you’ve probably seen them it has some more links you can do frequently asked questions testimonials how it works i have some examples in here from real estate we did before but contact us free evaluation meet our attorneys things like that it’s just extra links that show up under it and then call out extensions they’re

not links they’re just more things that more selling points that show up under your ads if they didn’t fit in the ad copy so you know over 30 years of experience former prosecutor if you have awards things like that it’s just more copy that adds to the end call extensions this is how you actually show your phone number in the ad so people can click on it it’s a call extension you’re not allowed to put it in the ad copy itself so that’s just the basic on ad extensions they’re real simple it just adds more content to your existing ad and then click next and it does a quick review of everything whatever you titled it your budget maximize conversions will show you how to switch that because oftentimes it does not maximize conversions it wastes a lot of money and doesn’t work and we’ll show you how to manually control it so you can control the quality of leads biggest thing to remember when google has a little pop-up says to do something it’s a suggestion of course they have an extremely biased opinion they want you to spend as much money as possible so often their suggestions will do just that you can manually control it and cut out a lot of wasted spend and only spend money on high quality leads that turn into clients so just double check all the settings make sure you had it correct and then click publish

when you’re ready to go so then it will jump back to the main screen it has the same campaign selected so you’ll immediately want to go into your settings and you can see it has all the campaign settings here’s the bidding one they really hid this because they don’t want you to use it it’s just a little bit too good saves too much money uh bidding maximize conversions we’re going to change bid strategy and or select a bid strategy uh directly not recommended they just they put up so many warnings because it’s just too good of an option click on the drop down and do manual cpc which is manual cost per click or you’re manually going to bid and then again turn off enhance cpc it has a bunch of warnings because it doesn’t want you to save too much money so manual cpc you’ll click save and now you’re manually bidding for whatever you want to pay and you could put a higher bid into whatever is actually bringing in more clients so when you go to the ad group it dropped it down to a penny here’s where you can put in for the ad group maybe you want to bid ten dollars something like that or you can pick a particular keyword and go into there and switch it if you know criminal defense attorney that’s a really good one and you know it’s getting leads over time you want to bid a lot higher on it so it gets more volume and more leads maybe dwi is not as good you want to show up occasionally drop the bid this is what we mean by manually controlling it you know the quality of leads google does not and google doesn’t know which ones are getting

clients that’s why you want to manually do it and not let their optimization just spend money on whatever’s getting the most phone calls so that covers everything for the basics on setting up a google ads campaign for attorneys that way your law firm can get on google and start getting more leads and manually control it all kind of learn the tricks to spend the least amount of money but still get the most amount of clients so it’s heavily optimized for lawyers running ads on google ads so we have a lot more training in the description below if you want to expand and learn a lot more but this should be everything you need to get started so thanks for watching all right everyone thanks so much for watching our ppc ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the subscribe button uh like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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