How to Create PPC Ads for Realtors

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November 10, 2021

ppc ads for realtors

Challenges for PPC Ads for Realtors

What makes pay-per-click advertising different for realtors? Why are successful realtor PPC ads harder to come by?

Long-Term Leases

Most people who own a home or live in an apartment are there for the long-haul. At the very least, an apartment tenant will have a year-long lease.

This means ads are going to be hit-or-miss with a lot of people. You might generate a lot of conversions at random points in the year depending on when people’s leases end. It is best to keep up with your leads long-term, since it may be a longer sales cycle. Remarketing ads can also help stay in front of people as they think about buying/selling a home for months.

Smaller Audience

Owning a home or even renting a space is an expensive endeavor. Those with bad credit can’t really participate in the market.

This means not everyone is a solid candidate for PPC ads when it comes to real estate.

7 Tips for PPC Realtor Ads

So what can you do to create PPC realtor ads that sell? Let’s take a look at 7 valuable tips that can help you get more conversions on your real estate advertisements.

1. SEO vs. SEM

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always important, but always remember that only a dozen or so pages can show up on the first search result for a single keyword. Search engine marketing (SEM) should be looked at as another viable tactic.

It sends qualified traffic to your site and is a lot quicker than most SEO practices.

2. Invest in Proper Website Formatting

The last thing realtors want are visitors who “bounce,” or enter your site only to immediately leave. A lot of the time, they leave because a site wasn’t visitor-friendly enough.

Make the right first impression by investing in professional-looking website formatting.

3. Set Your Site Up for Success

Always be ready to take advantage of the visitors you’ve invested your time into. Make sure your site doesn’t crash from heavy traffic, and make it mobile and desktop friendly.

4. Create an Effective CTA

Sometimes, a visitor just needs a little nudge to engage with your services. Once you’ve paid for a visitor through PPC ads, get them to act with a strong call-to-action. A large form front and center, or a floating form that follows as they scroll can help. You can also have a very large “Call Now” with the phone number in a prominent placement on the websitel

5. Forms and Drip Emails

Follow-up is key after you’ve made a conversion. Use forms and drip emails to keep your services at the top of your PPC visitors’ minds. Most of this can be automated through MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and other email marketing providers. You can even use automated texts to followup.

6. Build Your Brand

A strong brand goes a long way in sustaining visitor interests. While PPC ads can bring visitors to your site, a convincing brand can get them to stay with you long term. Make sure to ask previous customer for reviews, preferably posted on Google.

7. Phase Out Unnecessary Keywords

You only want to use keywords relevant to your business. Those that aren’t specific to your city, for example, can be tossed. Only use keywords that are specific to your services. Avoid Broad Match keywords, stick to phrase match and exact match. Things like “houses for sale in 77070” and other VERY specific searches tend to do well.

Leverage PPC Ads for Your Business Today

PPC ads for realtors are valuable tools that no doubt bring real traffic to your real estate company. Leverage this article to use PPC ads the right way and start growing your business.

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