Google Display Ads Beginner Tutorial

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December 14, 2022

Google Display Ads Beginner Tutorial

Learn how to get more profit from Google Display ads. In this video we’ll go through how the Google Display Network works, best targeting options, how to setup banner ads, and great beginners tips for getting started with Google Display ads for profit – not just clicks. 


Quick Summary of What You Will Learn:

1. How to get started with Google Display Ads

2. Best targeting options on the Google Display network

3. How to setup Google Display ads for profit, not just clicks and bad traffic

4. How to setup different banner ad options and responsive ads on GDN

5. What are display ads, what do they look like, how to get started with display ad campaigns



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Video Transcript:

 we’ll be going through an intro to Google display ads also known as banner ads so first we’ll do a quick intro to a display campaigns and then go into setting up Google display campaigns that way you know more about how these type of AD formats work and how they’re set up and different targeting options that could benefit your advertising campaign for a better Roi better branding remarketing and things like that so first off let’s do a quick intro to display campaigns uh also known as banner ads a lot of people call them so first off display campaigns appear on other websites not search ads display ads also known as as banner ads people call them that it’s it’s the same thing it’s on Google’s Display Network the type of ad is a banner ad is what it’s the format’s technically called so you’ve probably seen these if you’re on you know or a News website or things like that you’ll have a banner ad at the top they’re at the right they’re little boxes on the right side usually on the bottom of the site typically the very top and the right side is where you’ll see banner ads so this training video is actually going to be a sample from our actual training program so you can get a better idea of what’s in here uh what we offer some of these are more uh beginner lessons and they’ll go into more advanced so if you need more advanced training uh we do have a link below in the

description that will give you access to discounts and different things like that from our Advanced Training and all of our different programs that’s going to be a link down in the description below so campaigns in Google ads uh at the campaign level this is the highest level settings you’re going to set up for manage managing your advertising campaigns all the different settings on there campaigns are the starting point of the hierarchy where you configure everything in this case you know where you want your at what websites you want your ads to show on so it’s the same thing for display campaigns all your controls are at the campaign setting and you’ll select display campaign or search campaign or things like that and then you have your different ad groups and this is where the targeting is set up and where your ads are content contained a little bit different than search campaigns whereas your ad groups have the keywords in them uh in display campaigns your ad groups have the targeting so that’s whether it’s a remarketing audience whether it’s hand-picked placements or website topics things like that ad groups have the targeting not the the campaign settings

so let’s go into setting up Google display ads so it’s similar to search ads the campaign level is where you select what type of campaign it’s going to be is it showing on the search Network like is it on the Display Network YouTube uh Gmail video ads things like that so in this case you would select Display Network at the campaign level and the major settings are still the same at the campaign level you do the budget the schedule and the devices you want to show on at that level except display campaigns again want to emphasize they have their targeting options controlled at the ad group level and they’re best separated actually into different campaigns for different targeting so for example remarketing campaign you’d want that ad group or ad groups to only

have remarketing you wouldn’t want a campaign that’s targeting remarketing and placements and all these other things it’s a little different one display campaigns One display Campaign Will usually have one maybe two ad groups whereas a search campaign you’ll have a lot of different ad groups to sort your uh your keywords

so it’s a similar process for setting it up it when you very first create the campaign it asks what type of campaign it is where do you want your ads to show instead of search you’ll just select display it has all the other options here shopping video Express Discovery and sometimes you’ll see other boxes pop up Google has different programs that they’re testing but the main ones are usually at the top so instead of search you’ll just select display

and then all these other settings are still here you select where you want it to show language uh different audiences if that’s relevant the daily budget what type of bidding you want to do automated bidding standard or uh manual bidding things like that all those are still at the campaign level

also the targeting options for display campaigns there’s a lot more than most people realize there’s the most common one uh remarketing or retargeting as it’s often called These are the banner ads that follow the user to other websites after they’ve been to your website so you’ve probably seen these after you go to Amazon or something like that you’ll see the same products you viewed or different website you were recently on it the banner ads keep following you as you’re on different websites that contain ads so the next one is actually getting updated uh in 2023 this is going to change similar audiences they will run for a little bit longer uh you can’t create them after May of 2023 and they won’t run at all after August 1st 2023 so you can still use the similar audiences uh what this does it just mirrors an audience like if you have a remarketing list or you upload a customer list or something like that it’s going to find more people that are similar to that audience or look-alikes if you’ve done Facebook ads it just tries to find more people that are like the same audience but again uh this one’s I mean you can still use it until May and or create them until May and then after August you’re not going to be able to use them at all so what it’s switching to is the check box we actually tell you to avoid but this would be if

you wanted to expand the audience beyond your targeting maybe you have a remarketing audience and you can check a box to expand it beyond that one and find the remarketing list and people that are similar to people that have been to your website for example uh that’s a little risky I mean it’s kind of a test one because you’re going with such a broad audience it could work but it’s not quite the same as the original similar audiences uh where you could just Target the similar audience now you’re going to have to Target one audience and then expand it so inside the Google ads account it’s just a setting there’s used Advanced uh targeting this expands it Beyond whatever you actually targeted which usually you don’t want to do that if it’s remarketing you just want to focus on remarketing also you can Target based on the keywords that are on a website so you select the keywords that are on the website you want your ads to show on so if there’s a particular product or service or um something that somebody’s researching if if they’re on a blog or a News website or a forum that’s discussing whatever that keyword is your banner ad will pop up right next to it so it’s a good time when people are researching outside of search engine because because people often look for reviews and different testimonials and they’ll read up on a particular product or service or especially a big purchase like a car or house something like that and you’re as long as it’s a website that allows ads if the keywords are on that page your banner ad could be right there to the right or above or below an article that a relevant article that they’re reading also placements is another option that’s just you select specific websites you want your website to show on so you just hand pick if you want to be on a major News website you just click on it add it in the settings if you want to be on a local news website for a local brand or a restaurant or Home Services something like that as long as it’s in Google’s Display Network which it’ll tell you if it is you can just manually type in websites you want your

ad to show on it’s that easy many years ago you used to have to contact that website owner directly and purchase banner ads from them now Google Display Network covers most of the internet really it’s it’s a very large Display Network so they have most placements that have ads on them uh also somewhat similar to keywords you can select by topics this you just select websites that fit a specific topic you want your ads to show on so if a website is categorized as a particular topic maybe it’s news maybe it’s real estate maybe it’s cars maybe it’s business software uh whatever topic that that website is categorized as you you can select particular topics so if somebody’s you know researching accounting software you can just pick something similar to that as a topic so if you’re not quite sure which keywords to Target or you don’t know which placements because there’s so many small blogs and forums and things like that you can just do based on topics to do a really wide range and then you know find other websites you weren’t aware of that fit the irrelevant topic for your product or service also demographics uh some of these are restricted depending on the industry so uh some of the ones that that got restricted with that they’re housing related or credit or employment uh Google’s policies outline all that some of that you you cannot Target by demographic but a lot of them still allow you to you just Target users based on the demographic info uh that that they’ve shared or that they have on their account or something like that it’s not a hundred percent clear how Google has all the data on their Display Network but they let you filter by gender age parental status household income marital status educational level and Home Ownership status uh just

something to keep in mind with this it’s not 100 accurate they don’t borrow Census Data as something like this it’s Google taking its best guess based on the data it has from uh Google users and people that are currently logged into their Google account or have a Gmail account what they’ve shared what info they’re able to put together so it is by no means 100 accurate so keep that in mind if you filter a particular age your house come household income you’ll definitely get people outside of that Target so just keep that in mind it’s an okay placement but Google is guessing at a lot of this it doesn’t have their exact uh you know census data or something like that

uh also there is an option called in Market or life events this is an option to Target users based on what they’re actively researching or major life events so if they’re in the market to buy a new house or a new car or something like that or they had a major life event such as uh recently married or something like that again Google’s kind of guessing based on their browsing history and different activities is in there in markets fairly accurate life events uh Google’s doing its best to Guess that so these these aren’t perfect usually in markets pretty good option Affinity audiences that’s a similar targeting option it’s just based on their interest so it has things like Avid investors or people that read the news regularly or things like that they’re really broad interest uh they’re

they’re not going to be very very specific you’d want to use something more like keywords or placements but if you’re doing a broad one like Avid investors and you have some type of investing software investing news or something like that financial services that would be relevant know that these people are interested in investing so the the interests are fairly broad but there are a lot of Industries and products and services where that would be a good broader audience to to reach there’s also custom audiences there’s a couple of different ways to set up these audiences inside of your account so you target users based on recent keywords they searched uh it doesn’t do the exact keyword like if they searched a keyword yesterday uh you’re targeting them that’s not really how it works it’s related to those keywords so it’s almost like broad match uh it’s it’s gonna find themes and keywords relevant to those keywords so just remember it’s not the

exact keywords they search it’s more of a theme same thing with websites they recently browsed I mean Google’s help article even says it’s related to websites that you put in there so if you put in competitors websites um it’s not necessarily going to Target someone that was just on your competitors websites it’s more so uh that that that’s the theme or the type of website they’re browsing which could still be relevant if your car dealer ship and you put in a lot of other car dealerships it’s likely someone has been to a car dealership website recently so that can still be relevant you can also Target by types of apps they use and a little bit of Interest or purchase intentions so these are a little bit broader audiences it’s kind of going on a theme not the exact websites they went to or the exact keywords they search but it does narrow it down a little bit more to have interest and behavior narrowed down as an audience so these are the main categories that you would be using for display banner ads

you can see there’s quite a few different options that could narrow it down and really put your banner ads in front of relevant audiences and and not just burn through all of your budget with a lot of irrelevant clicks a lot of people don’t know about all these very Advanced targeting options so you can get to people outside of search engines as a first first touch point or remarketing or getting in front of the Right audience while before they’re on search engines or even after they’re on search engines for uh industries that that take a lot more research you want to stay in front of them not just remarketing ads but banner ads on relevant websites of your audience

so that covers everything for this training great work and let’s jump on to the next training session all right everyone thanks so much for watching our PPC ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the Subscribe button uh like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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