Google Ads for Profit – 3 Simple Strategies to Increase ROI

Written by onlineacademy

September 13, 2022

YouTube - Google Ads for Profits 3 Easy Strategies

Learn how to get more profit from your Google Ads campaigns with these 3 simple strategies used by professionals for years. These strategies will help you fix your Google Ads mistakes, or make sure you setup a new campaign the right way so it gets you more profits.




Quick Summary of What You Will Learn:

1. Evergreen strategies in Google Search Ads – Google Search campaigns are still the most profitable by far.

2. When to test Google’s new feature, when to not waste money on the latest fad. Performance max doesn’t make sense for many business types.

3. How to pick the most profitable keywords for ANY industry.

4. How to test new keywords, but not affect your top performers at the same time (splitting campaigns, ad groups based on profit long-term)

5. The psychology of how people find/buy things from Google. How to pick “buyer” terms and not waste money on info seekers that will never buy.

6. People search on Google using keywords in 3 ways: what it’s actually called, what they think it’s called, and related keywords. You can bid on all 3, but start with EXACTLY what your service or product is, test broader keywords with a bigger budget, in a separate campaign later.

7. Most new campaigns/accounts should start with Manual CPC bidding, instead of Smart Bidding. Google does not have enough data to bid for Max Conversions or target CPA, because you don’t have any yet and it can waste a lot money testing with no prior data.

8. Keep your ads and landing pages closely connected to the keywords you are bidding on for better conversion rates. 



Learn more in the video training here, these are the best Google Search Ads strategies:


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Video Transcript:


okay in this video we wanted to go over how to set up Google ads to get more profits now this is going to work for any business any industry we know there’s a lot of confusion uh Google’s always making new features and new campaign types and auto bidding and manual bidding and new ad formats we wanted to go over how to properly set up and optimize a Google ad search campaign for more profits now this works and no matter what industry you’re in and these are the core principles that work now and will always work this isn’t the latest hack or trick or something that Google’s going to get rid of in a month these are the core principles of how to properly set up a Google search ads campaign so it’s targeting your right target audience the right keywords the right ads right campaigns that will turn into more business for you not just a bunch more clicks and waste a bunch of money just getting website traffic but no leads and no sales so we’re going to go through through the principles of how we set it up at our ad agencies and the proper way to do it that professional PPC account managers set it up so this is our test account we have a lot of examples in here so we’ll walk you through how to set everything up now

so inside our Google ads test account we have a lot of different examples in here this is also the same kind of thing we have inside our training program that’s Linked In the description below a lot of different videos on how to properly optimize and scale your Google ads campaigns for profits that’s where most of these examples came from or uh from our video channel here so one thing we wanted to address when you go into an account and you click new campaign Google’s always testing new things and they always will they have a lot of automation features to where it’ll take care of the targeting the bid even the ad all these other things but most of the time having the the knowledge to optimize manually or use some automation while still maintening control you’ll do something like this or the manual options where you could go and create a campaign now also they’re always testing new ones they have performance Max in the past they’ve had other ones they have smart they have local Discovery these rotate a lot actually

depending on when you log into account and how old your account is or what new feature they’re testing but we’re talking about search people go to and type in keywords it’s still the most powerful and profitable option for nearly every business so you go in here and click search go through the setup options and pick your keywords you pick your type of bidding there are some options for manual bidding or you can optimize for conversions we’ll talk about the differences why you’d want to do that or not do that if the automation isn’t working and just wasting a lot of your money but there’s a couple of key principles that have been the same pretty much since Google started people go on type in keywords to find a product or service even with all the different ad formats and Automation and different types of campaigns the the core principle that people are going online and searching for exactly exactly what they want is the most profitable even when they’re testing all different types of settings so we want to go over the main principles these work for every type of business and it’s highly profitable it’s not the latest trick or hack of the week this is the way agencies have done it for many years and how they grow and scale as professionals that manage advertising accounts for hundreds if not

thousands of clients biggest thing to remember it it sounds simple but a lot of the videos and gurus and courses just aren’t addressing this people search the same for nearly every industry when they go in and type keywords and they have for many years people type the specific exact thing they’re looking for or they type in what they think it’s called they’re actually using the wrong term in the professional knows it’s wrong but people type in different types of things or they type related topics maybe it’s not the exact same thing but they’re they probably need your product or service so we’ll show a couple of examples here okay so we’ll use attorneys for example a lot of times people will search what uh you’re actually called direct the correct term you have an employment law attorney or Google will suggests other ones uh Houston near me uh salary would be a good negative keyword uh different areas things like that so they search the correct term uh other times they’ll search what they think it’s called wrongful termination attorney that’s not actually an area of Law and that’s not the technical name for the attorney or the lawyer that would be an employment law attorney but people don’t really know that and all the categories so they’ll just search wrongful termination attorney it’s kind of what happened what the situation is and then they just put attorney or lawyer at the end of it the other thing is people will do something related to it again this is for attorneys the example the third option would be something like what can I do for wrongful termination they’re in a situation where they search a symptom a problem uh they’re in the research phase something like this they would likely need an attorney they they’ve been wrongfully terminated they’re having problems at work they would likely

need an employment law attorney so this is a a much broader one and this isn’t just what the attorneys I mean this really works with anything people search exactly what it is what they think it’s called and then uh something that’s related they’ll probably need your product or service so again with attorneys what do I do if this what are the laws for that what are my options this one they would probably need an employment law attorney they just didn’t search it correctly and it’s the same thing with medical they might do Orthopedics orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon or something like that because they they know what type of doctor it is or they might search what they think it’s called an elbow doctor or a shoulder doctor or something like that they don’t quite have the term right but it’s it’s kind of close or they might just search uh symptoms maybe they have severe elbow pain or what to do about elbow pain or possible treatments of elbow pain all these different things I mean Google does have some restrictions when you’re doing a sensitive topic or something related to Medical but you can still in most cases show ads for this kind of thing so that’s something somebody might be looking for an orthopedist if they’re searching elbow pain and things like that they they didn’t quite have the right term so it would be the same thing for medical it’d be the same thing for plumbers they might search plumber near me or they might search uh you know how to how to fix a leaky faucet maybe they’re going to do it themselves maybe they need a

professional same thing with supplements they’ll search the exact name of the supplements or they’ll search uh supplements to help with sleep or having issues sleeping and your supplement can help with that so there’s there’s three main ones that pretty much any industry will search by they’ll do I mean it’s the same no matter what you are it’s specific the exact thing you’re a plumber you’re an orthopedist you’re an attorney you sell supplements you sell t-shirts car repair people search exactly what it is car repair near me or you know buy T-shirts online something like that and then what they think it’s called slightly closed but not quite you could still put those keywords in your account and then related topics which you would do that only as a third option do do exactly what you are first put the exact term or orthopedist or a dentist and he Houston or whatever the type of supplement is the exact name of it that’s the easiest thing that a lot of people just the simplest answer is the best answer put in the keywords exactly what your product or service is so when people type that you show up at the top of Google as an ad and people can click it and hire you or buy your product it’s the simplest thing it’s extremely profitable it’s not hard it’s not a hack it’s not the latest Google thing it’s just the simplest form of search ads that’s extremely profitable people tell you I’m looking to hire this type of person they type it in Google click an ad and hire you the other option if you have a little more budget what what they think it’s called because a lot of people type the name wrong so you could include these keywords as well related topics that’s a lot of times uh different you know training that’s that’s not very good uh

or you know account reps or suggestions inside of Google they’ll put a bunch of related keywords these can spend a ton of money fast and we recommend them for bigger budget you can do terms that are kind of related and they probably need your product or service but only do that in a separate campaign as a test if you have a lot of budget the easiest thing whether you’re spending 500 a month or a hundred thousand dollars a month your specific exact terms will be where most of your sales and leads and customers come from use the other ones later don’t do a giant mix of all of them especially if you’re a beginner or you’re a business owner running it yourself or even if you’re running it for a client it’ll just be a big mess start with the most specific first this this always works and it always has so the key thing is to start with a standard search campaign just the basic search campaign you’ll usually do manual CPC or manual bidding to start with Google does have automated bidding but you’ll find even in Google’s own documentation they need a substantial amount of conversions to come through regularly for it to figure out maximize conversions bidding it’s trying to get the most amount of conversions possible but the system learns it has to spend a lot of money get a lot of clicks and consistently get conversions otherwise the automation won’t even work you can do

manual bidding which still does work you can control your budget your bid and Lead quality sometimes automation picks a search term that brings in very bad leads but it doesn’t know the difference so it keeps bidding on that and keeps bringing in bad leads so automation can fail it’s not that you’d never want to do it it’s just usually you’ll start with manual bidding just to to get some volume and you can switch later or just always keep it manual if you want more control and then focused on exactly what your product or service is start with that always start with that you can expand to crazy ideas and other things that are slightly related at another time so this is what we are referencing just a standard search campaign there’s a lot of other crazy things that Google can do search is by far the best performer for most businesses you’ll do a standard search campaign the setup menu changes from time to time you might have a newer account that defaults to maximize conversions so when you set it up you’ll have to set up the entire thing and then go back to the settings and switch it to manual CPC or you can even do Target if you know you know your leads are about thirty dollars per lead something like that Google will attempt to hit that number but sometimes it doesn’t you have to manually take control you have to take it off autopilot and manually steer it if automation just isn’t working which a lot of times it doesn’t and also you’ll turn off all the defaults it wants to show on the Display Network too just do search the most basic pick your area we have a different training that’s it’s a walk through for setting up every Last Detail but just wanted to show you a couple of options here this is what we’re referencing with your keywords just put in the most specific keywords to start with so something like criminal defense attorney

or a plumbing service or or whatever supplement you sell or shoes or shirts or something like that this is phrase match you put it in quotes start with the most specific things you can test other things later Google has a lot of suggestions most of them are pretty bad it’s saying put in a broad match which would just be criminal defense attorney without any quotes or anything like that broad match uh it’s not necessarily the worst option but in this case it it would match to things related to criminal defense so it would show to other types of attorneys which you don’t want if you’re one practice area or it would show other types of supplements or other types of doctors or other types of clothing broad match means extremely broad match so if it’s slightly related to the keyword then it will show up for that so most of the time broad match is not a good option you want to stick to very specific keywords and then just at the most basic level no matter what current ad format Google is using because they change them how the search ads look and different automation it I mean it’s it’s been the same for many years as far as the core principles that agencies and professionals follow to scale Google ad Google search ads to very profitable and

very high dollar amounts you start with a specific campaign usually phrase match your ad has the keyword in it usually in the headline and a call to action call now free consultation shop now buy now something like that and then the landing page which means the page it goes to whether you built a separate landing page or it’s part of your website somewhere usually not the home page but it has related keywords relevant info and a call to action like a form right there or buy now add to cart or call you have a huge phone number that way it’s very simple if someone searches for an attorney the page ghost or criminal defense attorney it goes to a page that says criminal defense attorney call us now we’ll discuss your case or it’s the same supplement on that page or it’s the same t-shirt or if it’s a Plumbing Service don’t send them to the page that has plumbing and AC and Roofing and 10 other things send them to the plumbing page or the AC repair or the roofing or whatever the very specific service is don’t send them to a very large page that’s confusing make sure the keyword matches up to the ad and matches up to the landing page now this also affects quality score which isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be but you want to keep an eye on it just to make sure that your ad actually shows and you get a decent cost per click and your ad shows a lot so you can get more leads and more conversions so even though Google is constantly changing the way their dashboard works and they have all new features and automations make sure to follow

these simple principles of focusing on the specific keywords having the keyword and the ad and then having a relevant landing page for most Industries that’s going to be the most profitable Thing by far it consistently works it won’t get your account banned it’s not a hack that the algorithm is going to change next week and then it’s useless so these are the kind of things we go over inside of our Advanced Training it’s a link down in the description below if you want to expand your training get step-by-step videos that go into a lot more details go ahead and jump into our program alright everyone thanks so much for watching our PPC ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the Subscribe button like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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