Google Ads Beginner Tutorial – How Google Search Ads Work

Written by onlineacademy

August 3, 2022

Google Ads Beginner Tutorial

In this beginner training for Google Ads (aka Google Adwords) we will go through a basic beginner tutorial for Google Ads. This will cover how to setup Google Search Ads campaigns, how keywords work on Google ads, how to get started with ppc advertising on Google, and more!




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Video Transcript:


okay in this video we wanted to go over how google ads work there’s a lot of questions uh people want to know just the basics of it used to be called google adwords actually but just how does it work how do you put keywords in there how do your ads show how to set up a google ads account uh what’s the best option for different advertisers depending on your industry your business are you going to manage it to yourself are you going to hire a google ads agency just the basics for beginners on google ads and how to get everything started uh what it looks like inside the actual dashboard when you’re setting up your google ads search campaign so that you can pop up on google when people search your specific keywords and it shows your ads so we’ll just go through the very basics if you don’t know anything about google ads and you just want some beginner google ads training this is going to go over that uh at the most basic level so we’ll go ahead and jump into that now so you just understand how google ads works

okay in this training we’re going to go through a quick intro to google search advertising that way you learn more about how the platform works and how ads are set up so we’ll start with a quick intro on how google search ads work and then we’ll get into setting up google search ads inside the actual platform so you can see it from an advertiser’s point of view as far as setting up campaigns ad groups keywords ads and negative keywords these are all elements of your actual google search campaign that you set up inside the dashboard so first let’s start with the basic just how google search ads work you’ve probably seen these just when you do a basic google search we’ll use an example accounting services in houston or you might be looking for home services or maybe shopping online use you first start with the keywords these are the words that you type inside of your google search so here we have a search for accounting services houston and you see at the top there’s all these ads the the top results are the ads a lot of times under that you’ll see a map if it’s a local search and then under that they’re called organic results that’s from doing seo a completely different process the the top these are paid ads also called ppc or pay-per-click these are the actual google ads that these advertisers have a google ads account so that when someone types accounting services houston they have that in their account so they’ll show up at the top so you’ve got this ad cloud accounting services you’ve got flat rate affordable pricing you’ve got houston accountant and outsourcing solutions company so

all of these paid to be to show up for accounting services houston whereas seo that’s putting the keyword on your site and the text and things like that completely different process the ones up here uh it’s a lot faster and easier to just pay to be at the top for uh paid ads so that’s what all these are at the top you’ve probably seen those so we’ll we’ll talk a little bit more about how you actually show up here and get these keywords in your account to get your ads running so this training video is actually going to be a sample from our actual training program so you can get a better idea of what’s in here what we offer some of these are more beginner lessons and they’ll go into more advanced so if you need more advanced training we do have a link below in the description that will give you access to discounts and different things like that from our advanced training and all of our different programs that’s going to be a link down in the description below so this is just a really simplified version inside your google account you can put different keywords usually just start with ones off the top of your head you want to show for accounting services houston houston accounting company accounting services near me and google has a lot of tools there’s competitor tools that will show you what keywords competitors ads are showing for or have shown for in the past so the main point is google gives you a lot of suggestions if you put these in here google will tell you people also search accountants near me or cpas near me or bookkeeping services or small business accountant there’s all these tools google just gives you the information on what people are commonly searching so you can add them into your account you can use google tools you can use third party software that you you buy outside of google and just to oversimplify it you put those keywords in your account and write an ad so you’re telling google that i want my ad to show for these keywords and you keep testing new keywords see what people respond to which ones people click on which ones get you get you more sales more leads more accounts

things like that so this is just a quick snapshot of one of the parts inside the google ads dashboard so next we’ll talk more about setting up your google search ads account what it actually looks like inside to get those ads set up to show up on google so the structure the way google ads has it set up there’s a couple of different levels to organize all the keywords and ads at the top level you have the campaign that has all your main settings your location budget things like that you start out with a campaign and then to not have hundreds of keywords just in one big organized group keywords are grouped together in ad groups so you have your campaign which contains ad groups that then has the keywords separated by theme to make it easier to manage and then the ad so an ad group will have one particular theme maybe accounting services near me you know have all those keywords in it and then the ad will say something like that accounting services near me so it’s a better way to organize it if you’re you know for accounting for an attorney for different types of home services or if you have e-commerce different products shoes for example you have you know hiking shoes running shoes all different types of shoes you you’d organize them this way it’s a easier way to clean up your account and just keep it all organized inside of there

so mention the campaign those are all the high level settings so this is where you’ll figure out the type of campaign is it gonna show up in search is it a remarketing campaign banner ads video ads things like that so just first off what type of campaign is it you set up your daily budget your targeting location where do you want your ads to show is it a city is it united states is it worldwide where exactly are these ads showing to which people and then also the devices you want to show do you want to show on mobile phones desktop tablets all of them at the same time all these different settings and then also your bidding settings because google is set up as a bidding system that’s why it’s it’s pay per click you only pay if someone clicks on the ad but obviously there’s more than one person bidding for that spot so it works as an auction system to where you set your bid maybe you’re willing to pay a dollar a click ten dollars per click thirty dollars per click whatever it is and other people are bidding on the same keywords so with the bid and some other factors included that’s how google decides who shows up in the first position the third position uh things like that it’s it’s based on a bidding system that’s set uh usually at the campaign level there are other settings you can set it up as so at the first level here when you’re setting up campaign this is a screenshot it looks slightly different depending on which version you have but it’s pretty much suggest when you set it up is the campaign going to be a search campaign on and its search partners is it going to be a display campaign which is banner ads is a shopping campaign where it shows a picture of the product and the price and you can click on it that’s only for e-commerce is it a video campaign is it express which is a little bit more automation it kind of shows everywhere and discovery shows on specific ones usually express and discovery they swap these out and test different things for automation if you want to run a search campaign on you’ll just select search it’s it’s the easiest one to get started with and then once you set that up it will go into all your different settings so it the campaign level has a lot of different configuration settings where do you want to show the united states a particular city uh

the language your ad is in and the keywords are in kind of who you’re targeting english speakers in this case uh audiences that’s later for remarketing and some other complex audiences your budget it’s usually set to a daily budget how much you want to spend then it has your bidding it has all the technical settings in the background to start at the campaign level whereas when you go to ad groups that’s one level lower ad groups in google ads where most of the second level settings are and that’s where you’re going to be managing all those other settings so for example ad groups are the second level the hierarchy with running ads and configuring settings with ads and keywords so that means this is where the keywords go and where the ads go that you want to trigger per keyword so expanding on that a little bit more here’s just a simple example google uses one too just shoes very simple to understand the uh you have ad group one this is for running shoes so inside of ad group one it’ll be keywords related to running shoes so you have best running shoes affordable running shoes running shoes store near me and then the ad that will mention running shoes because the keywords people type are about running shoes and some variation of that and then the headline of that those ads will be high quality running shoes buy running shoes today things like that whereas if you also sell different types of shoes but you want a different ad group because it doesn’t make sense to show the same ad for different keywords maybe also sell hiking boots also a type of shoe technically but you’d need a different group so that that ad group would contain keywords related to hiking boots so you’ve got hiking boots quality hiking boots brown hiking boots and then of course that ad would say high quality hiking boots so if someone types in hiking boots your ad shows for hiking boots but if they type running shoes your ad shows for running shoes this is what all the ad groups are for that’s why you would separate it the next level keywords keywords are the keywords inside your google ads account are h

ow you set up what searches you want to show for on these are the actual keywords or slight variations that you want your ad to show for keywords are a lower level of the hierarchy for what keywords you want to show for and which ad you want to match each keyword as you grouped on the deck together in different ad groups this is where you control which keywords trigger your ad showing that’s what that means so the reverse of that would be negative keywords you can add keywords you want to show up for and keywords you want to make sure you don’t show up for at the same time so this excludes your ads from showings for a particular search terms negative keywords can be added to the campaign or specific ad group to block searches containing that exact word so for example going back to the running shoes adding the word orange would block a search for orange running shoes so where you use this is you know maybe you do sell running shoes but you don’t have the color orange so you want to show for a lot of different variations of running shoes different colors different types but not orange because you don’t you don’t sell orange so adding orange is a negative keyword would block any running shoe searches that contain the word orange so next part would be the ad setups the search ads are the actual ads that appear when someone searches for your keywords on google search ads or groups into different ad groups along with groups of keywords so search ads are where you control what ad mesh what your ad message says and where the users are taken to after they click it kind of does it go to a website does it go to a particular page or a landing page or a product page that’s where you set up the actual ad there’s also ad extensions which add on more information such as a phone number additional selling points specific links to different pages list or your business address you’ve probably seen this you can click and get directions or you can call them like if you’re on a mobile phone things like that so they’re usually set up at the campaign level but you can also set them up at the ad group level so taking a look at ads and ad extensions here’s a local company that does paper shredding services they have you’ve probably seen this this is the ad a lot of this is actually ad extensions they wrote the ad and then they they built out fully uh fully built out ad extension so you have actually highlight it the phone number up top that’s an ad extension

here’s the actual ad not highlighted additional selling points locally owned and operated 24 7 solutions customized solutions those are additional ad extensions we’ll explain later and service catalog you can add a list they do document shredding scanning they do record disposal on-site off-site it’s all these other selling points that you could extend your ad with ad extensions whereas it’d get kind of kind of clogged up if you just wrote it in the regular ad so and then there’s specific ad extensions maybe you want to click on contact us or offsite or onsite so you can expand your ad and take up a lot more space which is good to take up more real estate than your competitors i mean the bigger the ad the better to have this at the top and and take up more space so anyway that is a quick crash course on uh google ads and how it works setting it up inside the platform so you know a little bit more about why certain google ads show up and why they look the way they do and how to set it up for yourself and expand on that so you can have your ads running on google as well alright everyone thanks so much for watching our ppc ads training video uh if you want more videos go ahead and hit the subscribe button like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training in the description so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video


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