Best Landing Page Builders for PPC Ads and Best Practices

Written by onlineacademy

April 22, 2022

YouTube - Best Practices for Top Performing PPC Landing Pages
In this training we will discuss the best landing page builder software to use for your PPC ads. We also go into a lot of detail on how to build a high converting landing page, best practices for landing pages, and go through detailed reviews of actual landing page examples and landing page templates you can use depending on your business and your industry. 

There are many landing page builders out there, we wanted to review the best practices for building a better landing page, and go over reviews of landing page software so you can make the best decision for choosing the best landing page builder for your business. 

While we do discuss a lot of ways to improve a landing page, we do a review of Clickfunnels landing page software for building ppc ad funnels – and if this software is even the right choice for your business. We also discuss a review of Unbounce landing page builder software – this is a second option that many businesses use for building a lead gen page, aka squeeze page, or landing page – it has many different names.

There are two promos we mention in the video as well:

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Read Video Transcript Here:

okay in this next video for ppc ad resources we’re going to be talking about everything you need to know for landing pages so we’ll go over a couple of things we’ll talk about landing page best practices and the best tools for landing pages

so first let’s start with landing page best practices uh there’s a lot of things to cover there’s a lot of misinformation out there on youtube and blogs and different things like that or it’s very dated information so we’re we’re going to show as an agency what we use it falcon digital marketing and other ad agencies what we actually do and clear up some of the misinformation for the the best usage of landing page to get the most out of your ppc campaigns so this training video is actually going to be a sample from our actual training program so you can get a better idea of what’s in here uh what we offer some of these are more uh beginner lessons and they’ll go into more advanced so if you need more advanced training we do have a link below in the description that will give you access to discounts and different things like that from our advanced training and all of our different programs that’s going to be a link down in the description below so a couple of things to remember you can test a landing page or uh optimize page on your website you don’t absolutely have to do a separate landing page if you have a very good page on your website especially if you’re on a budget you can use a good page on your website if you have a different product or service page or if your home services maybe have one section about your website for your plumbing services or if you’re an attorney you have your different practice areas separated into pages and they’re actually good you can use your existing website because oftentimes people will actually go and look at the about us page or they’ll look at the case studies or testimonials or reviews or the process or the pricing people will go and look at other pages on the website google analytics will pull all that up it’ll show you people look at multiple pages per visit different things like that so that’s a common misconception you don’t have to do a landing page but you can test both side by side or if your website just isn’t set up for ppc traffic and you want to separate everything a landing page is is still a very good option it’s common practice you just you can use your website if you have to you don’t necessarily have to use a landing page when you do create a separate landing page though make sure you block the ppc landing pages from search engines this is a more technical thing it’s called the no index nofollow tag for using wordpress a plugin can do this or your web designer can do it or you can just simply look it up it’s just a no index no follow it’s it’s pretty straightforward but make sure you have that so it doesn’t mess with your seo and there’s all these other pages getting indexed in google also typically you’ll need different landing pages per product or service don’t have a landing page with a really large list again go into home services if you do roof repair plumbing ac repair all these other different things those need separate pages same thing with attorneys different areas of law should be different pages of course e-commerce you’ll have different products for different services if your software and you do different types of software don’t lump it all together on one page you’ll want to separate all of that also it’s very common to keep a landing page as one page and remove the navigation bar and other distraction links from the page you can test that uh some more expensive products people will actually look at your reviews and your case studies your pricing comparison download a comparison chart all these other different things but a lot of industries and a lot of businesses do just fine with a one-page landing landing page that doesn’t have the navigation bar or the footer at the bottom that way you focus the website visitors on doing one thing only that’s usually filling out a form or calling you there’s no other distractions a lot of times that can significantly increase your conversion rates and get you more leads or more sales

also you want to keep the form as short as possible use a two-step form if you you must have a lot more info because it it can lower your conversion rates if you have a very large form with 10 different fields so you could do a two-step one maybe the very first one has name email phone number nothing else or just email maybe name and email only just as short as possible they hit submit and then it goes to a second page maybe it wants your name your company info your budget your address your previous experience a bunch of different questions if you do need that for your lead generation typically do a two-step form don’t ask people a hundred questions on the very first thing maybe get the absolute bare minimum name email phone so that your sales team or yourself can contact them right away all the other info on step two or step three or four or five six can be a bonus this is really common with insurance too get the info up front and then ask them all these different questions about their home or their car or their income or all these other things on the other forms just in case somebody backs out you at least have their contact info for sales to contact them or get them into your email list to keep following up there biggest thing with that longer forms will produce less leads and result in a higher cpa or cost per acquisition but typically that’s more qualified leads so the reverse of that if you have a small sales team or you handle the leads personally as the owner you can purposely make the form a lot longer to weed out any unqualified leads remember your cost per lead is going to be a lot higher and you’re going to get way less leads but if you put 10 questions or 20 questions right there on the first form you’re only going to get highly qualified leads because anyone that’s discouraged by too many fields i mean they could not be a very good lead anyway so if you don’t have a big sales team you can do a lot longer form if you do have people to handle leads it’s really better to just get the contact info and have your sales team contact them and do longer more more steps on the second or third page also that connects to uh the next point always use a thank you or confirmation page there’s a a trend with the forms that when you submit it it just pops up thank you for submitting the form that’s a very poor user experience and there’s no opportunities for upsells or doing multi-step forms if you do it yourself with wordpress or a plugin or something switch the setting to redirect to a thank you page if you have a developer tell them him or her that they have to change change it to redirect to a thank you page even if they argue with you this is a much better experience to go to this other page you can do a video you can do more about us you can have another download you can grab more information you can do next steps you can do an upsell there there’s so many benefits to having the form redirect to another page and it’s substantially easier for tracking and for remarketing audience so always always redirect to a thank you or confirmation page

so next couple of things for landing page best practices the most common layouts are separated into three parts the first section will be a large call to action and a few bullet points for immediate action this is really short straight to the point get the person to fill out the form or call you or buy something sign up for their email something like that the second section of the page it’ll have more selling points in a summary format kind of bullet points usually in a couple of boxes right under the initial section the third section will be large paragraphs case studies frequently asked questions maybe testimonial videos of actual customers charts and all these other things that it’s for different personality type someone that is going to read every single word on the page even if it takes 20 minutes so by doing multiple sections you have the people that will read one sentence and then call you you have people that’ll double check a little bit more maybe read some more bullet points look at your awards a couple of other selling points and then make a purchase schedule demo something like that but you do have people that want to read every single word on the page they want to see frequently asked questions and the answers they’ll do all of that before they contact you so you want to have all three sections to cover all different personality types and and make sure you get the sale or the lead when you get a website visitor so the first section more details on that that’s the large call to action maybe a few bullet points or one sentence people should be able to know your product or service and benefit within one or two seconds i mean this is i mean it’s a huge headline it’ll say quality roofing repair at affordable prices one or two seconds you know exactly what that is it’s roofing repair and at great prices and it’s quality just i mean it’s a roofing repair company if you call them you’ll get a quote on roofing repair and talk to them about that or highest rated accounting software for your business you know very fast they have a selling point in there and they have what they are they are accounting software so that’s that’s usually you see a huge headline at the top uh maybe a sub headline to explain it more but it it’s only a couple of seconds and you know exactly what it is because there’s a lot of people that will read one or two sentences and then take action

so here’s an example of that you’ll usually see it’ll have a huge headline says declutter your email prioritize your focus automate your day number one this one did the selling points first and then it’s the number one gmail based productivity app for winning teams get free demo so some people a couple of seconds even reading it out loud just right now that’s what they need they’ll get the demo and then it has a little screenshot of optimizing everything you get the demo here’s the second section create automate track create engaging emails templates and sequences automate create rules automate your manual task so on and so forth so some people will just read this they see the picture great i’ll get a demo other people read a little bit more and then other people will scroll more and more but this top section this should just be a couple of seconds here’s another one uh an example from another uh landing page builder this is just a sample this is for a beauty product so it says apply this every day and the wrinkles are gone you know in a few seconds this is wrinkle cream you apply it and the wrinkles are gone and then a little bit more info uh enter your info below and be one of the few people who discover this technique what’s your name what’s your email change your life today that’s a custom call to action and then a little bit more to give you a push free shipping can’t wait for you to try our product so this one’s even you seeing the product and apply every day and the wrinkles are gone you can tell very quickly exactly what this product is and what it does you get a free sample or something like that fill out the information really fast as you scroll down there’ll be more info but this is a huge picture of the product and apply this every day and wrinkles are gone that’s it for a lot of people that’s all they need they’ll fill in the form so this first section is critical to keep it short usually very large text and a large image sometimes even a video is another option people do but it’s usually a large image and just kind of one or two sentences that explains everything so the second section this is just more selling points in a summary format usually in a couple of boxes this section expands on your selling points usually bullet points short sentences or a couple of few few fast selling points it’s not a few seconds but it’s still a fast read so i just took a quick screenshot here so this is for home services you know they’re open seven days a week uh written estimates before the work begins before any work begins your technician will go over pricing explain details satisfaction guaranteed it has some more details maybe at the top you know it’s roofing repair or plumbing or something like that and then a little bit more info they’re open every day of the week they do written estimates before the work begins and the satisfaction is guaranteed so if whatever was at the top didn’t convince them there’s some more selling points just a little bit lower it’s not a long read but it’s longer than a few seconds so another example for a law firm we get to know clients on a personal level there are no legal fees unless we win your case we make home and hospital visits our firm offers free and confidential case reviews we’re available 24 7. so that’s just additional selling points if maybe the thing at the top uh for a free case consultation fill out the form maybe that wasn’t enough here’s some more selling points on why to use their law firm another example with software this particular one for tracking different leads they have click to call forms associate website visitors with form interest entries and instantly connect with your prospect with agents it can do text messaging it can do live chat it can do all these other things in addition to the tracking it provides so it’s just more selling points about their software so you usually see these you can see here they’re in boxes they’re boxes they’re little bullet points they’ll have the icons it’s just a little bit more info that’s after the top section so a couple more selling points just to give people a nudge usually you can see here another call to action uh right there on top so the first section didn’t close here’s a little bit more info and that will help close next the third section these are the large paragraphs case studies frequently asked questions these are much longer selling points and information used to get your websites visitors to take an action these are used for people that read the entire page thoroughly before making their decision which there are some people they will read every single thing on the page and you want to make sure you’re taking care of them as well so a couple of things to remember with these i mean it’s it’s going to be at the bottom of the page this is where you can alternate paragraphs you can put in your case studies you can do side by side comparison charts you and competitors maybe a check box something like that if you have video testimonials you can put a bunch of those in from your clients and and this personality type will watch all those uh it’s just more information later you could put more about your company how it was founded why it was founded all this information is great at the bottom of the page a lot of people put this in the top it’s lengthy paragraphs it’s too much to read especially for ppc ads people try to make a decision in a couple of seconds if they see a gigantic paragraph they might leave the page immediately you can put that at the bottom people that read the entire page will eventually get there but people that are more impatient the large paragraph at the top could make them leave right away

so advanced landing pages may need multiple calls to action or have a long list of products or services on the same page now most ppc um campaigns and industries and different companies you’re fine with just one if you’re a plumbing service it’s an ad about plumbing they click on it it goes to a page about plumbing services has a phone number and a form a few selling points of why they should hire you over other plumbers or same thing with attorneys software is pretty straightforward most of the time it just does one thing it has the selling points but there are examples and you might be in this this industry or this type of product it’s just it’s too hard to have three bullet points in a form you need a lot more info or this is really with more complicated services or products often software if it’s very complicated they may need longer pages and that’s okay if you’re in that industry if you can’t do a picture three bullet points in a form that’s not enough to close you definitely need to do a longer page uh oftentimes with multiple calls to action so the goal of these pages is to get the website visitors to take any action big or small before leaving the page it’s like okay you’re not ready to buy we’ll schedule a free demo with one of our sales team it’s like you don’t want to talk to someone on the sales team here’s a video or here’s something you can download or a comparison chart or you can download a case study it’s a free case study a whole pamphlet more information about it or you can sign up for the free webinar that’s next week and get more info you just try to get them to take an action of some sort again this is usually more complicated more expensive you’re paying for the website click you want them to take some action whereas very simple products and services you could just put one action one product or service it’s very straightforward it kind of depends on the industry so let’s go over some advanced landing page examples you’ll see a lot of things that you’ll see on the very simple landing pages but they’ve put it all into one landing page into different uh sections which this this might be you if you’re in a more expensive uh product or service or something with a very large sales cycle where they’re going to talk to multiple vendors for months before making a decision so let’s look at an example from some larger companies here’s real estate this is common for people that are in the real estate industry there’s there’s multiple actions they could take and you want to make sure you don’t waste a website visitor in ways to click so first one let’s find your dream home the most homes best agents right tools so you can search your city let’s help you find your dream home that’s the giant one at the front uh it’s the easiest one but if that’s not what they’re trying to do they’re the way they’ve set this up is very smart they don’t want to lose uh the website visitors so you scroll down connecting the agent buying buyers and sellers has some more info you can explore some homes right here just pulled it off the uh where you’re located and then it has find your home buyers find an agent tips this is a more of a micro conversion if you’re just trying to browse articles maybe just grab their email list still get kind of a lead they also have apps you can download that so they have multiple calls to action all in the same place it’s kind of like well we’d like you to do a home search first but if not uh maybe you can find your home buyers maybe you can find an agent here’s some tips browse some articles or at least download the app it’s kind of like we’ll we’ll do something now that you’ve now that you’ve gotten on the page there’s a lot of different options here you can even go up top so uh it’s more of an advanced landing page but it’s trying to think whyever you’re on let’s find the right solution since you’re already on the website so another example we’ll look at is salesforce now they’re a massive company they have so many different solutions their landing pages are a little bit more complicated they still have the first section growing your sales has never been this easy grow with ease from anywhere with the right sales tools so you immediately know what they’re going to do and what this is and they have a double call per action which this is more advanced but you have try for free or watch demo so you people no matter what they’re trying to do you can get them to take one of two actions you usually don’t want to do three or four buttons but a double call to action so people can pick is a more advanced option here’s a screenshot of the software they even have a live chat pop-up or with the phone number so it’s another good example of no matter why you’re here we’re going to try very hard to get you to take some action so you keep scrolling down here’s more the second section it’s some screenshots some short sentences and then it gets much longer once you get into the third section has tons of different information and some more call to actions you can learn more about it some more smaller boxes to learn about what they do and how key features here’s the pricing down here all with the same call to action just in different spots it’s try for free and then you have download a comparison chart view detailed pricing here’s a trust bar which is what it’s called it’s just more information here’s our clients here’s our reviews uh pictures of people with the reviews so they put the testimonials a little lower but that’s fine some more information about their their report and here’s some more articles you can keep scrolling you can sign up for their newsletter again the free trials down here again it just keeps going and going it’s like well at the very beginning this is more of a landing page style try it for free or watch a demo if that didn’t catch them here’s some more information here’s some more selling points here’s some more selling points try it for free look up this information try it for free download the comparison chart they just keep going and going and going to where as you’re scrolling they’re hoping you take some action whereas at the very top of the funnel the middle of the funnel or you’re ready to buy and or try it for free and then hopefully upgrade after that so they just keep going with different information this is a much more complicated one but you can see how they have all the different elements in a very large landing page let’s jump over to another example you see hubspot they have it’s it’s a small navigation bar at the top but they have marketing software get started you can jump right in uh free tools premium tools have different descriptions pricing here’s their trust bar who uses them quick video little paragraphs more selling points you can expand and read a lot more info this would be more the third section some more selling points another call to action to call them they have the live chat some more boxes of why you should use them more pricing they even have a free version to test it out different pricing more call to actions more trust bars here so just it keeps going and going here’s some video testimonials get started there’s frequently asked questions they just keep selling and selling the more you scroll so if it’s if it’s a more complicated product or service or something with a large long sales cycle or it’s just too complex to only do this section with a picture a couple of bullet points and a form you can use a much more complicated landing page like this and just put all the elements into a longer page to help close the sale or at least have them take some type of action maybe download something maybe sign up for the newsletter maybe schedule a demo free trial it’s just you have them here so try try to get the website visitor to take some type of action but again if you’re something very simple like home services or an attorney or basic software you don’t need to make the landing page quite this long you can go with a simple landing page that would be fine because there’s just not that much to explain and there’s not multiple actions you just want them to purchase or schedule consultation or something very simple like that so we covered a lot about landing pages and showed different examples uh next we want to go over the best tools for creating landing pages now this is going to vary drastically depending on your industry and your business and your your marketing goals but we want to go over that the top that we use as an agency most agencies use these are the top choices and we’ll explain who they’re the best option for and why you should use them so a very popular one is click funnels uh we have a link to sign up right here you can jump in and get started with that the main thing with click funnels if your product or service can start with the landing page with one very short simple action such as an email sign up to receive a free ebook or case study sign up for a free webinar get a free sample or we’ll mail you a book for free something like that click funnels is great whereas something like home services or attorneys it’s kind of you call them right away and you make a decision so it it’s not like a plumber it wouldn’t make any sense you’re not going to have uh download an ebook here’s five tips for keeping your plumbing in check in your house or something like that if they end up on a plumbing landing page they’re gonna wanna call a plumber and hire one uh usually the same thing with attorney a lot of software is like that um real estate can go either way but if it’s a very simple one action it’s a phone call or they fill out a form to like book a demo or a schedule consultation click funnels doesn’t make any sense it’s for a longer process so you must have a follow-up email system otherwise you’re just collecting emails and giving away free stuff so the way this works this is the very first touch point of a longer sales cycle so you give them a free ebook and then you invite them to a free trial and then you invite them to upgrade or they come to the webinar and at the end of the webinar you do a pitch of you know uh buy the course or by this fitness program or uh get a consultation one-on-one with a member of our team or or get our online training or something like that it’s it’s most commonly used for educational online courses coaches you can use it for products too you do a free sample and then upgrade to something else fitness products uh self-improvement things like that but it if if you don’t have this long follow-up system to eventually sell the most a more expensive thing you’re just gathering emails and giving away free ebooks so it doesn’t really make sense but if you do have a more complex thing uh it can work for software and coaching and things like that where you give away something for free and then sell them with emails and free webinars and maybe a free consultation down the road click funnels is amazing they have incredible pre-built funnels anyone can use without any any technical expertise or coding or anything so if if this would work for your business or product definitely use click funnels it’s incredible and we have a link you can sign up for that if you don’t have this big follow-up system and it doesn’t make sense to give away a free ebook or do a free webinar and then part kind of sell them something later if you just need a landing page unbounce makes the most sense we use this at falcon digital marketing it’s very good this is great if you need to build one or several landing pages for your product or service outside of your existing website so if you’re launching a google ads campaign and you want to do a landing page rather than use your website this is perfect attorneys home services things like that you just you need a landing page it’s not a funnel which is what click funnels do you’re not giving away something for free and then selling them later unbounce is amazing they have really good templates it’s best used if you need your website visitors to take an immediate action call now book an appointment schedule a demo free consultation free estimate something like that whereas click funnels doesn’t really work it’s more we’re going to sell you something later download a free ebook in exchange for giving us your email unbounce is make some major amazing pages and they’re all drag and drop they have pre-built templates so you know book an appointment call now schedule a demo something like that that’s perfect for that so this is an easy way to make landing pages just for your ppc ads without overhauling your existing website if you’re doing a lot of seo or something like that or you want to test a lot of different landing pages just for ppc and it’s not a funnel with the free e-book giveaway or something like that unbounce is is perfect for that we do have a sign up link you can click on that and sign up right away and test it out see if it’s a good fit but we highly recommend this for just building landing pages so that covers everything for this training hopefully you learned a lot more about landing pages and how and why you’d use them and the best tool to get started building out your landing pages to get better results from your ppc ads and get everything started with that alright everyone thanks so much for watching our ppc ads training video if you want more videos go ahead and hit the subscribe button like this video if you found it useful and any questions post them in the comments down below we also have additional training uh promos links things like that in the description as well as any other tools for ppc tools or software that we referenced in our videos so thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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