Best Call Tracking Software for PPC Ads

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September 26, 2022

Best Call Tracking for PPC Ads

Google is undoubtedly the most popular web search engine today with tremendous reach. PPC ads on Google, AKA Google Ads have a huge benefit to any business wanting to bring in more business from paid ads online.  When running any type of online marketing, especially PPC ads, it is critical to track all of your inbound calls with 3rd party software, not just the basic call tracking inside of Google Ads. The best call tracking software for PPC ads will allow you to track all of the phone calls that occur AFTER the user came to your website, not just clicked on the click-to-call feature on the ad or on Google Maps.

How A Call Tracking Software for PPC Ads Benefits Your Business

3rd Party Call Tracking Software for PPC ads will give you all of the data you need to properly optimize and scale your PPC ads. Otherwise, you have no idea where the phone calls are coming from. Even if you know it came from Google, you need to know which keyword, which ad, which campaign, and all of the other critical data needed to run a successful Lead Generation campaign on Google ads.

When people click on the ad and then call your business after visiting your website, you don’t want to rely on asking them “how did you hear about us” or even ask “what keyword did you search before calling us?”. Most people don’t remember, and that is not a good way to scale. Getting call tracking for keyword level data, and all other data, is important for scaling profits from your pay-per-click ads.

How Does PPC Call Tracking Software Work?

Call Tracking for PPC ads is very simple. You add a snippet of code that they provide to all pages on your website – the Call Tracking software handles the background tasks. You then purchase your local or toll free numbers that are assigned to sources like Google ads, and then connect to Google Analytics.

This way, when someone goes to your website, it will switch the phone number (instantly) to the tracking number. If that phone number is called, the PPC call tracking software connects all of the data to the caller – so you know which ad they clicked, which keyword they searched, if they came from Google or Facebook ads, etc.

What is the Best Call Tracking Software for PPC Advertising?

Most ad agencies, including Falcon Digital Marketing, prefer to use Call Tracking Metrics as the best Call Tracking Software for PPC advertising.

The top reasons to use Call Tracking Metrics Software:

  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Can track multiple sources online and offline
  • Simple Reporting
  • Customizable Sources
  • Call Routing
  • HIPPA Compliant Options
  • Keyword Level Call Tracking Data
  • Advanced Caller ID
  • Spam Blockers
  • IVR Setup Available
  • Toll Free or Local Numbers Available
  • Accurate Call Reporting Data

For these reasons and many others, most agencies prefer Call Tracking Metrics VS Callrail.

PPC phone call leads are much more valuable and require less effort for conversion and for making a sale successful. Surveys reveal that the leads obtained through phone calls have a 10 times greater chance of an actual sale when compared to the chat or the “form fill” leads. For PPC ads for home services, call tracking is extremely important, or to other industries with high call volume, such as PPC call tracking for automotive industry.

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